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02-06-2020 : 769 Pharmacists work as Medical Representative, of which 39 work as Senior Medical Representative * 02-06-2020 : 216 non Pharmacists work as Medical Representative, and 54 work as Senior Medical Representative * 19-06-2020 : In Lebanon, 48 generic medicinal products are more expensive than their Originators * 23-10-2019 : The MoH of Jordan announces the reduction of the price of 32 products of which 34 are marketed in Lebanon * 31-12-2019 : A medicinal product refused in Europe is marketed in Lebanon * 19-06-2020 : At least 344 medicinal products are available on the Lebanese market and are not available in the country of origin * 02-06-2020 : The price of the most expensive medicine available in Lebanon is 29387898 LL * 19-06-2020 : At least 770 medicinal products are more expensive in Lebanon than in the countries of origin * 01-01-2019 : Daktavira, a generic of Daklinza, is registered in Lebanon but has no public price * 31-12-2019 : 352 medicinal products have been declared as non-marketed or withdrawn * 03-06-2020 : 63.67% of lebanese pharmacists are female * 31-12-2019 : 486 medicines were submitted to the Ministry of Health for a marketing authorization, and 514 medicines were registered to date * 15-06-2018 : The Minister of Public Health, has decided to suspend the commercialization of AB Slim (Ab Care Medical Herbs), which contains sibutramine, sildenafil and phenolphthalein * 01-06-2020 : Some Non-Marketed medicines are still imported * 01-06-2020 : Ixempra, a medicinal product withdrawn in Europe is imported to lebanon * 01-06-2020 : A vaccine made in India, removed from WHO list of prequalified vaccines, is submitted for registration in Lebanon * 01-06-2020 : Lebanon has 14 CROs, and is ranked as one of the largest countries in the world in clinical studies. According to the WHO, 817 clinical studies are currently conducted in Lebanon. *

ATC Description

ATC Code ATC Description
A A Alimentary tract and metabolism
A01 A01 Stomatological preparations
A01A A01A Stomatological preparations
A01AA A01AA Caries prophylactic agents
A01AA01 A01AA01 Sodium fluoride
A01AA02 A01AA02 Sodium monofluorophosphate
A01AA03 A01AA03 Olaflur
A01AA04 A01AA04 Stannous fluoride
A01AA30 A01AA30 Combinations
A01AA51 A01AA51 Sodium fluoride, combinations
A01AB A01AB Antiinfectives and antiseptics for local oral treatment
A01AB02 A01AB02 Hydrogen peroxide
A01AB03 A01AB03 Chlorhexidine
A01AB04 A01AB04 Amphotericin B
A01AB05 A01AB05 Polynoxylin
A01AB06 A01AB06 Domiphen
A01AB07 A01AB07 Oxyquinoline
A01AB08 A01AB08 Neomycin
A01AB09 A01AB09 Miconazole
A01AB10 A01AB10 Natamycin
A01AB11 A01AB11 various
A01AB12 A01AB12 Hexetidine
A01AB13 A01AB13 Tetracycline
A01AB14 A01AB14 Benzoxonium chloride
A01AB15 A01AB15 Tibezonium iodide
A01AB16 A01AB16 Mepartricin
A01AB17 A01AB17 Metronidazole
A01AB18 A01AB18 Clotrimazole
A01AB19 A01AB19 Sodium perborate
A01AB21 A01AB21 Chlortetracycline
A01AB22 A01AB22 Doxycycline
A01AB23 A01AB23 Minocycline
A01AC A01AC Corticosteroids for local oral treatment
A01AC01 A01AC01 Triamcinolone
A01AC02 A01AC02 Dexamethasone
A01AC03 A01AC03 Hydrocortisone
A01AC54 A01AC54 Prednisolone, combinations
A01AD A01AD Other agents for local oral treatment
A01AD01 A01AD01 Epinephrine
A01AD02 A01AD02 Benzydamine
A01AD05 A01AD05 Acetylsalicylic acid
A01AD06 A01AD06 Adrenalone
A01AD07 A01AD07 Amlexanox
A01AD08 A01AD08 Becaplermin
A01AD11 A01AD11 Various
A02 A02 Drugs for acid related disorders
A02A A02A Antacids
A02AA A02AA Magnesium compounds
A02AA01 A02AA01 Magnesium carbonate
A02AA02 A02AA02 Magnesium oxide
A02AA03 A02AA03 Magnesium peroxide
A02AA04 A02AA04 Magnesium hydroxide
A02AA05 A02AA05 Magnesium silicate
A02AA10 A02AA10 Combinations
A02AB A02AB Aluminium compounds
A02AB01 A02AB01 Aluminium hydroxide
A02AB02 A02AB02 Algeldrate
A02AB03 A02AB03 Aluminium phosphate
A02AB04 A02AB04 Dihydroxialumini sodium carbonate
A02AB05 A02AB05 Aluminium acetoacetate
A02AB06 A02AB06 Aloglutamol
A02AB07 A02AB07 Aluminium glycinate
A02AB10 A02AB10 Combinations
A02AC A02AC Calcium compounds
A02AC01 A02AC01 Calcium carbonate
A02AC02 A02AC02 Calcium silicate
A02AC10 A02AC10 Combinations
A02AD A02AD Combinations and complexes of aluminium, calcium and magnesium compounds
A02AD01 A02AD01 Ordinary salt combinations
A02AD02 A02AD02 Magaldrate
A02AD03 A02AD03 Almagate
A02AD04 A02AD04 Hydrotalcite
A02AD05 A02AD05 Almasilate
A02AF A02AF Antacids with antiflatulents
A02AF01 A02AF01 Magaldrate et antiflatulents
A02AF02 A02AF02 Ordinary salt combinations et antiflatulents
A02AG A02AG Antacids with antispasmodics
A02AH A02AH Antacids with sodium bicarbonate
A02AX A02AX Antacids, other combinations
A02B A02B Drugs For Peptic Ulcer And Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease (GORD)
A02BA A02BA H2-receptor antagonists
A02BA01 A02BA01 Cimetidine
A02BA02 A02BA02 Ranitidine
A02BA03 A02BA03 Famotidine
A02BA04 A02BA04 Nizatidine
A02BA05 A02BA05 Niperotidine
A02BA06 A02BA06 Roxatidine
A02BA07 A02BA07 Ranitidine bismuth citrate
A02BA08 A02BA08 Lafutidine
A02BA51 A02BA51 Cimetidine, combinations
A02BA53 A02BA53 Famotidine, combinations
A02BB A02BB Prostaglandins
A02BB01 A02BB01 Misoprostol
A02BB02 A02BB02 Enprostil
A02BC A02BC Proton pump inhibitors
A02BC01 A02BC01 Omeprazole
A02BC02 A02BC02 Pantoprazole
A02BC03 A02BC03 Lansoprazole
A02BC04 A02BC04 Rabeprazole
A02BC05 A02BC05 Esomeprazole
A02BC06 A02BC06 Dexlansoprazole
A02BC07 A02BC07 Dexrabeprazole
A02BC08 A02BC08 Vonoprazan
A02BC53 A02BC53 Lansoprazole, combinations
A02BC54 A02BC54 Rabeprazole, combinations
A02BD A02BD Combinations for eradication of Helicobacter pylori
A02BD01 A02BD01 Omeprazole, amoxicillin et métronidazole
A02BD02 A02BD02 Lansoprazole, tetracycline et métronidazole
A02BD03 A02BD03 Lansoprazole, amoxicillin et métronidazole
A02BD04 A02BD04 Pantoprazole, amoxicillin et clarithromycin
A02BD05 A02BD05 Omeprazole, amoxicillin et clarithromycin
A02BD06 A02BD06 Esomeprazole, amoxicillin et clarithromycin
A02BD07 A02BD07 Lansoprazole, amoxicillin et clarithromycin
A02BD08 A02BD08 bismuth subcitrate, tetracycline and metronidazole
A02BD09 A02BD09 Lansoprazole, clarithromycin et tinidazole
A02BD10 A02BD10 Lansoprazole, amoxicillin et levofloxacin
A02BD11 A02BD11 Pantoprazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin et métronidazole
A02BD12 A02BD12 Rabeprazole, Amoxicillin And Clarithromycin
A02BD13 A02BD13 Rabeprazole, Amoxicillin And Metronidazole
A02BD14 A02BD14 Vonoprazan, Amoxicillin And Clarithromycin
A02BD15 A02BD15 Vonoprazan, Amoxicillin And Metronidazole
A02BX A02BX Other drugs for peptic ulcer and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)
A02BX01 A02BX01 Carbenoxolone
A02BX02 A02BX02 Sucralfate
A02BX03 A02BX03 Pirenzepine
A02BX04 A02BX04 Methiosulfonium chloride
A02BX05 A02BX05 Bismuth subcitrate
A02BX06 A02BX06 Proglumide
A02BX07 A02BX07 Gefarnate
A02BX08 A02BX08 Sulglicotide
A02BX09 A02BX09 Acetoxolone
A02BX10 A02BX10 Zolimidine
A02BX11 A02BX11 Troxipide
A02BX12 A02BX12 Bismuth subnitrate
A02BX13 A02BX13 alginic acid
A02BX14 A02BX14 Rebamipide
A02BX51 A02BX51 carbenoxolone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
A02BX71 A02BX71 carbenoxolone, combinations with psycholeptics
A02BX77 A02BX77 gefarnate, combinations with psycholeptics
A02X A02X Other Drugs For Acid Related Disorders
A03 A03 Drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders
A03A A03A Drugs For Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders
A03AA A03AA Synthetic anticholinergics, esters with tertiary amino group
A03AA01 A03AA01 oxyphencyclimine
A03AA03 A03AA03 camylofin
A03AA04 A03AA04 Mebeverine
A03AA05 A03AA05 trimebutine
A03AA06 A03AA06 rociverine
A03AA07 A03AA07 Dicycloverine
A03AA08 A03AA08 dihexyverine
A03AA09 A03AA09 difemerine
A03AA30 A03AA30 piperidolate
A03AB A03AB Synthetic anticholinergics, quaternary ammonium compounds
A03AB01 A03AB01 Benzilone
A03AB02 A03AB02 glycopyrronium bromide
A03AB03 A03AB03 oxyphenonium
A03AB04 A03AB04 penthienate
A03AB05 A03AB05 propantheline
A03AB06 A03AB06 otilonium bromide
A03AB07 A03AB07 methantheline
A03AB08 A03AB08 tridihexethyl
A03AB09 A03AB09 isopropamide
A03AB10 A03AB10 hexocyclium
A03AB11 A03AB11 Poldine
A03AB12 A03AB12 mepenzolate
A03AB13 A03AB13 bevonium
A03AB14 A03AB14 pipenzolate
A03AB15 A03AB15 diphemanil
A03AB16 A03AB16 (2-benzhydryloxyethyl)diethyl-methylammonium iodide
A03AB17 A03AB17 tiemonium iodide
A03AB18 A03AB18 prifinium bromide
A03AB19 A03AB19 timepidium bromide
A03AB21 A03AB21 fenpiverinium
A03AB53 A03AB53 oxyphenonium, combinations
A03AC A03AC Synthetic Antispasmodics, Amides With Tertiary Amines
A03AC02 A03AC02 dimethylaminopropionylphenothiazine
A03AC04 A03AC04 nicofetamide
A03AC05 A03AC05 tiropramide
A03AD A03AD Papaverine And Derivatives
A03AD01 A03AD01 papaverine
A03AD02 A03AD02 drotaverine
A03AD30 A03AD30 moxaverine
A03AE A03AE Serotonin receptor antagonists
A03AE01 A03AE01 Alosetron
A03AE03 A03AE03 cilansetron
A03AX A03AX Other drugs for functional gastrointestinal disorders
A03AX01 A03AX01 fenpiprane
A03AX02 A03AX02 diisopromine
A03AX03 A03AX03 chlorbenzoxamine
A03AX04 A03AX04 Pinaverium
A03AX05 A03AX05 fenoverine
A03AX06 A03AX06 idanpramine
A03AX07 A03AX07 proxazole
A03AX08 A03AX08 Alverine
A03AX09 A03AX09 trepibutone
A03AX10 A03AX10 isometheptene
A03AX11 A03AX11 caroverine
A03AX12 A03AX12 Phloroglucinol
A03AX13 A03AX13 Silicones
A03AX14 A03AX14 valethamate
A03AX30 A03AX30 trimethyldiphenylpropylamine
A03AX58 A03AX58 Alverine, combinations
A03B A03B Belladonna and derivatives, plain
A03BA A03BA Belladonna alkaloids, tertiary amines
A03BA01 A03BA01 Atropine
A03BA03 A03BA03 hyoscyamine
A03BA04 A03BA04 belladonna total alkaloids
A03BB A03BB Belladonna alkaloids, quaternary ammonium compounds
A03BB01 A03BB01 Butylscopolamine
A03BB02 A03BB02 methylatropine
A03BB03 A03BB03 methylscopolamine
A03BB04 A03BB04 fentonium
A03BB05 A03BB05 cimetropium bromide
A03BB06 A03BB06 Homatropine Methylbromide
A03C A03C Antispasmodics in combination with psycholeptics
A03CA A03CA Anticholinergic agents in combination with psycholeptics
A03CA01 A03CA01 isopropamide and psycholeptics
A03CA02 A03CA02 Clidinium and Psycholeptics
A03CA03 A03CA03 Oxyphencyclimine and psycholeptics
A03CA04 A03CA04 Otilonium bromide and psycholeptics
A03CA05 A03CA05 Glycopyrronium bromide and psycholeptics
A03CA06 A03CA06 Bevonium and psycholeptics
A03CA07 A03CA07 Ambutonium and psycholeptics
A03CA08 A03CA08 Diphemanil and psycholeptics
A03CA09 A03CA09 Pipenzolate and psycholeptics
A03CA30 A03CA30 Emepronium and psycholeptics
A03CA34 A03CA34 Propantheline and psycholeptics
A03CB A03CB Belladonna and derivatives in combination with psycholeptics
A03CB01 A03CB01 Methylscopolamine and psycholeptics
A03CB02 A03CB02 belladonna total alkaloids and psycholeptics
A03CB03 A03CB03 atropine and psycholeptics
A03CB04 A03CB04 methylhomatropine and psycholeptics
A03CB31 A03CB31 hyoscyamine and psycholeptics
A03CC A03CC Other Antispasmodics In Combination With Psycholeptics
A03D A03D Antispasmodics in combination with analgesics
A03DA A03DA Synthetic anticholinergic agents in combination with analgesics
A03DA01 A03DA01 tropenzilone and analgesics
A03DA02 A03DA02 pitofenone and analgesics
A03DA03 A03DA03 bevonium and analgesics
A03DA04 A03DA04 ciclonium and analgesics
A03DA05 A03DA05 camylofin and analgesics
A03DA06 A03DA06 trospium and analgesics
A03DA07 A03DA07 tiemonium iodide and analgesics
A03DB A03DB Belladonna and derivatives in combination with analgesics
A03DB04 A03DB04 butylscopolamine and analgesics
A03DC A03DC Other Antispasmodics In Combination With Analgesics
A03E A03E Antispasmodics and anticholinergics in combination with other drugs
A03EA A03EA Antispasmodics, Psycholeptics And Analgesics In Combination
A03ED A03ED Antispasmodics In Combination With Other Drugs
A03F A03F Propulsives
A03FA A03FA Propulsives
A03FA01 A03FA01 metoclopramide
A03FA02 A03FA02 cisapride
A03FA03 A03FA03 domperidone
A03FA04 A03FA04 bromopride
A03FA05 A03FA05 alizapride
A03FA06 A03FA06 clebopride
A03FA07 A03FA07 itopride
A03FA08 A03FA08 Cinitapride
A03FA09 A03FA09 Mosapride
A04 A04 Antiemetics and antinauseants
A04A A04A Antiemetics and antinauseants
A04AA A04AA Serotonin (5HT3) antagonists
A04AA01 A04AA01 Ondansetron
A04AA02 A04AA02 granisetron
A04AA03 A04AA03 tropisetron
A04AA04 A04AA04 Dolasetron
A04AA05 A04AA05 palonosetron
A04AA55 A04AA55 palonosetron, combinations
A04AD A04AD Other antiemetics
A04AD01 A04AD01 Scopolamine
A04AD02 A04AD02 Cerium Oxalate
A04AD04 A04AD04 Chlorobutanol
A04AD05 A04AD05 Metopimazine
A04AD10 A04AD10 Dronabinol
A04AD11 A04AD11 Nabilone
A04AD12 A04AD12 Aprepitant
A04AD13 A04AD13 Casopitant
A04AD14 A04AD14 Rolapitant
A04AD51 A04AD51 Scopolamine, combinations
A04AD54 A04AD54 Chlorobutanol, combinations
A05 A05 Bile and liver therapy
A05A A05A Bile Therapy
A05AA A05AA Bile acid preparations
A05AA01 A05AA01 Chenodeoxycholic acid
A05AA02 A05AA02 ursodeoxycholic acid
A05AA03 A05AA03 cholic acid
A05AA04 A05AA04 obeticholic acid
A05AB A05AB Preparations For Biliary Tract Therapy
A05AB01 A05AB01 nicotinyl methylamide
A05AX A05AX Other drugs for bile therapy
A05AX01 A05AX01 piprozolin
A05AX02 A05AX02 hymecromone
A05AX03 A05AX03 cyclobutyrol
A05B A05B Liver Therapy, Lipotropics
A05BA A05BA Liver Therapy
A05BA01 A05BA01 Arginine glutamate
A05BA03 A05BA03 silymarin
A05BA04 A05BA04 citiolone
A05BA05 A05BA05 epomediol
A05BA06 A05BA06 ornithine oxoglurate
A05BA07 A05BA07 Tidiacic Arginine
A05BA08 A05BA08 Glycyrrhizic acid
A05C A05C Drugs For bile therapy and lipotropics in combination
A06 A06 Drugs For Constipation
A06A A06A Drugs for constipation
A06AA A06AA Softeners, emollients laxatives
A06AA01 A06AA01 liquid paraffin
A06AA02 A06AA02 docusate sodium
A06AA51 A06AA51 liquid paraffin, combinations
A06AB A06AB Contact laxatives
A06AB01 A06AB01 oxyphenisatine
A06AB02 A06AB02 bisacodyl
A06AB03 A06AB03 dantron
A06AB04 A06AB04 phenolphthalein
A06AB05 A06AB05 castor oil
A06AB06 A06AB06 senna glycosides
A06AB07 A06AB07 cascara
A06AB08 A06AB08 sodium picosulfate
A06AB09 A06AB09 bisoxatin
A06AB20 A06AB20 contact laxatives in combination
A06AB30 A06AB30 contact laxatives in combination with belladonna alkaloids
A06AB52 A06AB52 bisacodyl, combinations
A06AB53 A06AB53 dantron, combinations
A06AB56 A06AB56 senna glycosides, combinations
A06AB57 A06AB57 cascara, combinations
A06AB58 A06AB58 sodium picosulfate, combinations
A06AC A06AC Bulk-forming laxatives
A06AC01 A06AC01 ispaghula (psylla seeds)
A06AC02 A06AC02 ethulose
A06AC03 A06AC03 sterculia
A06AC05 A06AC05 linseed
A06AC06 A06AC06 methylcellulose
A06AC07 A06AC07 triticum (wheat fibre)
A06AC08 A06AC08 polycarbophil calcium
A06AC51 A06AC51 ispaghula, combinations
A06AC53 A06AC53 sterculia, combinations
A06AC55 A06AC55 linseed, combinations
A06AD A06AD Osmotic laxatives
A06AD01 A06AD01 Magnesium carbonate
A06AD02 A06AD02 magnesium oxide
A06AD03 A06AD03 magnesium peroxide
A06AD04 A06AD04 magnesium sulfate
A06AD10 A06AD10 mineral salts in combination
A06AD11 A06AD11 lactulose
A06AD12 A06AD12 lactitol
A06AD13 A06AD13 sodium sulfate
A06AD14 A06AD14 pentaerithrityl
A06AD15 A06AD15 macrogol
A06AD16 A06AD16 Mannitol
A06AD17 A06AD17 sodium phosphate
A06AD18 A06AD18 sorbitol
A06AD19 A06AD19 magnesium citrate
A06AD21 A06AD21 sodium tartrate
A06AD61 A06AD61 lactulose, combinations
A06AD65 A06AD65 macrogol, combinations
A06AG A06AG Enemas
A06AG01 A06AG01 sodium phosphate
A06AG02 A06AG02 bisacodyl
A06AG03 A06AG03 dantron, incl. combinations
A06AG04 A06AG04 glycerol
A06AG06 A06AG06 oil
A06AG07 A06AG07 sorbitol
A06AG10 A06AG10 docusate sodium, incl. combinations
A06AG11 A06AG11 sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, incl. combinations
A06AG20 A06AG20 combinations
A06AH A06AH Peripheral Opioid Receptor Antagonists
A06AH01 A06AH01 methylnaltrexone bromide
A06AH02 A06AH02 alvimopan
A06AH03 A06AH03 naloxegol
A06AH04 A06AH04 naloxone
A06AH05 A06AH05 Naldemedine
A06AX A06AX Others
A06AX01 A06AX01 glycerol
A06AX02 A06AX02 Carbon dioxide producing drugs
A06AX03 A06AX03 lubiprostone
A06AX04 A06AX04 linaclotide
A06AX05 A06AX05 prucalopride
A06AX06 A06AX06 tegaserod
A06AX07 A06AX07 Plecanatide
A07 A07 Antidiarrheals, intestinal anti-inflammatory/anti-infective agents
A07A A07A Intestinal anti-infectives
A07AA A07AA Antibiotics
A07AA01 A07AA01 neomycin
A07AA02 A07AA02 nystatin
A07AA03 A07AA03 natamycin
A07AA04 A07AA04 streptomycin
A07AA05 A07AA05 polymyxin B
A07AA06 A07AA06 paromomycin
A07AA07 A07AA07 amphotericin B
A07AA08 A07AA08 kanamycin
A07AA09 A07AA09 vancomycin
A07AA10 A07AA10 colistin
A07AA11 A07AA11 rifaximin
A07AA12 A07AA12 Fidaxomicin
A07AA13 A07AA13 Rifamycin
A07AA51 A07AA51 neomycin, combinations
A07AA54 A07AA54 streptomycin, combinations
A07AB A07AB Sulfonamides
A07AB02 A07AB02 phthalylsulfathiazole
A07AB03 A07AB03 sulfaguanidine
A07AB04 A07AB04 succinylsulfathiazole
A07AC A07AC Imidazole Derivatives
A07AC01 A07AC01 miconazole
A07AX A07AX Other intestinal antiinfectives
A07AX01 A07AX01 broxyquinoline
A07AX02 A07AX02 acetarsol
A07AX03 A07AX03 nifuroxazide
A07AX04 A07AX04 nifurzide
A07B A07B Intestinal Adsorbents
A07BA A07BA Charcoal preparations
A07BA01 A07BA01 medicinal charcoal
A07BA51 A07BA51 medicinal charcoal, combinations
A07BB A07BB Bismuth Preparations
A07BC A07BC Other intestinal Adsorbents
A07BC01 A07BC01 pectin
A07BC02 A07BC02 kaolin
A07BC03 A07BC03 crospovidone
A07BC04 A07BC04 Attapulgite
A07BC05 A07BC05 diosmectite
A07BC30 A07BC30 combinations
A07BC54 A07BC54 attapulgite, combinations
A07C A07C Electrolytes With Carbohydrates
A07CA A07CA Oral rehydration salt formulations
A07D A07D Gastrointestinal motility inhibitors
A07DA A07DA Antipropulsives
A07DA01 A07DA01 diphenoxylate
A07DA02 A07DA02 opium
A07DA03 A07DA03 loperamide
A07DA04 A07DA04 Difenoxin
A07DA05 A07DA05 loperamide oxide
A07DA06 A07DA06 eluxadoline
A07DA52 A07DA52 morphine, combinations
A07DA53 A07DA53 loperamide, combinations
A07E A07E Intestinal Antiinflammatory Agents
A07EA A07EA Corticosteroids acting locally
A07EA01 A07EA01 prednisolone
A07EA02 A07EA02 hydrocortisone
A07EA03 A07EA03 prednisone
A07EA04 A07EA04 betamethasone
A07EA05 A07EA05 tixocortol
A07EA06 A07EA06 budesonide
A07EA07 A07EA07 beclometasone
A07EB A07EB Antiallergic Agents, Excl. Corticosteroids
A07EB01 A07EB01 cromoglicic acid
A07EC A07EC Aminosalicylic acid and similar agents
A07EC01 A07EC01 sulfasalazine
A07EC02 A07EC02 mesalazine
A07EC03 A07EC03 olsalazine
A07EC04 A07EC04 balsalazide
A07F A07F Antidiarrheal Microorganisms
A07FA A07FA Antidiarrheal Microorganisms
A07FA01 A07FA01 lactic acid producing organisms
A07FA02 A07FA02 saccharomyces boulardii
A07FA51 A07FA51 lactic acid producing organisms, combinations
A07X A07X Other Antidiarrheals
A07XA A07XA Other Antidiarrheals
A07XA01 A07XA01 albumin tannate
A07XA02 A07XA02 ceratonia
A07XA03 A07XA03 calcium compounds
A07XA04 A07XA04 racecadotril
A07XA06 A07XA06 Crofelemer
A07XA51 A07XA51 albumin tannate, combinations
A08 A08 Antiobesity preparations, excluding diet products
A08A A08A Antiobesity preparations, excluding diet products
A08AA A08AA Centrally acting antiobesity products
A08AA01 A08AA01 phentermine
A08AA02 A08AA02 fenfluramine
A08AA03 A08AA03 amfepramone
A08AA04 A08AA04 dexfenfluramine
A08AA05 A08AA05 mazindol
A08AA06 A08AA06 etilamfetamine
A08AA07 A08AA07 cathine
A08AA08 A08AA08 clobenzorex
A08AA09 A08AA09 mefenorex
A08AA10 A08AA10 Sibutramine
A08AA11 A08AA11 lorcaserin
A08AA56 A08AA56 ephedrine, combinations
A08AA62 A08AA62 bupropion and naltrexone
A08AB A08AB Peripherally acting antiobesity products
A08AB01 A08AB01 Orlistat
A08AX A08AX Other antiobesity drugs
A08AX01 A08AX01 Rimonabant
A09 A09 Digestive enzymes
A09A A09A Digestives, incl. Enzymes
A09AA A09AA Enzymes
A09AA01 A09AA01 diastase
A09AA02 A09AA02 multienzymes (lipase, protease etc.)
A09AA03 A09AA03 pepsin
A09AA04 A09AA04 tilactase
A09AB A09AB Acid Preparations
A09AB01 A09AB01 glutamic acid hydrochloride
A09AB02 A09AB02 betaine hydrochloride
A09AB03 A09AB03 hydrochloric acid
A09AB04 A09AB04 citric acid
A09AC A09AC Enzyme and acid preparations, combinations
A09AC01 A09AC01 pepsin and acid preparations
A09AC02 A09AC02 multienzymes and acid preparations
A10 A10 Drugs used in diabetes
A10A A10A Insulines and analogues
A10AB A10AB Insulins, fast-acting
A10AB01 A10AB01 insulin (human)
A10AB02 A10AB02 insulin (beef)
A10AB03 A10AB03 insulin (pork)
A10AB04 A10AB04 insulin lispro
A10AB05 A10AB05 insulin aspart
A10AB06 A10AB06 insulin glulisine
A10AB30 A10AB30 combinations
A10AC A10AC Insulins and analogues for injection, intermediate-acting
A10AC01 A10AC01 insulin (human)
A10AC02 A10AC02 insulin (beef)
A10AC03 A10AC03 insulin (pork)
A10AC04 A10AC04 insulin lispro
A10AC30 A10AC30 combinations
A10AD A10AD Insulins, intermediate- or long-acting combined with fast-acting
A10AD01 A10AD01 insulin (human)
A10AD02 A10AD02 insulin (beef)
A10AD03 A10AD03 insulin (pork)
A10AD04 A10AD04 insulin lispro
A10AD05 A10AD05 insulin aspart
A10AD06 A10AD06 insulin degludec and insulin aspart
A10AD30 A10AD30 combinations
A10AE A10AE Insulins, long-acting
A10AE01 A10AE01 insulin (human)
A10AE02 A10AE02 insulin (beef)
A10AE03 A10AE03 insulin (pork)
A10AE04 A10AE04 insulin glargine
A10AE05 A10AE05 insulin detemir
A10AE06 A10AE06 insulin degludec
A10AE30 A10AE30 combinations
A10AE54 A10AE54 Insulin Glargine And Lixisenatide
A10AE56 A10AE56 insulin degludec and liraglutide
A10AF A10AF Insulins and analogues for inhalation
A10AF01 A10AF01 insulin (human)
A10B A10B Blood glucose lowering drugs, excluding insulins
A10BA A10BA Biguanides
A10BA01 A10BA01 phenformin
A10BA02 A10BA02 metformin
A10BA03 A10BA03 buformin
A10BB A10BB Sulfonamides, urea derivatives
A10BB01 A10BB01 Glibenclamide
A10BB02 A10BB02 Chlorpropamide
A10BB03 A10BB03 Tolbutamide
A10BB04 A10BB04 Glibornuride
A10BB05 A10BB05 Tolazamide
A10BB06 A10BB06 Carbutamide
A10BB07 A10BB07 Glipizide
A10BB08 A10BB08 Gliquidone
A10BB09 A10BB09 Gliclazide
A10BB10 A10BB10 Metahexamide
A10BB11 A10BB11 Glisoxepide
A10BB12 A10BB12 Glimepiride
A10BB31 A10BB31 Acetohexamide
A10BC A10BC Sulfonamides (heterocyclic)
A10BC01 A10BC01 Glymidine
A10BD A10BD Combinations of oral blood glucose lowering drugs
A10BD01 A10BD01 Phenformin and sulfonylureas
A10BD02 A10BD02 Metformin and sulfonylureas
A10BD03 A10BD03 Metformin and rosiglitazone
A10BD04 A10BD04 Glimepiride and rosiglitazone
A10BD05 A10BD05 Metformin and pioglitazone
A10BD06 A10BD06 Glimepiride and pioglitazone
A10BD07 A10BD07 Metformin and sitagliptin
A10BD08 A10BD08 Metformin and vildagliptin
A10BD09 A10BD09 Pioglitazone and alogliptin
A10BD10 A10BD10 Metformin and saxagliptin
A10BD11 A10BD11 Metformin and linagliptin
A10BD12 A10BD12 Pioglitazone and sitagliptin
A10BD13 A10BD13 Metformin and alogliptin
A10BD14 A10BD14 Metformin and repaglinide
A10BD15 A10BD15 Metformin and dapagliflozin
A10BD16 A10BD16 metformin and canagliflozin
A10BD17 A10BD17 metformin and acarbose
A10BD18 A10BD18 metformin and gemigliptin
A10BD19 A10BD19 linagliptin and empagliflozin
A10BD20 A10BD20 Metformin and empagliflozin
A10BD21 A10BD21 saxagliptin and dapagliflozin
A10BD22 A10BD22 Metformin And Evogliptin
A10BD23 A10BD23 Metformin and ertugliflozin
A10BD24 A10BD24 sitagliptin and ertugliflozin
A10BD25 A10BD25 Metformin, saxagliptin and dapagliflozin
A10BF A10BF Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
A10BF01 A10BF01 acarbose
A10BF02 A10BF02 miglitol
A10BF03 A10BF03 voglibose
A10BG A10BG Thiazolidinediones
A10BG01 A10BG01 troglitazone
A10BG02 A10BG02 rosiglitazone
A10BG03 A10BG03 pioglitazone
A10BH A10BH Dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-4) inhibitors
A10BH01 A10BH01 sitagliptin
A10BH02 A10BH02 vildagliptin
A10BH03 A10BH03 saxagliptin
A10BH04 A10BH04 alogliptin
A10BH05 A10BH05 linagliptin
A10BH06 A10BH06 gemigliptin
A10BH07 A10BH07 Evogliptin
A10BH51 A10BH51 Sitagliptin and Simvastatin
A10BH52 A10BH52 gemigliptin and rosuvastatin
A10BJ A10BJ Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogues
A10BJ01 A10BJ01 exenatide
A10BJ02 A10BJ02 liraglutide
A10BJ03 A10BJ03 lixisenatide
A10BJ04 A10BJ04 albiglutide
A10BJ05 A10BJ05 dulaglutide
A10BJ06 A10BJ06 Semaglutide
A10BK A10BK Sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors
A10BK01 A10BK01 dapagliflozin
A10BK02 A10BK02 canagliflozin
A10BK03 A10BK03 empagliflozin
A10BK04 A10BK04 ertugliflozin
A10BK05 A10BK05 ipragliflozin
A10BK06 A10BK06 Sotagliflozin
A10BX A10BX Other blood glucose lowering drugs
A10BX01 A10BX01 guar gum
A10BX02 A10BX02 repaglinide
A10BX03 A10BX03 nateglinide
A10BX05 A10BX05 pramlintide
A10BX06 A10BX06 benfluorex
A10BX08 A10BX08 mitiglinide
A10X A10X Other Drugs Used In Diabetes
A10XA A10XA Aldose Reductase Inhibitors
A10XA01 A10XA01 tolrestat
A11 A11 Vitamins
A11A A11A Multivitamins, combinations
A11AA A11AA Multivitamins with minerals
A11AA01 A11AA01 multivitamins and iron
A11AA02 A11AA02 multivitamins and calcium
A11AA03 A11AA03 multivitamins and other minerals, incl. combinations
A11AA04 A11AA04 multivitamins and trace elements
A11AB A11AB Multivitamins, other combinations
A11B A11B Multivitamins, plain
A11BA A11BA Multivitamins, plain
A11C A11C Vitamin A and D, including combinations of the two
A11CA A11CA Vitamin A, plain
A11CA01 A11CA01 retinol (vit A)
A11CA02 A11CA02 betacarotene
A11CB A11CB Vitamin A and D in combination
A11CC A11CC Vitamin D and analogues
A11CC01 A11CC01 ergocalciferol
A11CC02 A11CC02 dihydrotachysterol
A11CC03 A11CC03 alfacalcidol
A11CC04 A11CC04 calcitriol
A11CC05 A11CC05 colecalciferol
A11CC06 A11CC06 Calcifediol
A11CC20 A11CC20 combinations
A11CC55 A11CC55 Colecalciferol, Combinations
A11D A11D Vitamin B1, plain and in combination with vitamin B6 and B12
A11DA A11DA Vitamin B1, plain
A11DA01 A11DA01 thiamine (vit B1)
A11DA02 A11DA02 sulbutiamine
A11DA03 A11DA03 benfotiamine
A11DB A11DB Vitamin B1 in combination with vitamin B6 and/or vitamin B12
A11E A11E Vitamin B-complex, including combinations
A11EA A11EA Vitamin B-complex, plain
A11EB A11EB Vitamin B-complex with vitamin C
A11EC A11EC Vitamin B-complex with minerals
A11ED A11ED Vitamin B-Complex With Anabolic Steroids
A11EX A11EX Vitamin B-complex, other combinations
A11G A11G Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), including combinations
A11GA A11GA Ascorbic acid
A11GA01 A11GA01 ascorbic acid (vit C)
A11GB A11GB Ascorbic acid (vitamin C), combinations
A11GB01 A11GB01 ascorbic acid (vit C) and calcium
A11H A11H Other plain vitamin preparations
A11HA A11HA Other plain vitamin preparations
A11HA01 A11HA01 nicotinamide
A11HA02 A11HA02 pyridoxine (vit B6)
A11HA03 A11HA03 tocopherol (vit E)
A11HA04 A11HA04 riboflavin (vit B2)
A11HA05 A11HA05 biotin
A11HA06 A11HA06 pyridoxal phosphate
A11HA07 A11HA07 inositol
A11HA08 A11HA08 tocofersolan
A11HA30 A11HA30 dexpanthenol
A11HA31 A11HA31 calcium pantothenate
A11HA32 A11HA32 pantethine
A11J A11J Other vitamin products, combinations
A11JA A11JA Combinations of vitamins
A11JB A11JB Vitamins with minerals
A11JC A11JC Vitamins, other combinations
A12 A12 Mineral supplements
A12A A12A Calcium
A12AA A12AA Calcium
A12AA01 A12AA01 calcium phosphate
A12AA02 A12AA02 calcium glubionate
A12AA03 A12AA03 calcium gluconate
A12AA04 A12AA04 Calcium carbonate
A12AA05 A12AA05 calcium lactate
A12AA06 A12AA06 calcium lactate gluconate
A12AA07 A12AA07 calcium chloride
A12AA08 A12AA08 calcium glycerylphosphate
A12AA09 A12AA09 calcium citrate lysine complex
A12AA10 A12AA10 calcium glucoheptonate
A12AA11 A12AA11 calcium pangamate
A12AA13 A12AA13 calcium citrate
A12AA20 A12AA20 calcium (different salts in combination)
A12AA30 A12AA30 calcium laevulate
A12AX A12AX Calcium, combinations with vitamin D and/or other drugs
A12B A12B Potassium
A12BA A12BA Potassium
A12BA01 A12BA01 potassium chloride
A12BA02 A12BA02 potassium citrate
A12BA03 A12BA03 potassium hydrogentartrate
A12BA04 A12BA04 Potassium hydrogencarbonate
A12BA05 A12BA05 potassium gluconate
A12BA30 A12BA30 potassium (different salts in combination)
A12BA51 A12BA51 potassium chloride, combinations
A12C A12C Other mineral supplements
A12CA A12CA Sodium
A12CA01 A12CA01 sodium chloride
A12CA02 A12CA02 sodium sulfate
A12CB A12CB Zinc
A12CB01 A12CB01 zinc sulfate
A12CB02 A12CB02 zinc gluconate
A12CB03 A12CB03 zinc protein complex
A12CC A12CC Magnesium
A12CC01 A12CC01 magnesium chloride
A12CC02 A12CC02 magnesium sulfate
A12CC03 A12CC03 magnesium gluconate
A12CC04 A12CC04 magnesium citrate
A12CC05 A12CC05 magnesium aspartate
A12CC06 A12CC06 magnesium lactate
A12CC07 A12CC07 magnesium levulinate
A12CC08 A12CC08 magnesium pidolate
A12CC09 A12CC09 magnesium orotate
A12CC10 A12CC10 magnesium oxide
A12CC30 A12CC30 magnesium (different salts in combination)
A12CD A12CD Fluoride
A12CD01 A12CD01 sodium fluoride
A12CD02 A12CD02 sodium monofluorophosphate
A12CD51 A12CD51 fluoride, combinations
A12CE A12CE Selenium
A12CE01 A12CE01 sodium selenate
A12CE02 A12CE02 sodium selenite
A12CX A12CX Other mineral products
A13 A13 Tonics
A13A A13A Tonics
A14 A14 Anabolic agents for systemic use
A14A A14A Anabolic steroids
A14AA A14AA Androstan derivatives
A14AA01 A14AA01 androstanolone
A14AA02 A14AA02 stanozolol
A14AA03 A14AA03 metandienone
A14AA04 A14AA04 metenolone
A14AA05 A14AA05 oxymetholone
A14AA06 A14AA06 quinbolone
A14AA07 A14AA07 prasterone
A14AA08 A14AA08 oxandrolone
A14AA09 A14AA09 norethandrolone
A14AB A14AB Estren derivatives
A14AB01 A14AB01 nandrolone
A14AB02 A14AB02 ethylestrenol
A14AB03 A14AB03 oxabolone cipionate
A14B A14B Other Anabolic Agents
A15 A15 Appetite Stimulants
A16 A16 Other alimentary tract and metabolism products
A16A A16A Other alimentary tract and metabolism products
A16AA A16AA Amino acids and derivatives
A16AA01 A16AA01 levocarnitine
A16AA02 A16AA02 Ademetionine
A16AA03 A16AA03 glutamine
A16AA04 A16AA04 mercaptamine
A16AA05 A16AA05 Carglumic acid
A16AA06 A16AA06 betaine
A16AA07 A16AA07 metreleptin
A16AB A16AB Enzymes
A16AB01 A16AB01 alglucerase
A16AB02 A16AB02 imiglucerase
A16AB03 A16AB03 agalsidase alfa
A16AB04 A16AB04 Agalsidase beta
A16AB05 A16AB05 laronidase
A16AB06 A16AB06 sacrosidase
A16AB07 A16AB07 alglucosidase alfa
A16AB08 A16AB08 galsulfase
A16AB09 A16AB09 idursulfase
A16AB10 A16AB10 velaglucerase alfa
A16AB11 A16AB11 taliglucerase alfa
A16AB12 A16AB12 elosulfase alfa
A16AB13 A16AB13 asfotase alfa
A16AB14 A16AB14 sebelipase alfa
A16AB15 A16AB15 Velmanase Alfa
A16AB16 A16AB16 Idursulfase Beta
A16AB17 A16AB17 Cerliponase Alfa
A16AB18 A16AB18 Vestronidase Alfa
A16AB19 A16AB19 Pegvaliase
A16AX A16AX Various alimentary tract and metabolism products
A16AX01 A16AX01 thioctic acid
A16AX02 A16AX02 anethole trithione
A16AX03 A16AX03 sodium phenylbutyrate
A16AX04 A16AX04 nitisinone
A16AX05 A16AX05 zinc acetate
A16AX06 A16AX06 miglustat
A16AX07 A16AX07 sapropterin
A16AX08 A16AX08 teduglutide
A16AX09 A16AX09 glycerol phenylbutyrate
A16AX10 A16AX10 eliglustat
A16AX11 A16AX11 sodium benzoate
A16AX12 A16AX12 trientine
A16AX13 A16AX13 uridine triacetate
A16AX14 A16AX14 Migalastat
A16AX15 A16AX15 Telotristat
B B Blood and blood forming organs
B01 B01 Antithrombotic agents
B01A B01A Antithrombotic agents
B01AA B01AA Vitamin K antagonists
B01AA01 B01AA01 dicoumarol
B01AA02 B01AA02 phenindione
B01AA03 B01AA03 warfarin
B01AA04 B01AA04 phenprocoumon
B01AA07 B01AA07 acenocoumarol
B01AA08 B01AA08 ethyl biscoumacetate
B01AA09 B01AA09 clorindione
B01AA10 B01AA10 diphenadione
B01AA11 B01AA11 tioclomarol
B01AA12 B01AA12 Fluindione
B01AB B01AB Heparin group
B01AB01 B01AB01 Heparin
B01AB02 B01AB02 Antithrombin III
B01AB04 B01AB04 Dalteparin
B01AB05 B01AB05 Enoxaparin
B01AB06 B01AB06 Nadroparin
B01AB07 B01AB07 Parnaparin
B01AB08 B01AB08 Reviparin
B01AB09 B01AB09 Danaparoid
B01AB10 B01AB10 Tinzaparin
B01AB11 B01AB11 Sulodexide
B01AB12 B01AB12 Bemiparin
B01AB51 B01AB51 Heparin, combinations
B01AC B01AC Platelet aggregation inhibitors excluding heparin
B01AC01 B01AC01 Ditazole
B01AC02 B01AC02 Cloricromen
B01AC03 B01AC03 Picotamide
B01AC04 B01AC04 Clopidogrel
B01AC05 B01AC05 Ticlopidine
B01AC06 B01AC06 Acetylsalicylic acid
B01AC07 B01AC07 Dipyridamole
B01AC08 B01AC08 Carbasalate calcium
B01AC09 B01AC09 Epoprostenol
B01AC10 B01AC10 Indobufen
B01AC11 B01AC11 Iloprost
B01AC13 B01AC13 Abciximab
B01AC15 B01AC15 Aloxiprin
B01AC16 B01AC16 Eptifibatide
B01AC17 B01AC17 tirofiban
B01AC18 B01AC18 triflusal
B01AC19 B01AC19 beraprost
B01AC21 B01AC21 Treprostinil
B01AC22 B01AC22 prasugrel
B01AC23 B01AC23 Cilostazol
B01AC24 B01AC24 ticagrelor
B01AC25 B01AC25 cangrelor
B01AC26 B01AC26 vorapaxar
B01AC27 B01AC27 selexipag
B01AC30 B01AC30 combinations
B01AC56 B01AC56 acetylsalicylic acid, combinations with proton pump inhibitors
B01AD B01AD Enzymes
B01AD01 B01AD01 streptokinase
B01AD02 B01AD02 alteplase
B01AD03 B01AD03 anistreplase
B01AD04 B01AD04 urokinase
B01AD05 B01AD05 fibrinolysin
B01AD06 B01AD06 brinase
B01AD07 B01AD07 reteplase
B01AD08 B01AD08 saruplase
B01AD09 B01AD09 ancrod
B01AD10 B01AD10 drotrecogin alfa (activated)
B01AD11 B01AD11 tenecteplase
B01AD12 B01AD12 protein C
B01AE B01AE Direct thrombin inhibitors
B01AE01 B01AE01 desirudin
B01AE02 B01AE02 Lepirudin
B01AE03 B01AE03 argatroban
B01AE04 B01AE04 melagatran
B01AE05 B01AE05 ximelagatran
B01AE06 B01AE06 bivalirudin
B01AE07 B01AE07 dabigatran etexilate
B01AF B01AF Direct factor Xa inhibitors
B01AF01 B01AF01 rivaroxaban
B01AF02 B01AF02 apixaban
B01AF03 B01AF03 edoxaban
B01AF04 B01AF04 Betrixaban
B01AX B01AX Other antithrombotic agents
B01AX01 B01AX01 defibrotide
B01AX04 B01AX04 dermatan sulfate
B01AX05 B01AX05 Fondaparinux
B01AX07 B01AX07 caplacizumab
B02 B02 Antihemorrhagics
B02A B02A Antifibrinolytics
B02AA B02AA Amino acids
B02AA01 B02AA01 Aminocaproic acid
B02AA02 B02AA02 tranexamic acid
B02AA03 B02AA03 aminomethylbenzoic acid
B02AB B02AB Proteinase inhibitors
B02AB01 B02AB01 aprotinin
B02AB02 B02AB02 Alfa1-antitrypsin
B02AB04 B02AB04 camostat
B02AB05 B02AB05 Ulinastatin
B02B B02B Vitamin K And Other Hemostatics
B02BA B02BA Vitamin K
B02BA01 B02BA01 phytomenadione
B02BA02 B02BA02 menadione
B02BB B02BB Fibrinogen
B02BB01 B02BB01 fibrinogen, human
B02BC B02BC Local hemostatics
B02BC01 B02BC01 absorbable gelatin sponge
B02BC02 B02BC02 oxidized cellulose
B02BC03 B02BC03 tetragalacturonic acid hydroxymethylester
B02BC05 B02BC05 adrenalone
B02BC06 B02BC06 thrombin
B02BC07 B02BC07 collagen
B02BC08 B02BC08 calcium alginate
B02BC09 B02BC09 epinephrine
B02BC30 B02BC30 combinations
B02BD B02BD Blood coagulation factors
B02BD01 B02BD01 coagulation factor IX, II, VII and X in combination
B02BD02 B02BD02 coagulation factor VIII
B02BD03 B02BD03 factor VIII inhibitor bypassing activity
B02BD04 B02BD04 coagulation factor IX
B02BD05 B02BD05 coagulation factor VII
B02BD06 B02BD06 von Willebrand factor and coagulation factor VIII in combination
B02BD07 B02BD07 Coagulation factor XIII
B02BD08 B02BD08 eptacog alfa (activated)
B02BD10 B02BD10 von Willebrand factor
B02BD11 B02BD11 catridecacog
B02BD13 B02BD13 coagulation factor X
B02BD14 B02BD14 susoctocog alfa
B02BD30 B02BD30 thrombin
B02BX B02BX Other systemic hemostatics
B02BX01 B02BX01 etamsylate
B02BX02 B02BX02 carbazochrome
B02BX03 B02BX03 batroxobin
B02BX04 B02BX04 romiplostim
B02BX05 B02BX05 eltrombopag
B02BX06 B02BX06 Emicizumab
B02BX07 B02BX07 lusutrombopag
B02BX08 B02BX08 Avatrombopag
B02BX09 B02BX09 Fostamatinib
B03 B03 Antianemic preparations
B03A B03A Iron preparations & other combinations
B03AA B03AA Iron bivalent, oral preparations
B03AA01 B03AA01 ferrous glycine sulfate
B03AA02 B03AA02 ferrous fumarate
B03AA03 B03AA03 ferrous gluconate
B03AA04 B03AA04 Ferrous carbonate
B03AA05 B03AA05 ferrous chloride
B03AA06 B03AA06 ferrous succinate
B03AA07 B03AA07 ferrous sulfate
B03AA08 B03AA08 ferrous tartrate
B03AA09 B03AA09 ferrous aspartate
B03AA10 B03AA10 ferrous ascorbate
B03AA11 B03AA11 ferrous iodine
B03AA12 B03AA12 Ferrous Sodium Citrate
B03AB B03AB Iron trivalent, oral preparations
B03AB01 B03AB01 ferric sodium citrate
B03AB02 B03AB02 saccharated iron oxide
B03AB03 B03AB03 Sodium feredetate
B03AB04 B03AB04 ferric hydroxide
B03AB05 B03AB05 ferric oxide polymaltose complexes
B03AB07 B03AB07 chondroitin sulfate-iron complex
B03AB08 B03AB08 ferric acetyl transferrin
B03AB09 B03AB09 ferric proteinsuccinylate
B03AB10 B03AB10 ferric maltol
B03AC B03AC Iron, parenteral preparations
B03AD B03AD Iron in combination with Folic acid
B03AD01 B03AD01 ferrous amino acid complex
B03AD02 B03AD02 ferrous fumarate
B03AD03 B03AD03 ferrous sulfate
B03AD04 B03AD04 ferric oxide polymaltose complexes
B03AE B03AE Iron in other combinations
B03AE01 B03AE01 Iron, vitamin B12 and Folic acid
B03AE02 B03AE02 Iron, multivitamins and Folic acid
B03AE03 B03AE03 iron and multivitamins
B03AE04 B03AE04 iron, multivitamins and minerals
B03AE10 B03AE10 various combinations
B03B B03B Vitamin B12 and Folic acid
B03BA B03BA Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin and analogues)
B03BA01 B03BA01 cyanocobalamin
B03BA02 B03BA02 cyanocobalamin tannin complex
B03BA03 B03BA03 hydroxocobalamin
B03BA04 B03BA04 cobamamide
B03BA05 B03BA05 mecobalamin
B03BA51 B03BA51 cyanocobalamin, combinations
B03BA53 B03BA53 hydroxocobalamin, combinations
B03BB B03BB Folic acid and derivatives
B03BB01 B03BB01 Folic acid
B03BB51 B03BB51 Folic acid, combinations
B03X B03X Other Antianemic Preparations
B03XA B03XA Other Antianemic Preparations
B03XA01 B03XA01 erythropoietin
B03XA02 B03XA02 darbepoetin alfa
B03XA03 B03XA03 methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta
B03XA04 B03XA04 peginesatide
B03XA05 B03XA05 roxadustat
B03XA06 B03XA06 Luspatercept
B05 B05 Blood Substitutes And Perfusion Solutions
B05A B05A Blood and related products
B05AA B05AA Blood substitutes and plasma protein fractions
B05AA01 B05AA01 albumin
B05AA02 B05AA02 other plasma protein fractions
B05AA03 B05AA03 Fluorocarbon blood substitutes
B05AA05 B05AA05 dextran
B05AA06 B05AA06 gelatin agents
B05AA07 B05AA07 hydroxyethylstarch
B05AA08 B05AA08 hemoglobin crosfumaril
B05AA09 B05AA09 hemoglobin raffimer
B05AA10 B05AA10 hemoglobin glutamer (bovine)
B05AX B05AX Other Blood Products
B05AX01 B05AX01 erythrocytes
B05AX02 B05AX02 thrombocytes
B05AX03 B05AX03 blood plasma
B05AX04 B05AX04 stem cells from umbilical cord blood
B05B B05B IV solutions
B05BA B05BA Solutions for parenteral nutrition
B05BA01 B05BA01 amino acids
B05BA02 B05BA02 Fat emulsions
B05BA03 B05BA03 Carbohydrates
B05BA04 B05BA04 Protein hydrolysates
B05BA10 B05BA10 Combinations
B05BB B05BB Solutions affecting the electrolyte balance
B05BB01 B05BB01 Electrolytes
B05BB02 B05BB02 Electrolytes with carbohydrates
B05BB03 B05BB03 Trometamol
B05BB04 B05BB04 Electrolytes in combination with other drugs
B05BC B05BC Solutions producing osmotic diuresis
B05BC01 B05BC01 Mannitol
B05BC02 B05BC02 Carbamide
B05C B05C Irrigating solutions
B05CA B05CA Antiinfectives
B05CA01 B05CA01 Cetylpyridinium
B05CA02 B05CA02 Chlorhexidine
B05CA03 B05CA03 Nitrofural
B05CA04 B05CA04 Sulfamethizole
B05CA05 B05CA05 Taurolidine
B05CA06 B05CA06 Mandelic acid
B05CA07 B05CA07 Noxytiolin
B05CA08 B05CA08 Ethacridine lactate
B05CA09 B05CA09 Neomycin
B05CA10 B05CA10 Combinations
B05CB B05CB Salt solutions
B05CB01 B05CB01 Sodium chloride
B05CB02 B05CB02 Sodium citrate
B05CB03 B05CB03 Magnesium citrate
B05CB04 B05CB04 Sodium bicarbonate
B05CB10 B05CB10 Combinations
B05CX B05CX Other irrigating solutions
B05CX01 B05CX01 Glucose
B05CX02 B05CX02 Sorbitol
B05CX03 B05CX03 Glycine
B05CX04 B05CX04 Mannitol
B05CX10 B05CX10 Combinations
B05D B05D Peritoneal dialytics
B05DA B05DA Isotonic solutions
B05DB B05DB Hypertonic solutions
B05X B05X IV solution additives
B05XA B05XA Electrolyte solutions
B05XA01 B05XA01 Potassium chloride
B05XA02 B05XA02 Sodium bicarbonate
B05XA03 B05XA03 Sodium chloride
B05XA04 B05XA04 Ammonium chloride
B05XA05 B05XA05 Magnesium sulfate
B05XA06 B05XA06 Potassium phosphate, incl. combinations with other potassium salts
B05XA07 B05XA07 Calcium chloride
B05XA08 B05XA08 Sodium acetate
B05XA09 B05XA09 Sodium phosphate
B05XA10 B05XA10 Magnesium phosphate
B05XA11 B05XA11 Magnesium chloride
B05XA12 B05XA12 Zinc chloride
B05XA13 B05XA13 Hydrochloric acid
B05XA14 B05XA14 Sodium glycerophosphate
B05XA15 B05XA15 Potassium lactate
B05XA16 B05XA16 Cardioplegia solutions
B05XA17 B05XA17 Potassium acetate
B05XA30 B05XA30 Combinations of electrolytes
B05XA31 B05XA31 electrolytes in combination with other drugs
B05XB B05XB Amino acids
B05XB01 B05XB01 Arginine hydrochloride
B05XB02 B05XB02 alanyl glutamine
B05XB03 B05XB03 lysine
B05XC B05XC Vitamins
B05XX B05XX Other IV Solution Additives
B05XX02 B05XX02 trometamol
B05Z B05Z Hemodialytics and hemofiltrates
B05ZA B05ZA Hemodialytics, concentrates
B05ZB B05ZB Hemofiltrates
B06 B06 Other hematological agents
B06A B06A Other hematological agents
B06AA B06AA Enzymes
B06AA02 B06AA02 fibrinolysin and desoxyribonuclease
B06AA03 B06AA03 hyaluronidase
B06AA04 B06AA04 Chymotrypsin
B06AA07 B06AA07 trypsin
B06AA10 B06AA10 desoxyribonuclease
B06AA55 B06AA55 streptokinase, combinations
B06AB B06AB Other Hem Products
B06AB01 B06AB01 hematin
B06AC B06AC Drugs Used In Hereditary Angioedema
B06AC01 B06AC01 C1-inhibitor, plasma derived
B06AC02 B06AC02 icatibant
B06AC03 B06AC03 ecallantide
B06AC04 B06AC04 conestat alfa
B06AC05 B06AC05 lanadelumab
B06AX B06AX Other Hematological Agents
B06AX01 B06AX01 Crizanlizumab
C C Cardiovascular system
C01 C01 Cardiac therapy
C01A C01A Cardiac glycosides
C01AA C01AA Digitalis glycosides
C01AA01 C01AA01 acetyldigitoxin
C01AA02 C01AA02 acetyldigoxin
C01AA03 C01AA03 digitalis leaves
C01AA04 C01AA04 digitoxin
C01AA05 C01AA05 Digoxin
C01AA06 C01AA06 lanatoside C
C01AA07 C01AA07 deslanoside
C01AA08 C01AA08 metildigoxin
C01AA09 C01AA09 gitoformate
C01AA52 C01AA52 acetyldigoxin, combinations
C01AB C01AB Scilla Glycosides
C01AB01 C01AB01 proscillaridin
C01AB51 C01AB51 proscillaridin, combinations
C01AC C01AC Strophanthus Glycosides
C01AC01 C01AC01 g-strophanthin
C01AC03 C01AC03 cymarin
C01AX C01AX Other Cardiac Glycosides
C01AX02 C01AX02 peruvoside
C01B C01B Antiarrhythmics, Classes I and III
C01BA C01BA Antiarrhythmics, Class Ia
C01BA01 C01BA01 quinidine
C01BA02 C01BA02 procainamide
C01BA03 C01BA03 disopyramide
C01BA04 C01BA04 sparteine
C01BA05 C01BA05 ajmaline
C01BA08 C01BA08 prajmaline
C01BA12 C01BA12 lorajmine
C01BA13 C01BA13 hydroquinidine
C01BA51 C01BA51 quinidine, combinations excl. psycholeptics
C01BA71 C01BA71 quinidine, combinations with psycholeptics
C01BB C01BB Antiarrhythmics, Class Ib
C01BB01 C01BB01 lidocaine
C01BB02 C01BB02 Mexiletine
C01BB03 C01BB03 tocainide
C01BB04 C01BB04 aprindine
C01BC C01BC Antiarrhythmics, Class Ic
C01BC03 C01BC03 propafenone
C01BC04 C01BC04 flecainide
C01BC07 C01BC07 lorcainide
C01BC08 C01BC08 encainide
C01BC09 C01BC09 ethacizine
C01BD C01BD Antiarrhythmics, Class III
C01BD01 C01BD01 amiodarone
C01BD02 C01BD02 bretylium tosilate
C01BD03 C01BD03 bunaftine
C01BD04 C01BD04 dofetilide
C01BD05 C01BD05 ibutilide
C01BD06 C01BD06 tedisamil
C01BD07 C01BD07 dronedarone
C01BG C01BG Other antiarrhythmics, Class I and III
C01BG01 C01BG01 moracizine
C01BG07 C01BG07 cibenzoline
C01BG11 C01BG11 vernakalant
C01C C01C Cardiac stimulants excluding cardiac glycosides
C01CA C01CA Adrenergic and dopaminergic agents
C01CA01 C01CA01 etilefrine
C01CA02 C01CA02 isoprenaline
C01CA03 C01CA03 norepinephrine
C01CA04 C01CA04 dopamine
C01CA05 C01CA05 norfenefrine
C01CA06 C01CA06 Phenylephrine
C01CA07 C01CA07 dobutamine
C01CA08 C01CA08 oxedrine
C01CA09 C01CA09 metaraminol
C01CA10 C01CA10 methoxamine
C01CA11 C01CA11 mephentermine
C01CA12 C01CA12 dimetofrine
C01CA13 C01CA13 prenalterol
C01CA14 C01CA14 dopexamine
C01CA15 C01CA15 gepefrine
C01CA16 C01CA16 ibopamine
C01CA17 C01CA17 midodrine
C01CA18 C01CA18 octopamine
C01CA19 C01CA19 fenoldopam
C01CA21 C01CA21 cafedrine
C01CA22 C01CA22 arbutamine
C01CA23 C01CA23 theodrenaline
C01CA24 C01CA24 epinephrine
C01CA25 C01CA25 amezinium metilsulfate
C01CA26 C01CA26 ephedrine
C01CA27 C01CA27 droxidopa
C01CA30 C01CA30 combinations
C01CA51 C01CA51 etilefrine, combinations
C01CE C01CE Phosphodiesterase inhibitors
C01CE01 C01CE01 amrinone
C01CE02 C01CE02 milrinone
C01CE03 C01CE03 enoximone
C01CE04 C01CE04 bucladesine
C01CX C01CX Other cardiac stimulants
C01CX06 C01CX06 angiotensinamide
C01CX07 C01CX07 xamoterol
C01CX08 C01CX08 levosimendan
C01CX09 C01CX09 Angiotensin II
C01D C01D Vasodilators used in cardiac diseases
C01DA C01DA Organic nitrates
C01DA02 C01DA02 glyceryl trinitrate
C01DA04 C01DA04 methylpropylpropanediol dinitrate
C01DA05 C01DA05 pentaerithrityl tetranitrate
C01DA07 C01DA07 propatylnitrate
C01DA08 C01DA08 isosorbide dinitrate
C01DA09 C01DA09 trolnitrate
C01DA13 C01DA13 eritrityl tetranitrate
C01DA14 C01DA14 isosorbide mononitrate
C01DA20 C01DA20 organic nitrates in combination
C01DA38 C01DA38 tenitramine
C01DA52 C01DA52 glyceryl trinitrate, combinations
C01DA54 C01DA54 methylpropylpropanediol dinitrate, combinations
C01DA55 C01DA55 pentaerithrityl tetranitrate, combinations
C01DA57 C01DA57 propatylnitrate, combinations
C01DA58 C01DA58 isosorbide dinitrate, combinations
C01DA59 C01DA59 trolnitrate, combinations
C01DA63 C01DA63 eritrityl tetranitrate, combinations
C01DA70 C01DA70 organic nitrates in combination with psycholeptics
C01DB C01DB Quinolone Vasodilators
C01DB01 C01DB01 flosequinan
C01DX C01DX Other vasodilators used in cardiac diseases
C01DX01 C01DX01 itramin tosilate
C01DX02 C01DX02 prenylamine
C01DX03 C01DX03 oxyfedrine
C01DX04 C01DX04 benziodarone
C01DX05 C01DX05 carbocromen
C01DX06 C01DX06 hexobendine
C01DX07 C01DX07 etafenone
C01DX08 C01DX08 Heptaminol
C01DX09 C01DX09 Imolamine
C01DX10 C01DX10 Dilazep
C01DX11 C01DX11 Trapidil
C01DX12 C01DX12 Molsidomine
C01DX13 C01DX13 Efloxate
C01DX14 C01DX14 Cinepazet
C01DX15 C01DX15 Cloridarol
C01DX16 C01DX16 Nicorandil
C01DX18 C01DX18 Linsidomine
C01DX19 C01DX19 Nesiritide
C01DX21 C01DX21 Serelaxin
C01DX51 C01DX51 Itramin tosilate, combinations
C01DX52 C01DX52 Prenylamine, combinations
C01DX53 C01DX53 Oxyfedrine, combinations
C01DX54 C01DX54 Benziodarone, combinations
C01E C01E Other cardiac preparations
C01EA C01EA Prostaglandins
C01EA01 C01EA01 Alprostadil
C01EB C01EB Other cardiac preparations
C01EB02 C01EB02 Camphora
C01EB03 C01EB03 Indometacin
C01EB04 C01EB04 Crataegus glycosides
C01EB05 C01EB05 Creatinolfosfate
C01EB06 C01EB06 Fosfocreatine
C01EB07 C01EB07 Fructose 1,6-diphosphate
C01EB09 C01EB09 ubidecarenone
C01EB10 C01EB10 adenosine
C01EB11 C01EB11 tiracizine
C01EB13 C01EB13 acadesine
C01EB15 C01EB15 trimetazidine
C01EB16 C01EB16 Ibuprofen
C01EB17 C01EB17 ivabradine
C01EB18 C01EB18 ranolazine
C01EB21 C01EB21 regadenoson
C01EB22 C01EB22 meldonium
C01EB23 C01EB23 tiazotic acid
C01EX C01EX Other cardiac combination products
C02 C02 Antihypertensives
C02A C02A Antiadrenergic agents, centrally acting
C02AA C02AA Rauwolfia alkaloids
C02AA01 C02AA01 rescinnamine
C02AA02 C02AA02 reserpine
C02AA03 C02AA03 combinations of rauwolfia alkaloids
C02AA04 C02AA04 rauwolfia alkaloids, whole root
C02AA05 C02AA05 deserpidine
C02AA06 C02AA06 methoserpidine
C02AA07 C02AA07 bietaserpine
C02AA52 C02AA52 reserpine, combinations
C02AA53 C02AA53 combinations of rauwolfia alkoloids, combinations
C02AA57 C02AA57 bietaserpine, combinations
C02AB C02AB Methyldopa
C02AB01 C02AB01 methyldopa (levorotatory)
C02AB02 C02AB02 methyldopa (racemic)
C02AC C02AC Imidazoline receptor agonists
C02AC01 C02AC01 clonidine
C02AC02 C02AC02 guanfacine
C02AC04 C02AC04 tolonidine
C02AC05 C02AC05 moxonidine
C02AC06 C02AC06 Rilmenidine
C02B C02B Antiadrenergic Agents, Ganglion-Blocking
C02BA C02BA Sulfonium Derivatives
C02BA01 C02BA01 trimetaphan
C02BB C02BB Secondary And Tertiary Amines
C02BB01 C02BB01 mecamylamine
C02BC C02BC Bisquaternary Ammonium Compounds
C02C C02C Antiadrenergic agents, peripherally acting
C02CA C02CA Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists
C02CA01 C02CA01 prazosin
C02CA02 C02CA02 indoramin
C02CA03 C02CA03 trimazosin
C02CA04 C02CA04 Doxazosine
C02CA06 C02CA06 urapidil
C02CC C02CC Guanidine Derivatives
C02CC01 C02CC01 betanidine
C02CC02 C02CC02 guanethidine
C02CC03 C02CC03 guanoxan
C02CC04 C02CC04 debrisoquine
C02CC05 C02CC05 guanoclor
C02CC06 C02CC06 guanazodine
C02CC07 C02CC07 guanoxabenz
C02D C02D Arteriolar smooth muscle, Agents acting on
C02DA C02DA Thiazide Derivatives
C02DA01 C02DA01 diazoxide
C02DB C02DB Hydrazinophthalazine Derivatives
C02DB01 C02DB01 dihydralazine
C02DB02 C02DB02 hydralazine
C02DB03 C02DB03 endralazine
C02DB04 C02DB04 cadralazine
C02DC C02DC Pyrimidine Derivatives
C02DC01 C02DC01 minoxidil
C02DD C02DD Nitroferricyanide derivatives
C02DD01 C02DD01 nitroprusside
C02DG C02DG Guanidine Derivatives
C02DG01 C02DG01 pinacidil
C02K C02K Other antihypertensives
C02KA C02KA Alkaloids, Excl. Rauwolfia
C02KA01 C02KA01 veratrum
C02KB C02KB Tyrosine Hydroxylase Inhibitors
C02KB01 C02KB01 metirosine
C02KC C02KC Mao Inhibitors
C02KC01 C02KC01 pargyline
C02KD C02KD Serotonin Antagonists
C02KD01 C02KD01 ketanserin
C02KX C02KX Antihypertensives for pulmonary arterial hypertension
C02KX01 C02KX01 Bosentan
C02KX02 C02KX02 Ambrisentan
C02KX03 C02KX03 Sitaxentan
C02KX04 C02KX04 Macitentan
C02KX05 C02KX05 Riociguat
C02KX52 C02KX52 ambrisentan and tadalafil
C02L C02L Antihypertensives and diuretics in combination
C02LA C02LA Rauwolfia alkaloids and diuretics in combination
C02LA01 C02LA01 reserpine and diuretics
C02LA02 C02LA02 rescinnamine and diuretics
C02LA03 C02LA03 deserpidine and diuretics
C02LA04 C02LA04 methoserpidine and diuretics
C02LA07 C02LA07 bietaserpine and diuretics
C02LA08 C02LA08 rauwolfia alkaloids, whole root and diuretics
C02LA09 C02LA09 syrosingopine and diuretics
C02LA50 C02LA50 combination of rauwolfia alkaloids and diuretics incl. other combinations
C02LA51 C02LA51 reserpine and diuretics, combinations with other drugs
C02LA52 C02LA52 rescinnamine and diuretics, combinations with other drugs
C02LA71 C02LA71 reserpine and diuretics, combinations with psycholeptics
C02LB C02LB Methyldopa and diuretics in combination
C02LB01 C02LB01 methyldopa (levorotatory) and diuretics
C02LC C02LC Imidazoline Receptor Agonists In Combination With Diuretics
C02LC01 C02LC01 clonidine and diuretics
C02LC05 C02LC05 moxonidine and diuretics
C02LC51 C02LC51 clonidine and diuretics, combinations with other drugs
C02LE C02LE Alpha-Adrenoreceptor Antagonists And Diuretics
C02LE01 C02LE01 prazosin and diuretics
C02LF C02LF Guanidine Derivatives And Diuretics
C02LF01 C02LF01 guanethidine and diuretics
C02LG C02LG Hydrazinophthalazine Derivatives And Diuretics
C02LG01 C02LG01 dihydralazine and diuretics
C02LG02 C02LG02 hydralazine and diuretics
C02LG03 C02LG03 picodralazine and diuretics
C02LG51 C02LG51 dihydralazine and diuretics, combinations with other drugs
C02LG73 C02LG73 picodralazine and diuretics, combinations with psycholeptics
C02LK C02LK Alkaloids, Excl. Rauwolfia, In Combination With Diuretics
C02LK01 C02LK01 veratrum and diuretics
C02LL C02LL Mao Inhibitors And Diuretics
C02LL01 C02LL01 pargyline and diuretics
C02LN C02LN Serotonin antagonists and diuretics
C02LX C02LX Other Antihypertensives And Diuretics
C02LX01 C02LX01 pinacidil and diuretics
C02N C02N Combinations Of Antihypertensives In ATC-Gr. C02
C03 C03 Diuretics
C03A C03A Low-ceiling diuretics, thiazides
C03AA C03AA Thiazides, plain
C03AA01 C03AA01 bendroflumethiazide
C03AA02 C03AA02 hydroflumethiazide
C03AA03 C03AA03 hydrochlorothiazide
C03AA04 C03AA04 chlorothiazide
C03AA05 C03AA05 polythiazide
C03AA06 C03AA06 Trichlormethiazide
C03AA07 C03AA07 Cyclopenthiazide
C03AA08 C03AA08 methyclothiazide
C03AA09 C03AA09 cyclothiazide
C03AA13 C03AA13 mebutizide
C03AB C03AB Thiazides And Potassium In Combination
C03AB01 C03AB01 bendroflumethiazide and potassium
C03AB02 C03AB02 hydroflumethiazide and potassium
C03AB03 C03AB03 hydrochlorothiazide and potassium
C03AB04 C03AB04 chlorothiazide and potassium
C03AB05 C03AB05 polythiazide and potassium
C03AB06 C03AB06 Trichlormethiazide and potassium
C03AB07 C03AB07 cyclopenthiazide and potassium
C03AB08 C03AB08 methyclothiazide and potassium
C03AB09 C03AB09 cyclothiazide and potassium
C03AH C03AH Thiazides, Combinations With Psycholeptics And/Or Analgesics
C03AH01 C03AH01 chlorothiazide, combinations
C03AH02 C03AH02 hydroflumethiazide, combinations
C03AX C03AX Thiazides, Combinations With Other Drugs
C03AX01 C03AX01 hydrochlorothiazide, combinations
C03B C03B Low-ceiling diuretics, excluding thiazides
C03BA C03BA Sulfonamides, plain
C03BA02 C03BA02 quinethazone
C03BA03 C03BA03 clopamide
C03BA04 C03BA04 chlortalidone
C03BA05 C03BA05 mefruside
C03BA07 C03BA07 clofenamide
C03BA08 C03BA08 metolazone
C03BA09 C03BA09 meticrane
C03BA10 C03BA10 xipamide
C03BA11 C03BA11 indapamide
C03BA12 C03BA12 clorexolone
C03BA13 C03BA13 fenquizone
C03BA82 C03BA82 clorexolone, combinations with psycholeptics
C03BB C03BB Sulfonamides And Potassium In Combination
C03BB02 C03BB02 quinethazone and potassium
C03BB03 C03BB03 clopamide and potassium
C03BB04 C03BB04 chlortalidone and potassium
C03BB05 C03BB05 mefruside and potassium
C03BB07 C03BB07 clofenamide and potassium
C03BC C03BC Mercurial Diuretics
C03BC01 C03BC01 mersalyl
C03BD C03BD Xanthine Derivatives
C03BD01 C03BD01 Theobromine
C03BK C03BK Sulfonamides, Combinations With Other Drugs
C03BX C03BX Other Low-Ceiling Diuretics
C03BX03 C03BX03 Cicletanine
C03C C03C Loop diuretics
C03CA C03CA Sulfonamides, plain
C03CA01 C03CA01 Furosemide
C03CA02 C03CA02 Bumetanide
C03CA03 C03CA03 Piretanide
C03CA04 C03CA04 Torasemide
C03CB C03CB Sulfonamides and potassium in combination
C03CB01 C03CB01 Furosemide and potassium
C03CB02 C03CB02 Bumetanide and potassium
C03CC C03CC Aryloxyacetic acid derivatives
C03CC01 C03CC01 Etacrynic acid
C03CC02 C03CC02 Tienilic acid
C03CD C03CD Pyrazolone Derivatives
C03CD01 C03CD01 Muzolimine
C03CX C03CX Other High-Ceiling Diuretics
C03CX01 C03CX01 Etozolin
C03D C03D Potassium sparing diuretics
C03DA C03DA Aldosterone antagonists
C03DA01 C03DA01 Spironolactone
C03DA02 C03DA02 Potassium canrenoate
C03DA03 C03DA03 Canrenone
C03DA04 C03DA04 eplerenone
C03DB C03DB Other Potassium-Sparing Agents
C03DB01 C03DB01 Amiloride
C03DB02 C03DB02 Triamterene
C03E C03E Diuretics and potassium-sparing agents in combination
C03EA C03EA Low-ceiling diuretics and potassium-sparing agents in combination
C03EA01 C03EA01 Hydrochlorothiazide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA02 C03EA02 Trichlormethiazide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA03 C03EA03 Epitizide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA04 C03EA04 Altizide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA05 C03EA05 Mebutizide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA06 C03EA06 Chlortalidone and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA07 C03EA07 Cyclopenthiazide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA12 C03EA12 Metolazone and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA13 C03EA13 bendroflumethiazide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EA14 C03EA14 butizide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EB C03EB High-Ceiling Diuretics And Potassium-Sparing Agents
C03EB01 C03EB01 furosemide and potassium-sparing agents
C03EB02 C03EB02 bumetanide and potassium-sparing agents
C03X C03X Other Diuretics
C03XA C03XA Vasopressin Antagonists
C03XA01 C03XA01 Tolvaptan
C03XA02 C03XA02 Conivaptan
C04 C04 Peripheral vasodilators
C04A C04A Peripheral vasodilators
C04AA C04AA 2-amino-1-phenylethanol derivatives
C04AA01 C04AA01 Isoxsuprine
C04AA02 C04AA02 Buphenine
C04AA31 C04AA31 Bamethan
C04AB C04AB Imidazoline Derivatives
C04AB01 C04AB01 Phentolamine
C04AB02 C04AB02 Tolazoline
C04AC C04AC Nicotinic acid and derivatives
C04AC01 C04AC01 nicotinic acid
C04AC02 C04AC02 Nicotinyl Alcohol (Pyridylcarbinol)
C04AC03 C04AC03 Inositol nicotinate
C04AC07 C04AC07 Ciclonicate
C04AD C04AD Purine derivatives
C04AD01 C04AD01 Pentifylline
C04AD02 C04AD02 Xantinol nicotinate
C04AD03 C04AD03 Pentoxifylline
C04AD04 C04AD04 Etofylline nicotinate
C04AE C04AE Ergot alkaloids
C04AE01 C04AE01 Ergoloid mesylates
C04AE02 C04AE02 Nicergoline
C04AE04 C04AE04 Dihydroergocristine
C04AE51 C04AE51 Ergoloid mesylates, combinations
C04AE54 C04AE54 Dihydroergocristine, combinations
C04AF C04AF Enzymes
C04AF01 C04AF01 Kallidinogenase
C04AX C04AX Other peripheral vasodilators
C04AX01 C04AX01 Cyclandelate
C04AX02 C04AX02 Phenoxybenzamine
C04AX07 C04AX07 Vincamine
C04AX10 C04AX10 Moxisylyte
C04AX11 C04AX11 Bencyclane
C04AX17 C04AX17 Vinburnine
C04AX19 C04AX19 Suloctidil
C04AX20 C04AX20 Buflomedil
C04AX21 C04AX21 Naftidrofuryl
C04AX23 C04AX23 Butalamine
C04AX24 C04AX24 Visnadine
C04AX26 C04AX26 Cetiedil
C04AX27 C04AX27 Cinepazide
C04AX28 C04AX28 Ifenprodil
C04AX30 C04AX30 Azapetine
C04AX32 C04AX32 Fasudil
C05 C05 Vasoprotectives
C05A C05A Topical Agents for treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures
C05AA C05AA Corticosteroids
C05AA01 C05AA01 hydrocortisone
C05AA04 C05AA04 prednisolone
C05AA05 C05AA05 betamethasone
C05AA06 C05AA06 fluorometholone
C05AA08 C05AA08 fluocortolone
C05AA09 C05AA09 Dexamethasone
C05AA10 C05AA10 fluocinolone acetonide
C05AA11 C05AA11 fluocinonide
C05AA12 C05AA12 triamcinolone
C05AB C05AB Antibiotics
C05AD C05AD Local anesthetics
C05AD01 C05AD01 Lidocaine
C05AD02 C05AD02 tetracaine
C05AD03 C05AD03 benzocaine
C05AD04 C05AD04 cinchocaine
C05AD05 C05AD05 procaine
C05AD06 C05AD06 oxetacaine
C05AD07 C05AD07 pramocaine
C05AE C05AE Muscle relaxants
C05AE01 C05AE01 glyceryl trinitrate
C05AE02 C05AE02 isosorbide dinitrate
C05AE03 C05AE03 diltiazem
C05AX C05AX Other agents for treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures for topical use
C05AX01 C05AX01 aluminium preparations
C05AX02 C05AX02 bismuth preparations, combinations
C05AX03 C05AX03 other preparations, combinations
C05AX04 C05AX04 zinc preparations
C05AX05 C05AX05 tribenoside
C05B C05B Antivaricose therapy
C05BA C05BA Heparins or heparinoids for topical use
C05BA01 C05BA01 organo-heparinoid
C05BA02 C05BA02 sodium apolate
C05BA03 C05BA03 heparin
C05BA04 C05BA04 pentosan polysulfate sodium
C05BA51 C05BA51 heparinoid, combinations
C05BA53 C05BA53 heparin, combinations
C05BB C05BB Sclerosing agents for local injection
C05BB01 C05BB01 monoethanolamine oleate
C05BB02 C05BB02 Polidocanol
C05BB03 C05BB03 invert sugar
C05BB04 C05BB04 sodium tetradecyl sulfate
C05BB05 C05BB05 phenol
C05BB56 C05BB56 glucose, combinations
C05BX C05BX Other sclerosing agents
C05BX01 C05BX01 Calcium dobesilate
C05BX51 C05BX51 calcium dobesilate, combinations
C05C C05C Capillary stabilising agents
C05CA C05CA Bioflavonoids
C05CA01 C05CA01 Rutoside
C05CA02 C05CA02 monoxerutin
C05CA03 C05CA03 Diosmin
C05CA04 C05CA04 troxerutin
C05CA05 C05CA05 Hidrosmine
C05CA51 C05CA51 rutoside, combinations
C05CA53 C05CA53 diosmin, combinations
C05CA54 C05CA54 troxerutin, combinations
C05CX C05CX Other capillary stabilising agents
C05CX01 C05CX01 tribenoside
C05CX02 C05CX02 naftazone
C05CX03 C05CX03 Hippocastani semen
C07 C07 Beta blocking agents
C07A C07A Beta blocking agents
C07AA C07AA Beta blocking agents, non-selective
C07AA01 C07AA01 Alprenolol
C07AA02 C07AA02 Oxprenolol
C07AA03 C07AA03 Pindolol
C07AA05 C07AA05 Propranolol
C07AA06 C07AA06 Timolol
C07AA07 C07AA07 Sotalol
C07AA12 C07AA12 Nadolol
C07AA14 C07AA14 Mepindolol
C07AA15 C07AA15 Carteolol
C07AA16 C07AA16 Tertatolol
C07AA17 C07AA17 Bopindolol
C07AA19 C07AA19 Bupranolol
C07AA23 C07AA23 Penbutolol
C07AA27 C07AA27 Cloranolol
C07AB C07AB Beta blocking agents, selective
C07AB01 C07AB01 Practolol
C07AB02 C07AB02 Metoprolol
C07AB03 C07AB03 Atenolol
C07AB04 C07AB04 Acebutolol
C07AB05 C07AB05 Betaxolol
C07AB06 C07AB06 Bevantolol
C07AB07 C07AB07 Bisoprolol
C07AB08 C07AB08 Celiprolol
C07AB09 C07AB09 Esmolol
C07AB10 C07AB10 Epanolol
C07AB11 C07AB11 S-Atenolol
C07AB12 C07AB12 Nebivolol
C07AB13 C07AB13 Talinolol
C07AB14 C07AB14 Landiolol
C07AG C07AG Alpha and beta blocking agents
C07AG01 C07AG01 Labetalol
C07AG02 C07AG02 Carvedilol
C07B C07B Beta blocking agents and thiazides
C07BA C07BA Beta Blocking Agents, Non-Selective, And Thiazides
C07BA02 C07BA02 Oxprenolol And Thiazides
C07BA05 C07BA05 Propranolol And Thiazides
C07BA06 C07BA06 Timolol And Thiazides
C07BA07 C07BA07 Sotalol And Thiazides
C07BA12 C07BA12 Nadolol And Thiazides
C07BA68 C07BA68 Metipranolol And Thiazides, Combinations
C07BB C07BB Beta blocking agents, selective, and thiazides
C07BB02 C07BB02 Metoprolol and thiazides
C07BB03 C07BB03 Atenolol and thiazides
C07BB04 C07BB04 Acebutolol and thiazides
C07BB06 C07BB06 Bevantolol and thiazides
C07BB07 C07BB07 Bisoprolol and thiazides
C07BB12 C07BB12 Nebivolol and thiazides
C07BB52 C07BB52 Metoprolol and thiazides, combinations
C07BG C07BG Alpha And Beta Blocking Agents And Thiazides
C07BG01 C07BG01 Labetalol And Thiazides
C07C C07C Beta blocking agents and other diuretics
C07CA C07CA Beta blocking agents, non-selective, and other diuretics
C07CA02 C07CA02 Oxprenolol And Other Diuretics
C07CA03 C07CA03 Pindolol And Other Diuretics
C07CA17 C07CA17 Bopindolol And Other Diuretics
C07CA23 C07CA23 Penbutolol And Other Diuretics
C07CB C07CB Beta blocking agents, selective, and other diuretics
C07CB02 C07CB02 metoprolol and other diuretics
C07CB03 C07CB03 atenolol and other diuretics
C07CB53 C07CB53 atenolol and other diuretics, combinations
C07CG C07CG Alpha And Beta Blocking Agents And Other Diuretics
C07CG01 C07CG01 labetalol and other diuretics
C07D C07D Beta blocking agents, thiazides and other diuretics
C07DA C07DA Beta blocking agents, non-selective, thiazides and other diuretics
C07DA06 C07DA06 timolol, thiazides and other diuretics
C07DB C07DB Beta Blocking Agents, Selective, Thiazides And Other Diuretics
C07DB01 C07DB01 atenolol, thiazides and other diuretics
C07E C07E Beta Blocking Agents And Vasodilators
C07EA C07EA Beta Blocking Agents, Non-Selective, And Vasodilators
C07EB C07EB Beta Blocking Agents, Selective, And Vasodilators
C07F C07F Beta blocking agents and other antihypertensives
C07FB C07FB Beta blocking agents and calcium channel blockers
C07FB02 C07FB02 metoprolol and felodipine
C07FB03 C07FB03 atenolol and nifedipine
C07FB07 C07FB07 bisoprolol and amlodipine
C07FB12 C07FB12 nevibolol and amlodipine
C07FB13 C07FB13 metoprolol and amlodipine
C07FX C07FX Beta Blocking Agents, Other Combinations
C07FX01 C07FX01 propranolol and other combinations
C07FX02 C07FX02 sotalol and acetylsalicylic acid
C07FX03 C07FX03 metoprolol and acetylsalicylic acid
C07FX04 C07FX04 bisoprolol and acetylsalicylic acid
C07FX05 C07FX05 metoprolol and ivabradine
C07FX06 C07FX06 carvedilol and ivabradine
C08 C08 Calcium channel blockers
C08C C08C Selective calcium channel blockers with mainly vascular effects
C08CA C08CA Dihydropyridine derivatives
C08CA01 C08CA01 amlodipine
C08CA02 C08CA02 felodipine
C08CA03 C08CA03 isradipine
C08CA04 C08CA04 Nicardipine
C08CA05 C08CA05 Nifedipine
C08CA06 C08CA06 Nimodipine
C08CA07 C08CA07 Nisoldipine
C08CA08 C08CA08 nitrendipine
C08CA09 C08CA09 lacidipine
C08CA10 C08CA10 nilvadipine
C08CA11 C08CA11 manidipine
C08CA12 C08CA12 barnidipine
C08CA13 C08CA13 lercanidipine
C08CA14 C08CA14 cilnidipine
C08CA15 C08CA15 benidipine
C08CA16 C08CA16 clevidipine
C08CA51 C08CA51 Amlodipine And Celecoxib
C08CA55 C08CA55 nifedipine, combinations
C08CX C08CX Other Selective Calcium Channel Blockers With Mainly Vascular Effects
C08CX01 C08CX01 mibefradil
C08D C08D Selective calcium channel blockers with direct cardiac effects
C08DA C08DA Phenylalkylamines derivatives
C08DA01 C08DA01 verapamil
C08DA02 C08DA02 gallopamil
C08DA51 C08DA51 verapamil, combinations
C08DB C08DB Benzothiazepines derivatives
C08DB01 C08DB01 Diltiazem
C08E C08E Non-Selective Calcium Channel Blockers
C08EA C08EA Phenylalkylamine Derivatives
C08EA01 C08EA01 Fendiline
C08EA02 C08EA02 Bepridil
C08EX C08EX Other non-selective calcium channel blockers
C08EX01 C08EX01 Lidoflazine
C08EX02 C08EX02 Perhexiline
C08G C08G Calcium channel blockers and diuretics
C08GA C08GA Calcium channel blockers and diuretics
C08GA01 C08GA01 Nifedipine and diuretics
C08GA02 C08GA02 Amlodipine and diuretics
C09 C09 Agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system
C09A C09A ACE inhibitors, plain
C09AA C09AA ACE inhibitors, plain
C09AA01 C09AA01 Captopril
C09AA02 C09AA02 Enalapril
C09AA03 C09AA03 Lisinopril
C09AA04 C09AA04 Perindopril
C09AA05 C09AA05 Ramipril
C09AA06 C09AA06 Quinapril
C09AA07 C09AA07 Benazepril
C09AA08 C09AA08 Cilazapril
C09AA09 C09AA09 Fosinopril
C09AA10 C09AA10 Trandolapril
C09AA11 C09AA11 spirapril
C09AA12 C09AA12 delapril
C09AA13 C09AA13 moexipril
C09AA14 C09AA14 temocapril
C09AA15 C09AA15 zofenopril
C09AA16 C09AA16 imidapril
C09B C09B ACE inhibitors, combinations
C09BA C09BA ACE inhibitors and diuretics
C09BA01 C09BA01 captopril and diuretics
C09BA02 C09BA02 enalapril and diuretics
C09BA03 C09BA03 lisinopril and diuretics
C09BA04 C09BA04 Perindopril and diuretics
C09BA05 C09BA05 Ramipril and diuretics
C09BA06 C09BA06 Quinapril and diuretics
C09BA07 C09BA07 Benazepril and diuretics
C09BA08 C09BA08 Cilazapril and diuretics
C09BA09 C09BA09 Fosinopril and diuretics
C09BA12 C09BA12 Delapril and diuretics
C09BA13 C09BA13 Moexipril and diuretics
C09BA15 C09BA15 Zofenopril and diuretics
C09BB C09BB ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers
C09BB02 C09BB02 Enalapril and lercanidipine
C09BB03 C09BB03 Lisinopril and amlodipine
C09BB04 C09BB04 Perindopril and amlodipine
C09BB05 C09BB05 Ramipril and felodipine
C09BB06 C09BB06 Enalapril and nitrendipine
C09BB07 C09BB07 Ramipril and amlodipine
C09BB10 C09BB10 Trandolapril et verapamil
C09BB12 C09BB12 Delapril et manidipine
C09BX C09BX ACE inhibitors, other combinations
C09BX01 C09BX01 Perindopril, amlodipine et indapamide
C09BX02 C09BX02 Perindopril et bisoprolol
C09BX03 C09BX03 Ramipril, Amlodipine And Hydrochlorothiazide
C09BX04 C09BX04 Perindopril, Bisoprolol And Amlodipine
C09C C09C Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), plain
C09CA C09CA Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), plain
C09CA01 C09CA01 Losartan
C09CA02 C09CA02 Eprosartan
C09CA03 C09CA03 valsartan
C09CA04 C09CA04 Irbesartan
C09CA05 C09CA05 Tasosartan
C09CA06 C09CA06 Candesartan
C09CA07 C09CA07 Telmisartan
C09CA08 C09CA08 Olmesartan medoxomil
C09CA09 C09CA09 Azilsartan medoxomil
C09CA10 C09CA10 Fimasartan
C09D C09D Angiotensin II receptor blockers, combinations
C09DA C09DA Angiotensin II receptor blockers and diuretics
C09DA01 C09DA01 Losartan et diuretics
C09DA02 C09DA02 Eprosartan and diuretics
C09DA03 C09DA03 Valsartan and diuretics
C09DA04 C09DA04 Irbesartan and diuretics
C09DA06 C09DA06 Candesartan and diuretics
C09DA07 C09DA07 Telmisartan and diuretics
C09DA08 C09DA08 Olmesartan medoxomil and diuretics
C09DA09 C09DA09 Azilsartan medoxomil and diuretics
C09DA10 C09DA10 Fimasartan And Diuretics
C09DB C09DB Angiotensin II receptor blockers and calcium channel blockers
C09DB01 C09DB01 Valsartan and amlodipine
C09DB02 C09DB02 Olmesartan medoxomil and amlodipine
C09DB04 C09DB04 Telmisartan and amlodipine
C09DB05 C09DB05 Irbesartan and amlodipine
C09DB06 C09DB06 Losartan and amlodipine
C09DB07 C09DB07 Candesartan and amlodipine
C09DB08 C09DB08 Valsartan and lercanidipine
C09DB09 C09DB09 Fimasartan And Amlodipine
C09DX C09DX Angiotensin II receptor blockers, other combinations
C09DX01 C09DX01 Valsartan, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide
C09DX02 C09DX02 Valsartan and aliskiren
C09DX03 C09DX03 Olmesartan medoxomil, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide
C09DX04 C09DX04 Valsartan and sacubitril
C09DX05 C09DX05 valsartan and nebivolol
C09DX06 C09DX06 Candesartan, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide
C09DX07 C09DX07 Irbesartan, Amlodipine And Hydrochlorothiazide
C09X C09X Other agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system
C09XA C09XA Renin-inhibitors
C09XA01 C09XA01 Remikiren
C09XA02 C09XA02 Aliskiren
C09XA52 C09XA52 Aliskiren and hydrochlorothiazide
C09XA53 C09XA53 Aliskiren and amlodipine
C09XA54 C09XA54 Aliskiren, amlodipine and hydrochlorothiazide
C10 C10 Lipid modifying agents
C10A C10A Lipid modifying agents, plain
C10AA C10AA HMG CoA reductase inhibitors
C10AA01 C10AA01 Simvastatin
C10AA02 C10AA02 Lovastatin
C10AA03 C10AA03 Pravastatin
C10AA04 C10AA04 Fluvastatin
C10AA05 C10AA05 Atorvastatin
C10AA06 C10AA06 Cerivastatin
C10AA07 C10AA07 Rosuvastatin
C10AA08 C10AA08 Pitavastatin
C10AB C10AB Fibrates
C10AB01 C10AB01 Clofibrate
C10AB02 C10AB02 Bezafibrate
C10AB03 C10AB03 Aluminium clofibrate
C10AB04 C10AB04 Gemfibrozil
C10AB05 C10AB05 Fenofibrate
C10AB06 C10AB06 Simfibrate
C10AB07 C10AB07 Ronifibrate
C10AB08 C10AB08 Ciprofibrate
C10AB09 C10AB09 Etofibrate
C10AB10 C10AB10 Clofibride
C10AB11 C10AB11 Choline fenofibrate
C10AC C10AC Bile acid sequestrants
C10AC01 C10AC01 colestyramine
C10AC02 C10AC02 colestipol
C10AC03 C10AC03 colextran
C10AC04 C10AC04 colesevelam
C10AD C10AD Nicotinic acid and derivatives
C10AD01 C10AD01 niceritrol
C10AD02 C10AD02 nicotinic acid
C10AD03 C10AD03 nicofuranose
C10AD04 C10AD04 aluminium nicotinate
C10AD05 C10AD05 nicotinyl alcohol (pyridylcarbinol)
C10AD06 C10AD06 acipimox
C10AD52 C10AD52 nicotinic acid, combinations
C10AX C10AX Other lipid modifying agents
C10AX01 C10AX01 dextrothyroxine
C10AX02 C10AX02 probucol
C10AX03 C10AX03 tiadenol
C10AX05 C10AX05 meglutol
C10AX06 C10AX06 omega-3-triglycerides incl. other esters and acids
C10AX07 C10AX07 magnesium pyridoxal 5-phosphate glutamate
C10AX08 C10AX08 policosanol
C10AX09 C10AX09 Ezetimibe
C10AX10 C10AX10 alipogene tiparvovec
C10AX11 C10AX11 mipomersen
C10AX12 C10AX12 lomitapide
C10AX13 C10AX13 Evolocumab
C10AX14 C10AX14 alirocumab
C10AX15 C10AX15 Bempedoic Acid
C10B C10B Lipid modifying agents, combinations
C10BA C10BA HMG CoA reductase inhibitors in combination with other lipid modifying agents
C10BA01 C10BA01 lovastatin and nicotinic acid
C10BA02 C10BA02 simvastatin and ezetimibe
C10BA03 C10BA03 pravastatin and fenofibrate
C10BA04 C10BA04 Simvastatin and Fenofibrate
C10BA05 C10BA05 atorvastatin and ezetimibe
C10BA06 C10BA06 rosuvastatin and ezetimibe
C10BA07 C10BA07 Rosuvastatin And Omega-3 Fatty Acids
C10BA08 C10BA08 Atorvastatin And Omega-3 Fatty Acids
C10BA09 C10BA09 Rosuvastatin And Fenofibrate
C10BX C10BX HMG CoA reductase inhibitors, other combinations
C10BX01 C10BX01 simvastatin and acetylsalicylic acid
C10BX02 C10BX02 pravastatin and acetylsalicylic acid
C10BX03 C10BX03 atorvastatin and amlodipine
C10BX04 C10BX04 simvastatin, acetylsalicylic acid and ramipril
C10BX05 C10BX05 rosuvastatin and acetylsalicylic acid
C10BX06 C10BX06 atorvastatin, acetylsalicylic acid and ramipril
C10BX07 C10BX07 rosuvastatin, amlodipine and lisinopril
C10BX08 C10BX08 atorvastatin and acetylsalicylic acid
C10BX09 C10BX09 rosuvastatin and amlodipine
C10BX10 C10BX10 rosuvastatin and valsartan
C10BX11 C10BX11 atorvastatin, amlodipine and perindopril
C10BX12 C10BX12 atorvastatin, acetylsalicylic acid and perindopril
C10BX13 C10BX13 Rosuvastatin, Perindopril And Indapamide
C10BX14 C10BX14 Rosuvastatin, Amlodipine And Perindopril
C10BX15 C10BX15 Atorvastatin And Perindopril
C10BX16 C10BX16 Rosuvastatin And Fimasartan
C10BX17 C10BX17 Rosuvastatin And Ramipril
D D Dermatologicals
D01 D01 Antifungals for dermatological use
D01A D01A Antifungals for topical use
D01AA D01AA Antibiotics
D01AA01 D01AA01 nystatin
D01AA02 D01AA02 natamycin
D01AA03 D01AA03 hachimycin
D01AA04 D01AA04 pecilocin
D01AA06 D01AA06 mepartricin
D01AA07 D01AA07 pyrrolnitrin
D01AA08 D01AA08 griseofulvin
D01AA20 D01AA20 combinations
D01AC D01AC Imidazole and triazole derivatives
D01AC01 D01AC01 clotrimazole
D01AC02 D01AC02 miconazole
D01AC03 D01AC03 econazole
D01AC04 D01AC04 chlormidazole
D01AC05 D01AC05 isoconazole
D01AC06 D01AC06 tiabendazole
D01AC07 D01AC07 tioconazole
D01AC08 D01AC08 ketoconazole
D01AC09 D01AC09 sulconazole
D01AC10 D01AC10 bifonazole
D01AC11 D01AC11 oxiconazole
D01AC12 D01AC12 fenticonazole
D01AC13 D01AC13 omoconazole
D01AC14 D01AC14 sertaconazole
D01AC15 D01AC15 fluconazole
D01AC16 D01AC16 flutrimazole
D01AC17 D01AC17 eberconazole
D01AC18 D01AC18 luliconazole
D01AC19 D01AC19 efinaconazole
D01AC20 D01AC20 imidazoles/triazoles in combination with corticosteroids
D01AC52 D01AC52 miconazole, combinations
D01AC60 D01AC60 bifonazole, combinations
D01AE D01AE Other antifungals for topical use
D01AE01 D01AE01 bromochlorosalicylanilide
D01AE02 D01AE02 methylrosaniline
D01AE03 D01AE03 tribromometacresol
D01AE04 D01AE04 undecylenic acid
D01AE05 D01AE05 polynoxylin
D01AE06 D01AE06 2-(4-chlorphenoxy)-ethanol
D01AE07 D01AE07 chlorphenesin
D01AE08 D01AE08 ticlatone
D01AE09 D01AE09 sulbentine
D01AE10 D01AE10 ethyl hydroxybenzoate
D01AE11 D01AE11 haloprogin
D01AE12 D01AE12 salicylic acid
D01AE13 D01AE13 selenium sulfide
D01AE14 D01AE14 ciclopirox
D01AE15 D01AE15 terbinafine
D01AE16 D01AE16 amorolfine
D01AE17 D01AE17 dimazole
D01AE18 D01AE18 Tolnaftate
D01AE19 D01AE19 tolciclate
D01AE20 D01AE20 combinations
D01AE21 D01AE21 flucytosine
D01AE22 D01AE22 naftifine
D01AE23 D01AE23 butenafine
D01AE24 D01AE24 Tavaborole
D01AE54 D01AE54 undecylenic acid, combinations
D01B D01B Antifungals for systemic use
D01BA D01BA Antifungals for systemic use
D01BA01 D01BA01 griseofulvin
D01BA02 D01BA02 terbinafine
D02 D02 Emollients and protectives
D02A D02A Emollients and protectives
D02AA D02AA Silicone Products
D02AB D02AB Zinc products
D02AC D02AC Soft paraffin and fat products
D02AD D02AD Liquid Plasters
D02AE D02AE Carbamide Products
D02AE01 D02AE01 Carbamide
D02AE51 D02AE51 Carbamide, combinations
D02AF D02AF Salicylic acid preparations
D02AX D02AX Other emollients and protectives
D02B D02B Protective against UV-Radiation
D02BA D02BA Protectives against UV-radiation for topical use
D02BA01 D02BA01 aminobenzoic acid
D02BA02 D02BA02 octinoxate
D02BB D02BB Protectives against UV-radiation for systemic use
D02BB01 D02BB01 betacarotene
D02BB02 D02BB02 afamelanotide
D03 D03 Preparations for treatment of wounds and ulcers
D03A D03A Cicatrizants
D03AA D03AA Cod-liver oil ointments
D03AX D03AX Other cicatrizants
D03AX01 D03AX01 cadexomer iodine
D03AX02 D03AX02 dextranomer
D03AX03 D03AX03 dexpanthenol
D03AX04 D03AX04 calcium pantothenate
D03AX05 D03AX05 hyaluronic acid
D03AX06 D03AX06 becaplermin
D03AX09 D03AX09 crilanomer
D03AX10 D03AX10 enoxolone
D03AX11 D03AX11 sodium chlorite
D03AX12 D03AX12 trolamine
D03AX13 D03AX13 Betulae cortex
D03AX14 D03AX14 Centella Asiatica Herba
D03AX90 D03AX90 Ketanserine
D03AX99 D03AX99 Other cicatrizants
D03B D03B Enzymes
D03BA D03BA Proteolytic Enzymes
D03BA D03BA01 trypsin
D03BA01 D03BA02 collagenase
D03BA02 D03BA03 bromelains
D03BA03 D03BA52 collagenase, combinations
D03BA52 D03BA52 Collagenase, Combinations
D04 D04 Antipruritics, including antihistamines, anesthetics, etc.
D04A D04A Antipruritics, including antihistamines, anesthetics, etc.
D04AA D04AA Antihistamines for topical use
D04AA01 D04AA01 thonzylamine
D04AA02 D04AA02 mepyramine
D04AA03 D04AA03 thenalidine
D04AA04 D04AA04 tripelennamine
D04AA09 D04AA09 chloropyramine
D04AA10 D04AA10 promethazine
D04AA12 D04AA12 tolpropamine
D04AA13 D04AA13 dimetindene
D04AA14 D04AA14 Clemastine
D04AA15 D04AA15 bamipine
D04AA16 D04AA16 pheniramine
D04AA22 D04AA22 isothipendyl
D04AA32 D04AA32 diphenhydramine
D04AA33 D04AA33 diphenhydramine methylbromide
D04AA34 D04AA34 chlorphenoxamine
D04AB D04AB Anesthetics for topical use
D04AB01 D04AB01 lidocaine
D04AB02 D04AB02 cinchocaine
D04AB03 D04AB03 oxybuprocaine
D04AB04 D04AB04 benzocaine
D04AB05 D04AB05 quinisocaine
D04AB06 D04AB06 tetracaine
D04AB07 D04AB07 pramocaine
D04AX D04AX Other antipruritics
D04AX01 D04AX01 doxepin
D05 D05 Antipsoriatics
D05A D05A Antipsoriatics for topical use
D05AA D05AA Tars
D05AC D05AC Antracen Derivatives
D05AC01 D05AC01 dithranol
D05AC51 D05AC51 dithranol, combinations
D05AD D05AD Psoralens for topical use
D05AD01 D05AD01 trioxysalen
D05AD02 D05AD02 methoxsalen
D05AX D05AX Other antipsoriatics for topical use
D05AX01 D05AX01 fumaric acid
D05AX02 D05AX02 calcipotriol
D05AX03 D05AX03 calcitriol
D05AX04 D05AX04 tacalcitol
D05AX05 D05AX05 tazarotene
D05AX52 D05AX52 calcipotriol, combinations
D05BA D05BA Psoralens for systemic use
D05BA01 D05BA01 trioxysalen
D05BA02 D05BA02 methoxsalen
D05BA03 D05BA03 Bergapten
D05BB D05BB Retinoids for treatment of psoriasis
D05BB01 D05BB01 etretinate
D05BB02 D05BB02 acitretin
D05BX D05BX Other antipsoriatics for systemic use
D05BX51 D05BX51 fumaric acid derivatives, combinations
D06 D06 Antibiotics and chemotherapeutics for dermatological use
D06A D06A Antibiotics for topical use
D06AA D06AA Tetracycline and derivatives
D06AA01 D06AA01 demeclocycline
D06AA02 D06AA02 chlortetracycline
D06AA03 D06AA03 oxytetracycline
D06AA04 D06AA04 tetracycline
D06AX D06AX Other antibiotics for topical use
D06AX01 D06AX01 fusidic acid
D06AX02 D06AX02 chloramphenicol
D06AX04 D06AX04 neomycin
D06AX05 D06AX05 bacitracin
D06AX07 D06AX07 gentamicin
D06AX08 D06AX08 tyrothricin
D06AX09 D06AX09 mupirocin
D06AX10 D06AX10 virginiamycin
D06AX11 D06AX11 rifaximin
D06AX12 D06AX12 amikacin
D06AX13 D06AX13 retapamulin
D06AX14 D06AX14 Ozenoxacin
D06AX15 D06AX15 Rifamycin
D06B D06B Chemotherapeutics for topical use
D06BA D06BA Sulfonamides
D06BA01 D06BA01 silver sulfadiazine
D06BA02 D06BA02 Sulfathiazole
D06BA03 D06BA03 mafenide
D06BA04 D06BA04 sulfamethizole
D06BA05 D06BA05 sulfanilamide
D06BA06 D06BA06 sulfamerazine
D06BA51 D06BA51 silver sulfadiazine, combinations
D06BB D06BB Antivirals
D06BB01 D06BB01 idoxuridine
D06BB02 D06BB02 tromantadine
D06BB03 D06BB03 aciclovir
D06BB04 D06BB04 podophyllotoxin
D06BB05 D06BB05 inosine
D06BB06 D06BB06 penciclovir
D06BB07 D06BB07 lysozyme
D06BB08 D06BB08 ibacitabine
D06BB09 D06BB09 edoxudine
D06BB10 D06BB10 imiquimod
D06BB11 D06BB11 docosanol
D06BB12 D06BB12 sinecatechins
D06BB53 D06BB53 aciclovir, combinations
D06BX D06BX Other chemotherapeutics
D06BX01 D06BX01 métronidazole
D06BX02 D06BX02 ingenol mebutate
D06C D06C Antibiotics And Chemotherapeutics, Combinations
D07 D07 Corticosteroids, dermatological preparations
D07A D07A Corticosteroids, plain
D07AA D07AA Corticosteroids, weak (group I)
D07AA01 D07AA01 methylprednisolone
D07AA02 D07AA02 hydrocortisone
D07AA03 D07AA03 prednisolone
D07AB D07AB Corticosteroids, moderately potent (group II)
D07AB01 D07AB01 clobetasone
D07AB02 D07AB02 hydrocortisone butyrate
D07AB03 D07AB03 flumetasone
D07AB04 D07AB04 fluocortin
D07AB05 D07AB05 fluperolone
D07AB06 D07AB06 fluorometholone
D07AB07 D07AB07 fluprednidene
D07AB08 D07AB08 desonide
D07AB09 D07AB09 triamcinolone
D07AB10 D07AB10 alclometasone
D07AB11 D07AB11 hydrocortisone buteprate
D07AB19 D07AB19 dexamethasone
D07AB21 D07AB21 clocortolone
D07AB30 D07AB30 combinations of corticosteroids
D07AC D07AC Corticosteroids, potent (group III)
D07AC01 D07AC01 betamethasone
D07AC02 D07AC02 fluclorolone
D07AC03 D07AC03 desoximetasone
D07AC04 D07AC04 fluocinolone acetonide
D07AC05 D07AC05 fluocortolone
D07AC06 D07AC06 diflucortolone
D07AC07 D07AC07 fludroxycortide
D07AC08 D07AC08 fluocinonide
D07AC09 D07AC09 budesonide
D07AC10 D07AC10 Diflorasone
D07AC11 D07AC11 amcinonide
D07AC12 D07AC12 halometasone
D07AC13 D07AC13 Mometasone
D07AC14 D07AC14 methylprednisolone aceponate
D07AC15 D07AC15 beclometasone
D07AC16 D07AC16 hydrocortisone aceponate
D07AC17 D07AC17 fluticasone
D07AC18 D07AC18 prednicarbate
D07AC19 D07AC19 difluprednate
D07AC21 D07AC21 ulobetasol
D07AD D07AD Corticosteroids, very potent (group IV)
D07AD01 D07AD01 clobetasol
D07AD02 D07AD02 halcinonide
D07B D07B Corticosteroids, combinations with antiseptics
D07BA D07BA Corticosteroids, weak, combinations with antiseptics
D07BA01 D07BA01 prednisolone and antiseptics
D07BA04 D07BA04 hydrocortisone and antiseptics
D07BB D07BB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, combinations with antiseptics
D07BB01 D07BB01 flumetasone and antiseptics
D07BB02 D07BB02 desonide and antiseptics
D07BB03 D07BB03 triamcinolone and antiseptics
D07BB04 D07BB04 hydrocortisone butyrate and antiseptics
D07BC D07BC Corticosteroids, potent, combinations with antiseptics
D07BC01 D07BC01 betamethasone and antiseptics
D07BC02 D07BC02 fluocinolone acetonide and antiseptics
D07BC03 D07BC03 fluocortolone and antiseptics
D07BC04 D07BC04 diflucortolone and antiseptics
D07BD D07BD Corticosteroids, very potent, combinations with antiseptics
D07C D07C Corticosteroids, combinations with antibiotics
D07CA D07CA Corticosteroids, weak, combinations with antibiotics
D07CA01 D07CA01 hydrocortisone and antibiotics
D07CA02 D07CA02 methylprednisolone and antibiotics
D07CA03 D07CA03 prednisolone and antibiotics
D07CB D07CB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, combinations with antibiotics
D07CB01 D07CB01 triamcinolone and antibiotics
D07CB02 D07CB02 fluprednidene and antibiotics
D07CB03 D07CB03 fluorometholone and antibiotics
D07CB04 D07CB04 dexamethasone and antibiotics
D07CB05 D07CB05 flumetasone and antibiotics
D07CC D07CC Corticosteroids, potent, combinations with antibiotics
D07CC01 D07CC01 betamethasone and antibiotics
D07CC02 D07CC02 fluocinolone acetonide and antibiotics
D07CC03 D07CC03 fludroxycortide and antibiotics
D07CC04 D07CC04 beclometasone and antibiotics
D07CC05 D07CC05 fluocinonide and antibiotics
D07CC06 D07CC06 fluocortolone and antibiotics
D07CD D07CD Corticosteroids, very potent, combinations with antibiotics
D07CD01 D07CD01 clobetasol and antibiotics
D07X D07X Corticosteroids, other combinations
D07XA D07XA Corticosteroids, weak, other combinations
D07XA01 D07XA01 hydrocortisone
D07XA02 D07XA02 prednisolone
D07XB D07XB Corticosteroids, moderately potent, other combinations
D07XB01 D07XB01 flumetasone
D07XB02 D07XB02 triamcinolone
D07XB03 D07XB03 fluprednidene
D07XB04 D07XB04 fluorometholone
D07XB05 D07XB05 dexamethasone
D07XB30 D07XB30 combinations of corticosteroids
D07XC D07XC Corticosteroids, potent, other combinations
D07XC01 D07XC01 betamethasone
D07XC02 D07XC02 desoximetasone
D07XC03 D07XC03 Mometasone
D07XC04 D07XC04 diflucortolone
D07XC05 D07XC05 fluocortolone
D07XD D07XD Corticosteroids, Very Potent, Other Combinations
D08 D08 Antiseptics and disinfectants
D08A D08A Antiseptics and disinfectants
D08AA D08AA Acridine Derivatives
D08AA01 D08AA01 ethacridine lactate
D08AA02 D08AA02 aminoacridine
D08AA03 D08AA03 euflavine
D08AB D08AB Aluminium agents
D08AC D08AC Biguanides and amidines
D08AC01 D08AC01 dibrompropamidine
D08AC02 D08AC02 chlorhexidine
D08AC03 D08AC03 propamidine
D08AC04 D08AC04 hexamidine
D08AC05 D08AC05 polihexanide
D08AC52 D08AC52 chlorhexidine, combinations
D08AD D08AD Boric acid products
D08AE D08AE Phenol and derivatives
D08AE01 D08AE01 hexachlorophene
D08AE02 D08AE02 policresulen
D08AE03 D08AE03 phenol
D08AE04 D08AE04 triclosan
D08AE05 D08AE05 chloroxylenol
D08AE06 D08AE06 biphenylol
D08AF D08AF Nitrofuran derivatives
D08AF01 D08AF01 nitrofural
D08AG D08AG Iodine products
D08AG01 D08AG01 iodine/octylphenoxypolyglycolether
D08AG02 D08AG02 povidone-iodine
D08AG03 D08AG03 iodine
D08AG04 D08AG04 diiodohydroxypropane
D08AH D08AH Quinoline derivatives
D08AH01 D08AH01 dequalinium
D08AH02 D08AH02 chlorquinaldol
D08AH03 D08AH03 oxyquinoline
D08AH30 D08AH30 clioquinol
D08AJ D08AJ Quaternary ammonium compounds
D08AJ01 D08AJ01 benzalkonium
D08AJ02 D08AJ02 cetrimonium
D08AJ03 D08AJ03 cetylpyridinium
D08AJ04 D08AJ04 cetrimide
D08AJ05 D08AJ05 benzoxonium chloride
D08AJ06 D08AJ06 didecyldimethylammonium chloride
D08AJ08 D08AJ08 benzethonium chloride
D08AJ10 D08AJ10 decamethoxine
D08AJ57 D08AJ57 octenidine, combinations
D08AJ58 D08AJ58 benzethonium chloride, combinations
D08AJ59 D08AJ59 dodeclonium bromide, combinations
D08AK D08AK Mercurial products
D08AK01 D08AK01 mercuric amidochloride
D08AK02 D08AK02 phenylmercuric borate
D08AK03 D08AK03 mercuric chloride
D08AK04 D08AK04 merbromin
D08AK05 D08AK05 mercury, metallic
D08AK06 D08AK06 thiomersal
D08AK30 D08AK30 mercuric iodide
D08AL D08AL Silver compounds
D08AL01 D08AL01 silver nitrate
D08AL30 D08AL30 silver
D08AX D08AX Other antiseptics and disinfectants
D08AX01 D08AX01 hydrogen peroxide
D08AX02 D08AX02 eosin
D08AX03 D08AX03 propanol
D08AX04 D08AX04 tosylchloramide sodium
D08AX05 D08AX05 isopropanol
D08AX06 D08AX06 Potassium permanganate
D08AX07 D08AX07 sodium hypochlorite
D08AX08 D08AX08 ethanol
D08AX53 D08AX53 propanol, combinations
D09 D09 Medicated dressings
D09A D09A Medicated dressings
D09AA D09AA Medicated dressings with antiinfectives
D09AA01 D09AA01 framycetin
D09AA02 D09AA02 fusidic acid
D09AA03 D09AA03 nitrofural
D09AA04 D09AA04 phenylmercuric nitrate
D09AA05 D09AA05 benzododecinium
D09AA06 D09AA06 triclosan
D09AA07 D09AA07 cetylpyridinium
D09AA08 D09AA08 aluminium chlorohydrate
D09AA09 D09AA09 povidone-iodine
D09AA10 D09AA10 clioquinol
D09AA11 D09AA11 benzalkonium
D09AA12 D09AA12 chlorhexidine
D09AA13 D09AA13 iodoform
D09AB D09AB Zinc bandages
D09AB01 D09AB01 zinc bandage without supplements
D09AB02 D09AB02 zinc bandage with supplements
D09AX D09AX Soft Paraffin Dressings
D10 D10 Anti-acne preparations
D10A D10A Topical acne therapy
D10AA D10AA Corticosteroids, combinations for treatment of acne
D10AA01 D10AA01 fluorometholone
D10AA02 D10AA02 methylprednisolone
D10AA03 D10AA03 dexamethasone
D10AB D10AB Preparations containing sulfur
D10AB01 D10AB01 bithionol
D10AB02 D10AB02 sulfur
D10AB03 D10AB03 tioxolone
D10AB05 D10AB05 mesulfen
D10AD D10AD Retinoids for topical use in acne
D10AD01 D10AD01 tretinoin
D10AD02 D10AD02 retinol
D10AD03 D10AD03 Adapalene
D10AD04 D10AD04 isotretinoin
D10AD05 D10AD05 motretinide
D10AD06 D10AD06 Trifarotene
D10AD51 D10AD51 tretinoin, combinations
D10AD53 D10AD53 adapalene, combinations
D10AD54 D10AD54 isotretinoin, combinations
D10AE D10AE Peroxides
D10AE01 D10AE01 benzoyl peroxide
D10AE51 D10AE51 benzoyl peroxide, combinations
D10AF D10AF Anti-infectives for treatment of acne
D10AF01 D10AF01 Clindamycin
D10AF02 D10AF02 Erythromycin
D10AF03 D10AF03 Chloramphenicol
D10AF04 D10AF04 Meclocycline
D10AF05 D10AF05 Nadifloxacin
D10AF06 D10AF06 sulfacetamide
D10AF51 D10AF51 Clindamycin, combinations
D10AF52 D10AF52 Erythromycin, combinations
D10AX D10AX Other anti-acne preparations for topical use
D10AX01 D10AX01 Aluminium chloride
D10AX02 D10AX02 Resorcinol
D10AX03 D10AX03 Azelaic acid
D10AX04 D10AX04 Aluminium oxide
D10AX05 D10AX05 Dapsone
D10AX30 D10AX30 various combinations
D10B D10B Anti-acne preparations for systemic use
D10BA D10BA Retinoids for treatment of acne
D10BA01 D10BA01 Isotretinoin
D10BX D10BX Other anti-acne preparations for systemic use
D10BX01 D10BX01 ichtasol
D11 D11 Other dermatological preparations
D11A D11A Other dermatological preparations
D11AA D11AA Antihidrotics
D11AA01 D11AA01 Glycopyrronium
D11AC D11AC Medicated shampoos
D11AC01 D11AC01 cetrimide
D11AC02 D11AC02 cadmium compounds
D11AC03 D11AC03 selenium compounds
D11AC06 D11AC06 povidone-iodine
D11AC08 D11AC08 sulfur compounds
D11AC09 D11AC09 xenysalate
D11AC30 D11AC30 others
D11AE D11AE Androgens for topical use
D11AE01 D11AE01 metandienone
D11AF D11AF Wart and anti-corn preparations
D11AH D11AH Agents for dermatitis, excluding corticosteroids
D11AH01 D11AH01 tacrolimus
D11AH02 D11AH02 pimecrolimus
D11AH03 D11AH03 cromoglicic acid
D11AH04 D11AH04 alitretinoin
D11AH05 D11AH05 Dupilumab
D11AH06 D11AH06 crisaborole
D11AX D11AX Other dermatologicals
D11AX01 D11AX01 minoxidil
D11AX02 D11AX02 gamolenic acid
D11AX03 D11AX03 calcium gluconate
D11AX04 D11AX04 lithium succinate
D11AX05 D11AX05 magnesium sulfate
D11AX06 D11AX06 mequinol
D11AX08 D11AX08 tiratricol
D11AX09 D11AX09 oxaceprol
D11AX10 D11AX10 Finasteride
D11AX11 D11AX11 Hydroquinone
D11AX12 D11AX12 Pyrithione zinc
D11AX13 D11AX13 Monobenzone
D11AX16 D11AX16 Eflornithine
D11AX18 D11AX18 Diclofenac
D11AX21 D11AX21 Brimonidine
D11AX22 D11AX22 Ivermectin
D11AX23 D11AX23 Aminobenzoate potassium
D11AX24 D11AX24 Deoxycholic acid
D11AX25 D11AX25 hydrogen peroxide
D11AX52 D11AX52 Gamolenic acid, combinations
D11AX57 D11AX57 Collagen, combinations
G G Genito-urinary system and sex hormones
G01 G01 Gynecological anti-infectives and antiseptics
G01A G01A Antiinfectives and antiseptics, excluding combinations with corticosteroids
G01AA G01AA Antibiotics
G01AA01 G01AA01 Nystatin
G01AA02 G01AA02 Natamycin
G01AA03 G01AA03 Amphotericin B
G01AA04 G01AA04 Candicidin
G01AA05 G01AA05 Chloramphenicol
G01AA06 G01AA06 Hachimycin
G01AA07 G01AA07 Oxytetracycline
G01AA08 G01AA08 Carfecillin
G01AA09 G01AA09 Mepartricin
G01AA10 G01AA10 Clindamycin
G01AA11 G01AA11 Pentamycin
G01AA51 G01AA51 Nystatin, combinations
G01AB G01AB Arsenic compounds
G01AB01 G01AB01 Acetarsol
G01AC G01AC Quinoline derivatives
G01AC01 G01AC01 Diiodohydroxyquinoline
G01AC02 G01AC02 Clioquinol
G01AC03 G01AC03 Chlorquinaldol
G01AC05 G01AC05 Dequalinium
G01AC06 G01AC06 Broxyquinoline
G01AC30 G01AC30 Oxyquinoline
G01AD G01AD Organic acids
G01AD01 G01AD01 Lactic acid
G01AD02 G01AD02 Acetic acid
G01AD03 G01AD03 Ascorbic acid
G01AE G01AE Sulfonamides
G01AE01 G01AE01 Sulfatolamide
G01AE10 G01AE10 Combinations of sulfonamides
G01AF G01AF Imidazole derivatives
G01AF01 G01AF01 Métronidazole
G01AF02 G01AF02 Clotrimazole
G01AF04 G01AF04 Miconazole
G01AF05 G01AF05 Econazole
G01AF06 G01AF06 Ornidazole
G01AF07 G01AF07 Isoconazole
G01AF08 G01AF08 Tioconazole
G01AF11 G01AF11 Ketoconazole
G01AF12 G01AF12 Fenticonazole
G01AF13 G01AF13 Azanidazole
G01AF14 G01AF14 Propenidazole
G01AF15 G01AF15 Butoconazole
G01AF16 G01AF16 Omoconazole
G01AF17 G01AF17 Oxiconazole
G01AF18 G01AF18 Flutrimazole
G01AF19 G01AF19 Sertaconazole
G01AF20 G01AF20 Combinations of imidazole derivatives
G01AF55 G01AF55 Econazole, Combinations
G01AG G01AG Triazole derivatives
G01AG02 G01AG02 Terconazole
G01AX G01AX Other anti-infectives and antiseptics
G01AX01 G01AX01 Clodantoin
G01AX02 G01AX02 Inosine
G01AX03 G01AX03 Policresulen
G01AX05 G01AX05 Nifuratel
G01AX06 G01AX06 Furazolidone
G01AX09 G01AX09 Methylrosaniline
G01AX11 G01AX11 Povidone-iodine
G01AX12 G01AX12 Ciclopirox
G01AX13 G01AX13 Protiofate
G01AX14 G01AX14 Lactobacillus fermentum
G01AX15 G01AX15 Copper Usnate
G01AX16 G01AX16 Hexetidine
G01AX17 G01AX17 dapivirine
G01AX66 G01AX66 Octenidine, combinations
G01B G01B Antiinfectives / antiseptics in combination with corticosteroids
G01BA G01BA Antibiotics and corticosteroids
G01BC G01BC Quinoline derivatives and corticosteroids
G01BD G01BD Antiseptics and corticosteroids
G01BE G01BE Sulfonamides and corticosteroids
G01BF G01BF Imidazole derivatives and corticosteroids
G02 G02 Other gynecologicals
G02A G02A Uterotonics
G02AB G02AB Ergot alkaloids
G02AB01 G02AB01 Methylergometrine
G02AB02 G02AB02 Ergot Alkaloids
G02AB03 G02AB03 Ergometrine
G02AC G02AC Ergot Alkaloids And Oxytocin Incl. Analogues, In Combination
G02AC01 G02AC01 Methylergometrine And Oxytocin
G02AD G02AD Prostaglandins
G02AD01 G02AD01 Dinoprost
G02AD02 G02AD02 Dinoprostone
G02AD03 G02AD03 Gemeprost
G02AD04 G02AD04 Carboprost
G02AD05 G02AD05 Sulprostone
G02AD06 G02AD06 Misoprostol
G02AX G02AX Other uterotonics
G02B G02B Contraceptives for topical use
G02BA G02BA Intrauterine contraceptives
G02BA01 G02BA01 Plastic IUD
G02BA02 G02BA02 Plastic IUD with copper
G02BA03 G02BA03 Plastic IUD with progestogen
G02BB G02BB Intravaginal contraceptives
G02BB01 G02BB01 Vaginal ring with progestogen and estrogen
G02BB02 G02BB02 vaginal ring with progestogen
G02C G02C Other gynecologicals
G02CA G02CA Sympathomimetics, labour repressants
G02CA01 G02CA01 Ritodrine
G02CA02 G02CA02 Buphenine
G02CA03 G02CA03 Fenoterol
G02CB G02CB Prolactine inhibitors
G02CB01 G02CB01 Bromocriptine
G02CB02 G02CB02 Lisuride
G02CB03 G02CB03 Cabergoline
G02CB04 G02CB04 Quinagolide
G02CB05 G02CB05 Metergoline
G02CB06 G02CB06 Terguride
G02CC G02CC Anti-inflammatory products for vaginal administration
G02CC01 G02CC01 ibuprofen
G02CC02 G02CC02 Naproxen
G02CC03 G02CC03 Benzydamine
G02CC04 G02CC04 Flunoxaprofen
G02CX G02CX Other gynecologicals
G02CX01 G02CX01 Atosiban
G02CX02 G02CX02 Flibanserin
G02CX03 G02CX03 Agni casti fructus
G02CX04 G02CX04 Cimicifugae rhizoma
G03 G03 Sex hormones and modulators of the genital system
G03A G03A Hormonal contraceptives for systemic use
G03AA G03AA Progestogens and estrogens, fixed combinations
G03AA01 G03AA01 Etynodiol and ethinylestradiol
G03AA02 G03AA02 Quingestanol and ethinylestradiol
G03AA03 G03AA03 Lynestrenol and ethinylestradiol
G03AA04 G03AA04 Megestrol and ethinylestradiol
G03AA05 G03AA05 Norethisterone and ethinylestradiol
G03AA06 G03AA06 Norgestrel and ethinylestradiol
G03AA07 G03AA07 Levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol
G03AA08 G03AA08 Medroxyprogesterone and ethinylestradiol
G03AA09 G03AA09 Desogestrel and ethinylestradiol
G03AA10 G03AA10 Gestodene and ethinylestradiol
G03AA11 G03AA11 norgestimate and ethinylestradiol
G03AA12 G03AA12 drospirenone and ethinylestradiol
G03AA13 G03AA13 norelgestromin and ethinylestradiol
G03AA14 G03AA14 nomegestrol and estradiol
G03AA15 G03AA15 chlormadinone and ethinylestradiol
G03AA16 G03AA16 dienogest and ethinylestradiol
G03AA17 G03AA17 medroxyprogesterone and estradiol
G03AB G03AB Progestogens and estrogens, sequential preparations
G03AB01 G03AB01 Megestrol and ethinylestradiol
G03AB02 G03AB02 Lynestrenol and ethinylestradiol
G03AB03 G03AB03 levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol
G03AB04 G03AB04 norethisterone and ethinylestradiol
G03AB05 G03AB05 desogestrel and ethinylestradiol
G03AB06 G03AB06 Gestodene and ethinylestradiol
G03AB07 G03AB07 Chlormadinone and ethinylestradiol
G03AB08 G03AB08 Dienogest and estradiol
G03AB09 G03AB09 norgestimate and ethinylestradiol
G03AC G03AC Progestogens
G03AC01 G03AC01 Norethisterone
G03AC02 G03AC02 Lynestrenol
G03AC03 G03AC03 Levonorgestrel
G03AC04 G03AC04 Quingestanol
G03AC05 G03AC05 Megestrol
G03AC06 G03AC06 Medroxyprogesterone
G03AC07 G03AC07 Norgestrienone
G03AC08 G03AC08 Etonogestrel
G03AC09 G03AC09 Desogestrel
G03AC10 G03AC10 Drospirenone
G03AD G03AD Emergency contraceptives
G03AD01 G03AD01 Levonorgestrel
G03AD02 G03AD02 Ulipristal
G03B G03B Androgens
G03BA G03BA 3-oxoandrosten-(4) derivatives
G03BA01 G03BA01 Fluoxymesterone
G03BA02 G03BA02 Methyltestosterone
G03BA03 G03BA03 Testosterone
G03BB G03BB 5-androstanon-(3) derivatives
G03BB01 G03BB01 Mesterolone
G03BB02 G03BB02 Androstanolone
G03C G03C Estrogens
G03CA G03CA Natural and semisynthetic estrogens, plain
G03CA01 G03CA01 Ethinylestradiol
G03CA03 G03CA03 Estradiol
G03CA04 G03CA04 Estriol
G03CA06 G03CA06 Chlorotrianisene
G03CA07 G03CA07 Estrone
G03CA09 G03CA09 Promestriene
G03CA53 G03CA53 estradiol, combinations
G03CA57 G03CA57 Conjugated estrogens
G03CB G03CB Synthetic estrogens, plain
G03CB01 G03CB01 Dienestrol
G03CB02 G03CB02 Diethylstilbestrol
G03CB03 G03CB03 Methallenestril
G03CB04 G03CB04 Moxestrol
G03CC G03CC Estrogens, Combinations With Other Drugs
G03CC02 G03CC02 Dienestrol
G03CC03 G03CC03 Methallenestril
G03CC04 G03CC04 Estrone
G03CC05 G03CC05 Diethylstilbestrol
G03CC06 G03CC06 Estriol
G03CC07 G03CC07 Conjugated Estrogens And Bazedoxifene
G03CX G03CX Other estrogens
G03CX01 G03CX01 Tibolone
G03D G03D Progestogens
G03DA G03DA Pregnen-(4) derivatives
G03DA01 G03DA01 Gestonorone
G03DA02 G03DA02 Medroxyprogesterone
G03DA03 G03DA03 Hydroxyprogesterone
G03DA04 G03DA04 Progesterone
G03DB G03DB Pregnadien derivatives
G03DB01 G03DB01 Dydrogesterone
G03DB02 G03DB02 Megestrol
G03DB03 G03DB03 Medrogestone
G03DB04 G03DB04 Nomegestrol
G03DB05 G03DB05 Demegestone
G03DB06 G03DB06 Chlormadinone
G03DB07 G03DB07 Promegestone
G03DB08 G03DB08 Dienogest
G03DC G03DC Estren derivatives
G03DC01 G03DC01 Allylestrenol
G03DC02 G03DC02 Norethisterone
G03DC03 G03DC03 Lynestrenol
G03DC04 G03DC04 Ethisterone
G03DC06 G03DC06 Etynodiol
G03DC31 G03DC31 Methylestrenolone
G03E G03E Androgens And Female Sex Hormones In Combination
G03EA G03EA Androgens and estrogens
G03EA01 G03EA01 Methyltestosterone and estrogen
G03EA02 G03EA02 Testosterone and estrogen
G03EA03 G03EA03 Prasterone and estrogen
G03EB G03EB Androgen, progestogen and estrogen in combination
G03EK G03EK Androgens And Female Sex Hormones In Combination With Other Drugs
G03EK01 G03EK01 Methyltestosterone
G03F G03F Progestogens and estrogens in combination
G03FA G03FA Progestogens and estrogens, fixed combinations
G03FA01 G03FA01 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03FA02 G03FA02 Hydroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FA03 G03FA03 Ethisterone and estrogen
G03FA04 G03FA04 Progesterone and estrogen
G03FA05 G03FA05 Methylnortestosterone and estrogen
G03FA06 G03FA06 Etynodiol and estrogen
G03FA07 G03FA07 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03FA08 G03FA08 Megestrol and estrogen
G03FA09 G03FA09 Noretynodrel and estrogen
G03FA10 G03FA10 Norgestrel and estrogen
G03FA11 G03FA11 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03FA12 G03FA12 Medroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FA13 G03FA13 Norgestimate and estrogen
G03FA14 G03FA14 Dydrogesterone and estrogen
G03FA15 G03FA15 Dienogest and estrogen
G03FA16 G03FA16 Trimegestone and estrogen
G03FA17 G03FA17 Drospirenone and estrogen
G03FB G03FB Progestogens and estrogens, sequential preparations
G03FB01 G03FB01 Norgestrel and estrogen
G03FB02 G03FB02 Lynestrenol and estrogen
G03FB03 G03FB03 Chlormadinone and estrogen
G03FB04 G03FB04 Megestrol and estrogen
G03FB05 G03FB05 Norethisterone and estrogen
G03FB06 G03FB06 Medroxyprogesterone and estrogen
G03FB07 G03FB07 Medrogestone and estrogen
G03FB08 G03FB08 Dydrogesterone and estrogen
G03FB09 G03FB09 Levonorgestrel and estrogen
G03FB10 G03FB10 Desogestrel and estrogen
G03FB11 G03FB11 Trimegestone and estrogen
G03FB12 G03FB12 Nomegestrol and estrogen
G03G G03G Gonadotropins and other ovulation stimulants
G03GA G03GA Gonadotropins
G03GA01 G03GA01 Chorionic gonadotrophin
G03GA02 G03GA02 Human menopausal gonadotrophin
G03GA03 G03GA03 Serum Gonadotrophin
G03GA04 G03GA04 urofollitropin
G03GA05 G03GA05 Follitropin alfa
G03GA06 G03GA06 Follitropin beta
G03GA07 G03GA07 Lutropin alfa
G03GA08 G03GA08 Choriogonadotropin alfa
G03GA09 G03GA09 Corifollitropin alfa
G03GA10 G03GA10 Follitropin delta
G03GA30 G03GA30 Combinations
G03GB G03GB Ovulation stimulants, synthetic
G03GB01 G03GB01 Cyclofenil
G03GB02 G03GB02 Clomifene
G03GB03 G03GB03 Epimestrol
G03H G03H Antiandrogens
G03HA G03HA Antiandrogens, plain
G03HA01 G03HA01 Cyproterone
G03HB G03HB Antiandrogens and estrogens
G03HB01 G03HB01 Cyproterone and estrogen
G03X G03X Other sex hormones and modulators of the genital system
G03XA G03XA Antigonadotropins and similar agents
G03XA01 G03XA01 Danazol
G03XA02 G03XA02 Gestrinone
G03XB G03XB Progesterone receptor modulators
G03XB01 G03XB01 Mifepristone
G03XB02 G03XB02 Ulipristal
G03XB51 G03XB51 Mifepristone, combinations
G03XC G03XC Selective estrogen receptor modulators
G03XC01 G03XC01 Raloxifene
G03XC02 G03XC02 Bazedoxifene
G03XC03 G03XC03 Lasofoxifene
G03XC04 G03XC04 Ormeloxifene
G03XC05 G03XC05 Ospemifene
G03XX G03XX Other sex hormones and modulators of the genital system
G03XX01 G03XX01 prasterone
G04 G04 Urologicals
G04B G04B Urologicals
G04BA G04BA Acidifiers
G04BA01 G04BA01 Ammonium Chloride
G04BA03 G04BA03 Calcium Chloride
G04BC G04BC Urinary concrement solvents
G04BD G04BD Drugs for urinary frequency and incontinence
G04BD01 G04BD01 Emepronium
G04BD02 G04BD02 Flavoxate
G04BD03 G04BD03 Meladrazine
G04BD04 G04BD04 Oxybutynin
G04BD05 G04BD05 Terodiline
G04BD06 G04BD06 Propiverine
G04BD07 G04BD07 Tolterodine
G04BD08 G04BD08 Solifenacin
G04BD09 G04BD09 Trospium
G04BD10 G04BD10 Darifenacin
G04BD11 G04BD11 Fesoterodine
G04BD12 G04BD12 Mirabegron
G04BD13 G04BD13 Desfesoterodine
G04BE G04BE Drugs used in erectile dysfunction
G04BE01 G04BE01 Alprostadil
G04BE02 G04BE02 Papaverine
G04BE03 G04BE03 Sildenafil
G04BE04 G04BE04 Yohimbine
G04BE06 G04BE06 Moxisylyte
G04BE07 G04BE07 Apomorphine
G04BE08 G04BE08 Tadalafil
G04BE09 G04BE09 Vardenafil
G04BE10 G04BE10 Avanafil
G04BE11 G04BE11 Udenafil
G04BE30 G04BE30 Combinations
G04BE52 G04BE52 Papaverine, combinations
G04BX G04BX Other urologicals
G04BX01 G04BX01 Magnesium hydroxide
G04BX03 G04BX03 Acetohydroxamic acid
G04BX06 G04BX06 Phenazopyridine
G04BX10 G04BX10 Succinimide
G04BX11 G04BX11 Collagen
G04BX12 G04BX12 Phenyl salicylate
G04BX13 G04BX13 Dimethyl sulfoxide
G04BX14 G04BX14 Dapoxetine
G04BX15 G04BX15 Pentosan polysulfate sodium
G04BX16 G04BX16 Tiopronin
G04C G04C Drugs used in benign prostatic hypertrophy
G04CA G04CA Alpha-adrenoreceptor antagonists
G04CA01 G04CA01 Alfuzosin
G04CA02 G04CA02 Tamsulosin
G04CA03 G04CA03 Terazosin
G04CA04 G04CA04 Silodosin
G04CA51 G04CA51 Alfuzosin and finasteride
G04CA52 G04CA52 Tamsulosin and dutasteride
G04CA53 G04CA53 Tamsulosin and solifenacin
G04CA54 G04CA54 Tamsulosin And Tadalafil
G04CB G04CB Testosterone-5-alpha reductase inhibitors
G04CB01 G04CB01 Finasteride
G04CB02 G04CB02 dutasteride
G04CX G04CX Other drugs used in benign prostatic hypertrophy
G04CX01 G04CX01 Prunus africanae cortex
G04CX02 G04CX02 Sabalis serrulatae fructus
G04CX03 G04CX03 Mepartricin
G04CX04 G04CX04 fexapotide
H H Systemic hormonal preparations, excluding sex hormones and insulins
H01 H01 Pituitary and hypothalamic hormones and analogues
H01A H01A Anterior pituitary lobe hormones and analogues
H01AA01 H01AA01 Corticotropin
H01AA02 H01AA02 tetracosactide
H01AB H01AB Thyrotropin
H01AB01 H01AB01 Thyrotropin alfa
H01AC H01AC Somatropin and somatropin agonists
H01AC01 H01AC01 Somatropin
H01AC02 H01AC02 Somatrem
H01AC03 H01AC03 Mecasermin
H01AC04 H01AC04 Sermorelin
H01AC05 H01AC05 Mecasermin rinfabate
H01AC06 H01AC06 Tesamorelin
H01AX H01AX Other anterior pituitary lobe hormones and analogues
H01AX01 H01AX01 Pegvisomant
H01B H01B Posterior pituitary lobe hormones
H01BA H01BA Vasopressin and analogues
H01BA01 H01BA01 Vasopressin (Argipressin)
H01BA02 H01BA02 Desmopressin
H01BA03 H01BA03 Lypressin
H01BA04 H01BA04 Terlipressin
H01BA05 H01BA05 Ornipressin
H01BB H01BB Oxytocin and analogues
H01BB01 H01BB01 Demoxytocin
H01BB02 H01BB02 Oxytocin
H01BB03 H01BB03 Carbetocin
H01C H01C Hypothalamic hormones
H01CA H01CA Gonadotropin-releasing hormones
H01CA01 H01CA01 Gonadorelin
H01CA02 H01CA02 Nafarelin
H01CB H01CB Somatostatin and analogues
H01CB01 H01CB01 Somatostatin
H01CB02 H01CB02 octreotide
H01CB03 H01CB03 lanreotide
H01CB04 H01CB04 Vapreotide
H01CB05 H01CB05 Pasireotide
H01CC H01CC Anti-gonadotropin-releasing hormones
H01CC01 H01CC01 ganirelix
H01CC02 H01CC02 cetrorelix
H01CC03 H01CC03 Elagolix
H02 H02 Corticosteroids (systemics)
H02A H02A Corticosteroids for systemic use, plain
H02AA H02AA Mineralocorticoids
H02AA01 H02AA01 aldosterone
H02AA02 H02AA02 fludrocortisone
H02AA03 H02AA03 desoxycortone
H02AB H02AB Glucocorticoids
H02AB01 H02AB01 betamethasone
H02AB02 H02AB02 dexamethasone
H02AB03 H02AB03 fluocortolone
H02AB04 H02AB04 methylprednisolone
H02AB05 H02AB05 paramethasone
H02AB06 H02AB06 Prednisolone
H02AB07 H02AB07 Prednisone
H02AB08 H02AB08 triamcinolone
H02AB09 H02AB09 hydrocortisone
H02AB10 H02AB10 cortisone
H02AB11 H02AB11 prednylidene
H02AB12 H02AB12 rimexolone
H02AB13 H02AB13 Deflazacort
H02AB14 H02AB14 cloprednol
H02AB15 H02AB15 meprednisone
H02AB17 H02AB17 cortivazol
H02BX H02BX Corticosteroids for systemic use, combinations
H02BX01 H02BX01 methylprednisolone, combinations
H02CA H02CA Anticorticosteroids
H02CA01 H02CA01 trilostane
H02CA02 H02CA02 Osilodrostat
H03 H03 Thyroid therapy
H03A H03A Thyroid preparations
H03AA H03AA Thyroid hormones
H03AA01 H03AA01 Levothyroxine Sodium
H03AA02 H03AA02 liothyronine sodium
H03AA03 H03AA03 combinations of levothyroxine and liothyronine
H03AA04 H03AA04 tiratricol
H03AA05 H03AA05 thyroid gland preparations
H03B H03B Antithyroid preparations
H03BA H03BA Thiouracils
H03BA01 H03BA01 methylthiouracil
H03BA02 H03BA02 Propylthiouracil (PTU)
H03BA03 H03BA03 benzylthiouracil
H03BB H03BB Sulfur-containing imidazole derivatives
H03BB01 H03BB01 carbimazole
H03BB02 H03BB02 thiamazole
H03BB52 H03BB52 thiamazole, combinations
H03BC H03BC Perchlorates
H03BC01 H03BC01 potassium perchlorate
H03BX H03BX Other antithyroid preparations
H03BX01 H03BX01 diiodotyrosine
H03BX02 H03BX02 dibromotyrosine
H03C H03C Iodine therapy
H03CA H03CA Iodine therapy
H04 H04 Pancreatic hormones
H04A H04A Glycogenolytic hormones
H04AA H04AA Glycogenolytic hormones
H04AA01 H04AA01 Glucagon
H05 H05 Calcium homeostasis
H05A H05A Parathyroid hormones and analogues
H05AA H05AA Parathyroid hormones and analogues
H05AA01 H05AA01 parathyroid gland extract
H05AA02 H05AA02 teriparatide
H05AA03 H05AA03 parathyroid hormone
H05B H05B Anti-parathyroid agents
H05BA H05BA Calcitonin preparations
H05BA01 H05BA01 calcitonin (salmon synthetic)
H05BA02 H05BA02 calcitonin (pork natural)
H05BA03 H05BA03 calcitonin (human synthetic)
H05BA04 H05BA04 elcatonin
H05BX H05BX Other anti-parathyroid agents
H05BX01 H05BX01 cinacalcet
H05BX02 H05BX02 paricalcitol
H05BX03 H05BX03 doxercalciferol
H05BX04 H05BX04 etelcalcetide
J J Anti-Infectives for systemic use
J01 J01 Antibacterials for systemic use
J01A J01A Cyclines
J01AA J01AA Tetracyclines
J01AA01 J01AA01 demeclocycline
J01AA02 J01AA02 doxycycline
J01AA03 J01AA03 chlortetracycline
J01AA04 J01AA04 Lymecycline
J01AA05 J01AA05 metacycline
J01AA06 J01AA06 oxytetracycline
J01AA07 J01AA07 tetracycline
J01AA08 J01AA08 minocycline
J01AA09 J01AA09 rolitetracycline
J01AA10 J01AA10 penimepicycline
J01AA11 J01AA11 clomocycline
J01AA12 J01AA12 Tigecycline
J01AA13 J01AA13 eravacycline
J01AA14 J01AA14 Sarecycline
J01AA15 J01AA15 Omadacycline
J01AA20 J01AA20 combinations of tetracyclines
J01AA56 J01AA56 oxytetracycline, combinations
J01B J01B Amphenicols
J01BA J01BA Amphenicols
J01BA01 J01BA01 Chloramphenicol
J01BA02 J01BA02 Thiamphenicol
J01BA52 J01BA52 Thiamphenicol, combinations
J01C J01C Beta-lactam antibacterials, Penicillins
J01CA J01CA Penicillins with extended spectrum
J01CA01 J01CA01 Ampicillin
J01CA02 J01CA02 Pivampicillin
J01CA03 J01CA03 Carbenicillin
J01CA04 J01CA04 Amoxicillin
J01CA05 J01CA05 Carindacillin
J01CA06 J01CA06 Bacampicillin
J01CA07 J01CA07 Epicillin
J01CA08 J01CA08 Pivmecillinam
J01CA09 J01CA09 Azlocillin
J01CA10 J01CA10 Mezlocillin
J01CA11 J01CA11 Mecillinam
J01CA12 J01CA12 Piperacillin
J01CA13 J01CA13 Ticarcillin
J01CA14 J01CA14 Metampicillin
J01CA15 J01CA15 Talampicillin
J01CA16 J01CA16 Sulbenicillin
J01CA17 J01CA17 Temocillin
J01CA18 J01CA18 Hetacillin
J01CA19 J01CA19 Aspoxicillin
J01CA20 J01CA20 Combinations
J01CA51 J01CA51 ampicillin, combinations
J01CE J01CE Beta-lactamase-sensitive penicillins
J01CE01 J01CE01 Benzylpenicillin
J01CE02 J01CE02 Phenoxymethylpenicillin
J01CE03 J01CE03 Propicillin
J01CE04 J01CE04 Azidocillin
J01CE05 J01CE05 Pheneticillin
J01CE06 J01CE06 Penamecillin
J01CE07 J01CE07 Clometocillin
J01CE08 J01CE08 Benzathine benzylpenicillin
J01CE09 J01CE09 Procaine benzylpenicillin
J01CE10 J01CE10 Benzathine phenoxymethylpenicillin
J01CE30 J01CE30 Combinations
J01CF J01CF Beta-lactamase-resistant penicillins
J01CF01 J01CF01 Dicloxacillin
J01CF02 J01CF02 Cloxacillin
J01CF03 J01CF03 Meticillin
J01CF04 J01CF04 Oxacillin
J01CF05 J01CF05 Flucloxacillin
J01CF06 J01CF06 Nafcillin
J01CG J01CG Beta-Lactamase Inhibitors
J01CG01 J01CG01 Sulbactam
J01CG02 J01CG02 Tazobactam
J01CR J01CR Combinations of penicillins, including beta-lactamase inhibitors
J01CR01 J01CR01 Ampicillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR02 J01CR02 amoxicillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR03 J01CR03 ticarcillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR04 J01CR04 Sultamicillin
J01CR05 J01CR05 piperacillin and enzyme inhibitor
J01CR50 J01CR50 Combinations of penicillins
J01D J01D Other betalactams
J01DB J01DB 1rst Generation cephalosporins
J01DB01 J01DB01 Cefalexin
J01DB02 J01DB02 Cefaloridine
J01DB03 J01DB03 Cefalotin
J01DB04 J01DB04 Cefazolin
J01DB05 J01DB05 Cefadroxil
J01DB06 J01DB06 Cefazedone
J01DB07 J01DB07 Cefatrizine
J01DB08 J01DB08 Cefapirin
J01DB09 J01DB09 Cefradine
J01DB10 J01DB10 Cefacetrile
J01DB11 J01DB11 Cefroxadine
J01DB12 J01DB12 Ceftezole
J01DC J01DC 2nd Generation cephalosporins
J01DC01 J01DC01 Cefoxitin
J01DC02 J01DC02 Cefuroxime
J01DC03 J01DC03 Cefamandole
J01DC04 J01DC04 Cefaclor
J01DC05 J01DC05 Cefotetan
J01DC06 J01DC06 Cefonicid
J01DC07 J01DC07 Cefotiam
J01DC08 J01DC08 Loracarbef
J01DC09 J01DC09 Cefmetazole
J01DC10 J01DC10 Cefprozil
J01DC11 J01DC11 Ceforanide
J01DC12 J01DC12 Cefminox
J01DC13 J01DC13 Cefbuperazone
J01DC14 J01DC14 Flomoxef
J01DD J01DD 3rd Generation cephalosporins
J01DD01 J01DD01 Cefotaxime
J01DD02 J01DD02 Ceftazidime
J01DD03 J01DD03 Cefsulodin
J01DD04 J01DD04 Ceftriaxone
J01DD05 J01DD05 Cefmenoxime
J01DD06 J01DD06 Latamoxef
J01DD07 J01DD07 Ceftizoxime
J01DD08 J01DD08 Cefixime
J01DD09 J01DD09 Cefodizime
J01DD10 J01DD10 Cefetamet
J01DD11 J01DD11 Cefpiramide
J01DD12 J01DD12 Cefoperazone
J01DD13 J01DD13 Cefpodoxime
J01DD14 J01DD14 Ceftibuten
J01DD15 J01DD15 Cefdinir
J01DD16 J01DD16 Cefditoren
J01DD17 J01DD17 Cefcapene
J01DD18 J01DD18 cefteram
J01DD51 J01DD51 Cefotaxime, combinations
J01DD52 J01DD52 Ceftazidime, combinations
J01DD54 J01DD54 Ceftriaxone, combinations
J01DD62 J01DD62 Cefoperazone, combinations
J01DD63 J01DD63 Ceftriaxone And Beta-Lactamase Inhibitor
J01DD64 J01DD64 cefpodoxime and beta-lactamase inhibitor
J01DD90 J01DD90 Ceftiofur
J01DD91 J01DD91 Cefovecine
J01DD99 J01DD99 Ceftiofur, associations
J01DE J01DE 4rd Generation cephalosporins
J01DE01 J01DE01 Cefepime
J01DE02 J01DE02 Cefpirome
J01DE03 J01DE03 Cefozopran
J01DF J01DF Monobactams
J01DF01 J01DF01 Aztreonam
J01DF02 J01DF02 Carumonam
J01DH J01DH Carbapenems
J01DH02 J01DH02 Meropenem
J01DH03 J01DH03 Ertapenem
J01DH04 J01DH04 Doripenem
J01DH05 J01DH05 Biapenem
J01DH06 J01DH06 Tebipenem pivoxil
J01DH51 J01DH51 imipenem and enzyme inhibitor
J01DH52 J01DH52 meropenem and vaborbactam
J01DH55 J01DH55 panipenem and betamipron
J01DH56 J01DH56 Imipenem, Cilastatin And Relebactam
J01DI J01DI Other cephalosporins and penems
J01DI01 J01DI01 ceftobiprole medocaril
J01DI02 J01DI02 ceftaroline fosamil
J01DI03 J01DI03 faropenem
J01DI54 J01DI54 ceftolozane and enzyme inhibitor
J01E J01E Sulfonamides with trimethoprim
J01EA J01EA Trimethoprim And Derivatives
J01EA01 J01EA01 trimethoprim
J01EA02 J01EA02 brodimoprim
J01EA03 J01EA03 iclaprim
J01EB J01EB Short-acting sulfonamides
J01EB01 J01EB01 sulfaisodimidine
J01EB02 J01EB02 sulfamethizole
J01EB03 J01EB03 sulfadimidine
J01EB04 J01EB04 sulfapyridine
J01EB05 J01EB05 sulfafurazole
J01EB06 J01EB06 sulfanilamide
J01EB07 J01EB07 Sulfathiazole
J01EB08 J01EB08 sulfathiourea
J01EB20 J01EB20 combinations
J01EC J01EC Intermediate-acting sulfonamides
J01EC01 J01EC01 sulfamethoxazole
J01EC02 J01EC02 sulfadiazine
J01EC03 J01EC03 sulfamoxole
J01EC20 J01EC20 combinations
J01ED J01ED Long-acting sulfonamides
J01ED01 J01ED01 sulfadimethoxine
J01ED02 J01ED02 sulfalene
J01ED03 J01ED03 sulfametomidine
J01ED04 J01ED04 sulfametoxydiazine
J01ED05 J01ED05 sulfamethoxypyridazine
J01ED06 J01ED06 sulfaperin
J01ED07 J01ED07 sulfamerazine
J01ED08 J01ED08 sulfaphenazole
J01ED09 J01ED09 sulfamazone
J01ED20 J01ED20 combinations
J01EE J01EE Combinations of sulfonamides and trimethoprim, including derivatives
J01EE01 J01EE01 sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim
J01EE02 J01EE02 sulfadiazine and trimethoprim
J01EE03 J01EE03 sulfametrole and trimethoprim
J01EE04 J01EE04 sulfamoxole and trimethoprim
J01EE05 J01EE05 sulfadimidine and trimethoprim
J01EE06 J01EE06 sulfadiazine and tetroxoprim
J01EE07 J01EE07 sulfamerazine and trimethoprim
J01F J01F Macrolides, lincosamides and streptogramins
J01FA J01FA Macrolides
J01FA01 J01FA01 Erythromycin
J01FA02 J01FA02 Spiramycin
J01FA03 J01FA03 Midecamycin
J01FA05 J01FA05 Oleandomycin
J01FA06 J01FA06 Roxithromycin
J01FA07 J01FA07 Josamycin
J01FA08 J01FA08 Troleandomycin
J01FA09 J01FA09 Clarithromycin
J01FA10 J01FA10 Azithromycin
J01FA11 J01FA11 Miocamycin
J01FA12 J01FA12 Rokitamycin
J01FA13 J01FA13 Dirithromycin
J01FA14 J01FA14 Flurithromycin
J01FA15 J01FA15 Telithromycin
J01FA16 J01FA16 Solithromycin
J01FF J01FF Lincosamides
J01FF01 J01FF01 Clindamycin
J01FF02 J01FF02 Lincomycin
J01FG J01FG Streptogramins
J01FG01 J01FG01 Pristinamycin
J01FG02 J01FG02 Quinupristin/Dalfopristin
J01G J01G Aminoglycosides
J01GA J01GA Streptomycins
J01GA01 J01GA01 Streptomycin
J01GA02 J01GA02 Streptoduocin
J01GB J01GB Other aminoglycosides
J01GB01 J01GB01 Tobramycin
J01GB03 J01GB03 Gentamicin
J01GB04 J01GB04 Kanamycin
J01GB05 J01GB05 Neomycin
J01GB06 J01GB06 Amikacin
J01GB07 J01GB07 Netilmicin
J01GB08 J01GB08 Sisomicin
J01GB09 J01GB09 Dibekacin
J01GB10 J01GB10 Ribostamycin
J01GB11 J01GB11 Isepamicin
J01GB12 J01GB12 Arbekacin
J01GB13 J01GB13 Bekanamycin
J01GB14 J01GB14 Plazomicin
J01M J01M Quinolones
J01MA J01MA Fluoroquinolones
J01MA01 J01MA01 Ofloxacin
J01MA02 J01MA02 Ciprofloxacin
J01MA03 J01MA03 Pefloxacin
J01MA04 J01MA04 Enoxacin
J01MA05 J01MA05 Temafloxacin
J01MA06 J01MA06 Norfloxacin
J01MA07 J01MA07 Lomefloxacin
J01MA08 J01MA08 Fleroxacin
J01MA09 J01MA09 Sparfloxacin
J01MA10 J01MA10 Rufloxacin
J01MA11 J01MA11 Grepafloxacin
J01MA12 J01MA12 Levofloxacin
J01MA13 J01MA13 Trovafloxacin
J01MA14 J01MA14 Moxifloxacin
J01MA15 J01MA15 Gemifloxacin
J01MA16 J01MA16 Gatifloxacin
J01MA17 J01MA17 Prulifloxacin
J01MA18 J01MA18 Pazufloxacin
J01MA19 J01MA19 Garenoxacin
J01MA21 J01MA21 Sitafloxacin
J01MA22 J01MA22 tosufloxacin
J01MA23 J01MA23 Delafloxacin
J01MB J01MB Other quinolones
J01MB01 J01MB01 Rosoxacin
J01MB02 J01MB02 Nalidixic acid
J01MB03 J01MB03 Piromidic acid
J01MB04 J01MB04 Pipemidic acid
J01MB05 J01MB05 Oxolinic acid
J01MB06 J01MB06 Cinoxacin
J01MB07 J01MB07 Flumequine
J01MB08 J01MB08 Nemonoxacin
J01R J01R Combinations of antibacterials
J01RA J01RA Combinations of antibacterials
J01RA01 J01RA01 penicillins, combinations with other antibacterials
J01RA02 J01RA02 sulfonamides, combinations with other antibacterials (excl. trimethoprim)
J01RA03 J01RA03 Cefuroxime and métronidazole
J01RA04 J01RA04 Spiramycin and métronidazole
J01RA05 J01RA05 Levofloxacin and ornidazole
J01RA06 J01RA06 Cefepime and amikacin
J01RA07 J01RA07 Azithromycin, fluconazole and secnidazole
J01RA08 J01RA08 Tetracycline and oleandomycin
J01RA09 J01RA09 ofloxacin And ornidazole
J01RA10 J01RA10 Ciprofloxacin and métronidazole
J01RA11 J01RA11 Ciprofloxacin and tinidazole
J01RA12 J01RA12 Ciprofloxacin and ornidazole
J01RA13 J01RA13 Norfloxacin and tinidazole
J01X J01X Other antibacterials
J01XA J01XA Glycopeptide antibacterials
J01XA01 J01XA01 vancomycin
J01XA02 J01XA02 teicoplanin
J01XA03 J01XA03 telavancin
J01XA04 J01XA04 dalbavancin
J01XA05 J01XA05 oritavancin
J01XB J01XB Polymyxins
J01XB01 J01XB01 Colistin
J01XB02 J01XB02 polymyxin B
J01XC J01XC Steroid antibacterials
J01XC01 J01XC01 fusidic acid
J01XD J01XD Imidazole derivatives
J01XD01 J01XD01 métronidazole
J01XD02 J01XD02 tinidazole
J01XD03 J01XD03 ornidazole
J01XE J01XE Nitrofuran derivatives
J01XE01 J01XE01 nitrofurantoin
J01XE02 J01XE02 nifurtoinol
J01XE03 J01XE03 furazidin
J01XE51 J01XE51 nitrofurantoin, combinations
J01XX J01XX Other antibacterials
J01XX01 J01XX01 Fosfomycin
J01XX02 J01XX02 xibornol
J01XX03 J01XX03 clofoctol
J01XX04 J01XX04 spectinomycin
J01XX05 J01XX05 methenamine
J01XX06 J01XX06 mandelic acid
J01XX07 J01XX07 Nitroxoline
J01XX08 J01XX08 Linezolide
J01XX09 J01XX09 Daptomycin
J01XX10 J01XX10 Bacitracin
J01XX11 J01XX11 Tedizolid
J01XX12 J01XX12 Lefamulin
J02 J02 Antimycotics for systemic use
J02A J02A Antimycotics for systemic use
J02AA J02AA Antibiotics
J02AA01 J02AA01 Amphotericin B
J02AA02 J02AA02 Hachimycin
J02AB J02AB Imidazole derivatives
J02AB01 J02AB01 Miconazole
J02AB02 J02AB02 Ketoconazole
J02AC J02AC Triazole derivatives
J02AC01 J02AC01 Fluconazole
J02AC02 J02AC02 Itraconazole
J02AC03 J02AC03 Voriconazole
J02AC04 J02AC04 Posaconazole
J02AC05 J02AC05 Isavuconazole
J02AX J02AX Other antimycotics for systemic use
J02AX01 J02AX01 Flucytosine
J02AX04 J02AX04 Caspofungin
J02AX05 J02AX05 Micafungin
J02AX06 J02AX06 Anidulafungin
J04 J04 Antimycobacterials
J04A J04A Drugs for treatment of tuberculosis
J04AA J04AA Aminosalicylic Acid And Derivatives
J04AA01 J04AA01 4-Aminosalicylic Acid
J04AA02 J04AA02 Sodium Aminosalicylate
J04AA03 J04AA03 Calcium Aminosalicylate
J04AB J04AB Antibiotics
J04AB01 J04AB01 Cycloserine
J04AB02 J04AB02 Rifampicin
J04AB03 J04AB03 Rifamycin
J04AB04 J04AB04 Rifabutin
J04AB05 J04AB05 Rifapentine
J04AB06 J04AB06 Enviomycin
J04AB30 J04AB30 Capreomycin
J04AC J04AC Hydrazides
J04AC01 J04AC01 Isoniazid
J04AC51 J04AC51 Isoniazid, Combinations
J04AD J04AD Thiocarbamide Derivatives
J04AD01 J04AD01 Protionamide
J04AD02 J04AD02 Tiocarlide
J04AD03 J04AD03 Ethionamide
J04AK J04AK Other drugs for treatment of tuberculosis
J04AK01 J04AK01 Pyrazinamide
J04AK02 J04AK02 Ethambutol
J04AK03 J04AK03 Terizidone
J04AK04 J04AK04 Morinamide
J04AK05 J04AK05 Bedaquiline
J04AK06 J04AK06 Delamanid
J04AK07 J04AK07 Thioacetazone
J04AM J04AM Combinations Of Drugs For Treatment Of Tuberculosis
J04AM01 J04AM01 Streptomycin And Isoniazid
J04AM02 J04AM02 Rifampicin And Isoniazid
J04AM03 J04AM03 Ethambutol And Isoniazid
J04AM04 J04AM04 Thioacetazone And Isoniazid
J04AM05 J04AM05 Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide And Isoniazid
J04AM06 J04AM06 Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide, Ethambutol And Isoniazid
J04AM07 J04AM07 rifampicin, ethambutol and isoniazid
J04AM08 J04AM08 isoniazid, sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and pyridoxine
J04B J04B Drugs For Treatment Of Lepra
J04BA J04BA Drugs For Treatment Of Lepra
J04BA01 J04BA01 Clofazimine
J04BA02 J04BA02 Dapsone
J04BA03 J04BA03 Aldesulfone sodium
J05 J05 Antivirals for systemic use
J05A J05A Direct acting antiviral drugs
J05AA J05AA Thiosemicarbazones
J05AA01 J05AA01 Metisazone
J05AB J05AB Nucleosides and nucleotides excluding reverse transcriptase inhibitors
J05AB01 J05AB01 Aciclovir
J05AB02 J05AB02 Idoxuridine
J05AB03 J05AB03 Vidarabine
J05AB06 J05AB06 Ganciclovir
J05AB09 J05AB09 Famciclovir
J05AB11 J05AB11 Valaciclovir
J05AB12 J05AB12 Cidofovir
J05AB13 J05AB13 Penciclovir
J05AB14 J05AB14 Valganciclovir
J05AB15 J05AB15 Brivudine
J05AC J05AC Cyclic amines
J05AC02 J05AC02 Rimantadine
J05AC03 J05AC03 Tromantadine
J05AD J05AD Phosphonic acid derivatives
J05AD01 J05AD01 Foscarnet
J05AD02 J05AD02 Fosfonet
J05AE J05AE Protease inhibitors
J05AE01 J05AE01 Saquinavir
J05AE02 J05AE02 Indinavir
J05AE03 J05AE03 Ritonavir
J05AE04 J05AE04 Nelfinavir
J05AE05 J05AE05 Amprenavir
J05AE07 J05AE07 Fosamprenavir
J05AE08 J05AE08 Atazanavir
J05AE09 J05AE09 Tipranavir
J05AE10 J05AE10 Darunavir
J05AF J05AF Nucleoside and nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors
J05AF01 J05AF01 Zidovudine
J05AF02 J05AF02 Didanosine
J05AF03 J05AF03 Zalcitabine
J05AF04 J05AF04 Stavudine
J05AF05 J05AF05 Lamivudine
J05AF06 J05AF06 Abacavir
J05AF07 J05AF07 Tenofovir disoproxil
J05AF08 J05AF08 Adefovir dipivoxil
J05AF09 J05AF09 Emtricitabine
J05AF10 J05AF10 Entecavir
J05AF11 J05AF11 telbivudine
J05AF12 J05AF12 clevudine
J05AF13 J05AF13 tenofovir alafenamide
J05AG J05AG Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
J05AG01 J05AG01 nevirapine
J05AG02 J05AG02 delavirdine
J05AG03 J05AG03 efavirenz
J05AG04 J05AG04 etravirine
J05AG05 J05AG05 rilpivirine
J05AG06 J05AG06 Doravirine
J05AH J05AH Neuraminidase inhibitors
J05AH01 J05AH01 zanamivir
J05AH02 J05AH02 oseltamivir
J05AH03 J05AH03 Peramivir
J05AH04 J05AH04 Laninamivir
J05AP J05AP Antivirals for treatment of HCV infections
J05AP01 J05AP01 Ribavirin
J05AP02 J05AP02 Telaprevir
J05AP03 J05AP03 Boceprevir
J05AP04 J05AP04 Faldaprevir
J05AP05 J05AP05 Simeprevir
J05AP06 J05AP06 Asunaprevir
J05AP07 J05AP07 Umifenovir
J05AP08 J05AP08 Sofosbuvir
J05AP09 J05AP09 Dasabuvir
J05AP10 J05AP10 Elbasvir
J05AP11 J05AP11 Grazoprevir
J05AP51 J05AP51 Sofosbuvir And Ledipasvir
J05AP52 J05AP52 Dasabuvir, ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir
J05AP53 J05AP53 ombitasvir, paritaprevir and ritonavir
J05AP54 J05AP54 elbasvir and grazoprevir
J05AP55 J05AP55 Sofosbuvir and velpatasvir
J05AP56 J05AP56 Sofosbuvir, velpatasvir and voxilaprevir
J05AP57 J05AP57 glecaprevir and pibrentasvir
J05AP58 J05AP58 Daclatasvir, Asunaprevir And Beclabuvir
J05AR J05AR Antivirals for treatment of HIV infections, combinations
J05AR01 J05AR01 zidovudine and lamivudine
J05AR02 J05AR02 lamivudine and abacavir
J05AR03 J05AR03 tenofovir disoproxil and emtricitabine
J05AR04 J05AR04 zidovudine, lamivudine and abacavir
J05AR05 J05AR05 zidovudine, lamivudine and nevirapine
J05AR06 J05AR06 emtricitabine, tenofovir disoproxil and efavirenz
J05AR07 J05AR07 stavudine, lamivudine and nevirapine
J05AR08 J05AR08 emtricitabine, tenofovir disoproxil and rilpivirine
J05AR09 J05AR09 emtricitabine, tenofovir disoproxil, elvitegravir and cobicistat
J05AR10 J05AR10 lopinavir and ritonavir
J05AR11 J05AR11 lamivudine, tenofovir disoproxil and efavirenz
J05AR12 J05AR12 lamivudine and tenofovir disoproxil
J05AR13 J05AR13 lamivudine, abacavir and dolutegravir
J05AR14 J05AR14 darunavir and cobicistat
J05AR15 J05AR15 atazanavir and cobicistat
J05AR16 J05AR16 lamivudine and raltegravir
J05AR17 J05AR17 emtricitabine and Tenofovir alafenamide
J05AR18 J05AR18 emtricitabine, tenofovir alafenamide, elvitegravir and cobicistat
J05AR19 J05AR19 emtricitabine, tenofovir alafenamide and rilpivirine
J05AR20 J05AR20 Emtricitabine, Tenofovir Alafenamide And Bictegravir
J05AR21 J05AR21 Dolutegravir And Rilpivirine
J05AR22 J05AR22 Emtricitabine, Tenofovir Alafenamide, Darunavir And Cobicistat
J05AR23 J05AR23 atazanavir and ritonavir
J05AR24 J05AR24 Lamivudine, tenofovir disoproxil and doravirine
J05AR25 J05AR25 Lamivudine And Dolutegravir
J05AR26 J05AR26 Darunavir And Ritonavir
J05AR27 J05AR27 Lamivudine, Tenofovir and Dolutegravir
J05AX J05AX Other antivirals
J05AX01 J05AX01 moroxydine
J05AX02 J05AX02 Lysozyme
J05AX05 J05AX05 Inosine pranobex
J05AX06 J05AX06 Pleconaril
J05AX07 J05AX07 Enfuvirtide
J05AX08 J05AX08 Raltegravir
J05AX09 J05AX09 Maraviroc
J05AX10 J05AX10 Maribavir
J05AX11 J05AX11 Elvitegravir
J05AX12 J05AX12 Dolutegravir
J05AX13 J05AX13 Umifenovir
J05AX17 J05AX17 Enisamium iodide
J05AX18 J05AX18 Letermovir
J05AX19 J05AX19 tilorone
J05AX21 J05AX21 pentanedioic acid imidazolyl ethanamide
J05AX23 J05AX23 Ibalizumab
J05AX24 J05AX24 Tecovirimat
J05AX25 J05AX25 Baloxavir Marboxil
J05AX26 J05AX26 Amenamevir
J05AX27 J05AX27 Favipiravir
J06 J06 Immune sera and Immunoglobulins
J06A J06A Immune sera
J06AA J06AA Immune sera
J06AA01 J06AA01 Diphtheria Antitoxin
J06AA02 J06AA02 Tetanus Antitoxin
J06AA03 J06AA03 snake venom antiserum
J06AA04 J06AA04 Botulinum Antitoxin
J06AA05 J06AA05 Gas-Gangrene Sera
J06AA06 J06AA06 Rabies Serum
J06B J06B Immunoglobulins
J06BA J06BA Immunoglobulins, normal human
J06BA01 J06BA01 Immunoglobulins, normal human, for extravascular adm.
J06BA02 J06BA02 Immunoglobulins, normal human, for intravascular adm.
J06BB J06BB Specific immunoglobulins
J06BB01 J06BB01 Anti-D (rh) immunoglobulin
J06BB02 J06BB02 Tetanus Immunoglobulin
J06BB03 J06BB03 Varicella/Zoster Immunoglobulin
J06BB04 J06BB04 Immunoglobulines hepatitis B
J06BB05 J06BB05 rabies immunoglobulin
J06BB06 J06BB06 Rubella Immunoglobulin
J06BB07 J06BB07 Vaccinia Immunoglobulin
J06BB08 J06BB08 Staphylococcus Immunoglobulin
J06BB09 J06BB09 Cytomegalovirus Immunoglobulin
J06BB10 J06BB10 Diphtheria Immunoglobulin
J06BB11 J06BB11 Hepatitis A Immunoglobulin
J06BB12 J06BB12 Encephalitis, Tick Borne Immunoglobulin
J06BB13 J06BB13 Pertussis Immunoglobulin
J06BB14 J06BB14 Measles Immunoglobulin
J06BB15 J06BB15 Mumps Immunoglobulin
J06BB16 J06BB16 palivizumab
J06BB17 J06BB17 Motavizumab
J06BB18 J06BB18 Raxibacumab
J06BB19 J06BB19 Anthrax Immunoglobulin
J06BB21 J06BB21 Bezlotoxumab
J06BB22 J06BB22 Obiltoxaximab
J06BB30 J06BB30 Combinations
J06BC J06BC Other Immunoglobulins
J06BC01 J06BC01 Nebacumab
J07 J07 Vaccines
J07A J07A Bacterial vaccines
J07AC J07AC Anthrax vaccines
J07AC01 J07AC01 anthrax antigen
J07AD J07AD Brucellosis vaccines
J07AD01 J07AD01 Brucella antigen
J07AE J07AE Cholera vaccines
J07AE01 J07AE01 cholera, inactivated, whole cell
J07AE02 J07AE02 cholera, live attenuated
J07AE51 J07AE51 cholera, combinations with typhoid vaccine, inactivated, whole cell
J07AF J07AF Diphtheria vaccines
J07AF01 J07AF01 diphtheria toxoid
J07AG J07AG Haemophilus influenzae B vaccines
J07AG01 J07AG01 Hemophilus influenzae B, purified antigen conjugated
J07AG51 J07AG51 Hemophilus influenzae B, combinations with toxoids
J07AG52 J07AG52 Hemophilus influenzae B, combinations with pertussis and toxoids
J07AG53 J07AG53 Hemophilus influenzae B, combinations with meningococcus C, conjugated
J07AH J07AH Meningococcal vaccines
J07AH01 J07AH01 Meningococcus A, purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH02 J07AH02 Other Meningococcal Monovalent Purified Polysaccharides Antigen
J07AH03 J07AH03 Meningococcus A,C, Bivalent Purified Polysaccharides Antigen
J07AH04 J07AH04 meningococcus A,C,Y,W-135, tetravalent purified polysaccharides antigen
J07AH05 J07AH05 Other Meningococcal Polyvalent Purified Polysaccharides Antigen
J07AH06 J07AH06 Meningococcus B, Outer Membrane Vesicle Vaccine
J07AH07 J07AH07 Meningococcus C, Purified Polysaccharides Antigen Conjugated
J07AH08 J07AH08 meningococcus A,C,Y,W-135, tetravalent purified polysaccharides antigen conjugated
J07AH09 J07AH09 Meningococcus B, Multicomponent Vaccine
J07AH10 J07AH10 Meningococcus A, Purified Polysaccharides Antigen Conjugated
J07AJ J07AJ Pertussis vaccines
J07AJ01 J07AJ01 Pertussis, Inactivated, Whole Cell
J07AJ02 J07AJ02 Pertussis, Purified Antigen
J07AJ51 J07AJ51 Pertussis, Inactivated, Whole Cell, Combinations With Toxoids
J07AJ52 J07AJ52 Pertussis, Purified Antigen, Combinations With Toxoids
J07AK J07AK Plague vaccines
J07AK01 J07AK01 plague, inactivated, whole cell
J07AL J07AL Pneumococcal vaccines
J07AL01 J07AL01 Pneumococcus, Purified Polysaccharides Antigen
J07AL02 J07AL02 Pneumococcus, Purified Polysaccharides Antigen Conjugated
J07AL52 J07AL52 Pneumococcus Purified Polysaccharides Antigen And Haemophilus Influenzae, Conjugated
J07AM J07AM Tetanus vaccines
J07AM01 J07AM01 Tetanus Toxoid
J07AM51 J07AM51 Tetanus Toxoid, Combinations With Diphtheria Toxoid
J07AM52 J07AM52 Tetanus Toxoid, Combinations With Tetanus Immunoglobulin
J07AN J07AN Tuberculosis vaccines
J07AN01 J07AN01 tuberculosis, live attenuated
J07AP J07AP Typhoid vaccines
J07AP01 J07AP01 Typhoid, Oral, Live attenuated
J07AP02 J07AP02 Typhoid, Inactivated, Whole Cell
J07AP03 J07AP03 Typhoid, Purified Polysaccharide Antigen
J07AP10 J07AP10 Typhoid, Combinations With Paratyphi Types
J07AR J07AR Typhus (exanthematicus) vaccines
J07AR01 J07AR01 typhus exanthematicus, inactivated, whole cell
J07AX J07AX Other bacterial vaccines
J07B J07B Viral vaccines
J07BA J07BA Encephalitis vaccines
J07BA01 J07BA01 encephalitis, tick borne, inactivated, whole virus
J07BA02 J07BA02 encephalitis, Japanese, inactivated, whole virus
J07BA03 J07BA03 encephalitis, Japanese, live attenuated
J07BB J07BB Influenza vaccines
J07BB01 J07BB01 Influenza, Inactivated, Whole Virus
J07BB02 J07BB02 Influenza, Inactivated, Split Virus Or Surface Antigen
J07BB03 J07BB03 Influenza, Live Attenuated
J07BC J07BC Hepatitis vaccines
J07BC01 J07BC01 Hepatitis B, Purified Antigen
J07BC02 J07BC02 Hepatitis A, Inactivated, Whole Virus
J07BC20 J07BC20 Combinations
J07BD J07BD Measles vaccines
J07BD01 J07BD01 Measles, Live Attenuated
J07BD51 J07BD51 Measles, Combinations With Mumps, Live Attenuated
J07BD52 J07BD52 Measles, Combinations With Mumps And Rubella, Live Attenuated
J07BD53 J07BD53 Measles, Combinations With Rubella, Live Attenuated
J07BD54 J07BD54 Measles, Combinations With Mumps, Rubella And Varicella, Live Attenuated
J07BE J07BE Mumps vaccines
J07BE01 J07BE01 mumps, live attenuated
J07BF J07BF Poliomyelitis vaccines
J07BF01 J07BF01 Poliomyelitis Oral, Monovalent, Live Attenuated
J07BF02 J07BF02 Poliomyelitis Oral, Trivalent, Live Attenuated
J07BF03 J07BF03 Poliomyelitis, Trivalent, Inactivated, Whole Virus
J07BF04 J07BF04 Poliomyelitis Oral, Bivalent, Live Attenuated
J07BG J07BG Rabies vaccines
J07BG01 J07BG01 Rabies, inactivated, whole virus
J07BH J07BH Rotavirus diarrhea vaccines
J07BH01 J07BH01 Rota Virus, Live Attenuated
J07BH02 J07BH02 Rota Virus, Pentavalent, Live, Reassorted
J07BJ J07BJ Rubella vaccines
J07BJ01 J07BJ01 rubella, live attenuated
J07BJ51 J07BJ51 rubella, combinations with mumps, live attenuated
J07BK J07BK Varicella zoster vaccines
J07BK01 J07BK01 Varicella, Live Attenuated
J07BK02 J07BK02 Zoster, Live Attenuated
J07BK03 J07BK03 Zoster, Purified Antigen
J07BL J07BL Yellow fever vaccines
J07BL01 J07BL01 Yellow fever, live attenuated
J07BM J07BM Papillomavirus vaccines
J07BM01 J07BM01 Papillomavirus (Human Types 6, 11, 16, 18)
J07BM02 J07BM02 Papillomavirus (Human Types 16, 18)
J07BM03 J07BM03 Papillomavirus (Human Types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58)
J07BX J07BX Other viral vaccines
J07BX01 J07BX01 smallpox, live attenuated
J07BX02 J07BX02 Ebola (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Vector Live Attenuated)
J07C J07C Bacterial and viral vaccines
J07CA J07CA Bacterial and viral vaccines combined
J07CA01 J07CA01 Diphtheria-Poliomyelitis-Tetanus
J07CA02 J07CA02 Diphtheria-Pertussis-Poliomyelitis-Tetanus
J07CA03 J07CA03 Diphtheria-Rubella-Tetanus
J07CA04 J07CA04 Hemophilus Influenzae B And Poliomyelitis
J07CA05 J07CA05 Diphtheria-Hepatitis B-Pertussis-Tetanus
J07CA06 J07CA06 Diphtheria-Hemophilus Influenzae B-Pertussis-Poliomyelitis-Tetanus
J07CA07 J07CA07 Diphtheria-Hepatitis B-Tetanus
J07CA08 J07CA08 Hemophilus Influenzae B And Hepatitis B
J07CA09 J07CA09 Diphtheria-Hemophilus Influenzae B-Pertussis-Poliomyelitis-Tetanus-Hepatitis B
J07CA10 J07CA10 Typhoid-Hepatitis A
J07CA11 J07CA11 Diphtheria-Hemophilus Influenzae B-Pertussis-Tetanus-Hepatitis B
J07CA12 J07CA12 Diphtheria-Pertussis-Poliomyelitis-Tetanus-Hepatitis B
J07CA13 J07CA13 Diphtheria-Hemophilus Influenzae B-Pertussis-Tetanus-Hepatitis B-Meningococcus A+C
J07X J07X Other vaccines
L L Antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents
L01 L01 Antineoplastic agents
L01A L01A Alkylating agents
L01AA L01AA Nitrogen mustard analogues
L01AA01 L01AA01 Cyclophosphamide
L01AA02 L01AA02 Chlorambucil
L01AA03 L01AA03 Melphalan
L01AA05 L01AA05 Chlormethine
L01AA06 L01AA06 Ifosfamide
L01AA07 L01AA07 Trofosfamide
L01AA08 L01AA08 Prednimustine
L01AA09 L01AA09 Bendamustine
L01AB L01AB Alkyl sulfonates
L01AB01 L01AB01 Busulfan
L01AB02 L01AB02 Treosulfan
L01AB03 L01AB03 Mannosulfan
L01AC L01AC Ethylene imines
L01AC01 L01AC01 Thiotepa
L01AC02 L01AC02 Triaziquone
L01AC03 L01AC03 Carboquone
L01AD L01AD Nitrosoureas
L01AD01 L01AD01 Carmustine
L01AD02 L01AD02 Lomustine
L01AD03 L01AD03 Semustine
L01AD04 L01AD04 Streptozocin
L01AD05 L01AD05 Fotemustine
L01AD06 L01AD06 Nimustine
L01AD07 L01AD07 Ranimustine
L01AD08 L01AD08 uramustine
L01AG L01AG Epoxides
L01AG01 L01AG01 Etoglucid
L01AX L01AX Other Alkylating agents
L01AX01 L01AX01 Mitobronitol
L01AX02 L01AX02 Pipobroman
L01AX03 L01AX03 Temozolomide
L01AX04 L01AX04 Dacarbazine
L01B L01B Antimetabolites
L01BA L01BA Folic acid analogues
L01BA01 L01BA01 Methotrexate
L01BA03 L01BA03 Raltitrexed
L01BA04 L01BA04 Pemetrexed
L01BA05 L01BA05 Pralatrexate
L01BB L01BB Purine analogues
L01BB02 L01BB02 Mercaptopurine
L01BB03 L01BB03 Tioguanine
L01BB04 L01BB04 Cladribine
L01BB05 L01BB05 Fludarabine
L01BB06 L01BB06 Clofarabine
L01BB07 L01BB07 Nelarabine
L01BC L01BC Pyrimidine analogues
L01BC01 L01BC01 Cytarabine
L01BC02 L01BC02 Fluorouracil
L01BC03 L01BC03 Tegafur
L01BC04 L01BC04 Carmofur
L01BC05 L01BC05 Gemcitabine
L01BC06 L01BC06 Capecitabine
L01BC07 L01BC07 Azacitidine
L01BC08 L01BC08 Decitabine
L01BC09 L01BC09 floxuridine
L01BC52 L01BC52 Fluorouracil, combinations
L01BC53 L01BC53 Tegafur, combinations
L01BC59 L01BC59 Trifluridine, combinations
L01C L01C Plant alkaloids and other natural products
L01CA L01CA Vinca alkaloids and analogues
L01CA01 L01CA01 Vinblastine
L01CA02 L01CA02 Vincristine
L01CA03 L01CA03 Vindesine
L01CA04 L01CA04 Vinorelbine
L01CA05 L01CA05 Vinflunine
L01CA06 L01CA06 Vintafolide
L01CB L01CB Podophyllotoxin derivatives
L01CB01 L01CB01 Etoposide
L01CB02 L01CB02 Teniposide
L01CC L01CC Colchicine derivatives
L01CC01 L01CC01 Demecolcine
L01CD L01CD Taxanes
L01CD01 L01CD01 Paclitaxel
L01CD02 L01CD02 Docetaxel
L01CD03 L01CD03 Paclitaxel poliglumex
L01CD04 L01CD04 Cabazitaxel
L01CX L01CX Other plant alkaloids and natural products
L01CX01 L01CX01 Trabectedin
L01D L01D Cytotoxic antibiotics and related substances
L01DA L01DA Actinomycines
L01DA01 L01DA01 Dactinomycin
L01DB L01DB Anthracyclines and related substances
L01DB01 L01DB01 Doxorubicin
L01DB02 L01DB02 Daunorubicin
L01DB03 L01DB03 Epirubicin
L01DB04 L01DB04 Aclarubicin
L01DB05 L01DB05 Zorubicin
L01DB06 L01DB06 Idarubicin
L01DB07 L01DB07 Mitoxantrone
L01DB08 L01DB08 Pirarubicin
L01DB09 L01DB09 Valrubicin
L01DB10 L01DB10 Amrubicin
L01DB11 L01DB11 Pixantrone
L01DC L01DC Other cytotoxic antibiotics
L01DC01 L01DC01 Bleomycin
L01DC02 L01DC02 Plicamycin
L01DC03 L01DC03 Mitomycin
L01DC04 L01DC04 Ixabepilone
L01X L01X Other antineoplastic agents
L01XA L01XA Platinum compounds
L01XA01 L01XA01 Cisplatin
L01XA02 L01XA02 Carboplatin
L01XA03 L01XA03 Oxaliplatin
L01XA04 L01XA04 Satraplatin
L01XA05 L01XA05 Polyplatillen
L01XB L01XB Methylhydrazines
L01XB01 L01XB01 Procarbazine
L01XC L01XC Monoclonal antibodies
L01XC01 L01XC01 Edrecolomab
L01XC02 L01XC02 Rituximab
L01XC03 L01XC03 Trastuzumab
L01XC05 L01XC05 Gemtuzumab
L01XC06 L01XC06 Cetuximab
L01XC07 L01XC07 Bevacizumab
L01XC08 L01XC08 Panitumumab
L01XC09 L01XC09 Catumaxomab
L01XC10 L01XC10 Ofatumumab
L01XC11 L01XC11 Ipilimumab
L01XC12 L01XC12 Brentuximab vedotin
L01XC13 L01XC13 Pertuzumab
L01XC14 L01XC14 Trastuzumab emtansine
L01XC15 L01XC15 Obinutuzumab
L01XC16 L01XC16 Dinutuximab beta
L01XC17 L01XC17 Nivolumab
L01XC18 L01XC18 Pembrolizumab
L01XC19 L01XC19 Blinatumomab
L01XC21 L01XC21 Ramucirumab
L01XC22 L01XC22 Necitumumab
L01XC23 L01XC23 Elotuzumab
L01XC24 L01XC24 Daratumumab
L01XC25 L01XC25 Mogamulizumab
L01XC26 L01XC26 Inotuzumab ozogamicin
L01XC27 L01XC27 Olaratumab
L01XC28 L01XC28 Durvalumab
L01XC29 L01XC29 Bermekimab
L01XC31 L01XC31 Avelumab
L01XC32 L01XC32 Atezolizumab
L01XC33 L01XC33 Cemiplimab
L01XD L01XD Sensitizers used in photodynamic/radiation therapy
L01XD01 L01XD01 Porfimer sodium
L01XD03 L01XD03 Methyl aminolevulinate
L01XD04 L01XD04 Aminolevulinic acid
L01XD05 L01XD05 Temoporfin
L01XD06 L01XD06 Efaproxiral
L01XD07 L01XD07 Padeliporfin
L01XE L01XE Protein kinase inhibitors
L01XE01 L01XE01 Imatinib
L01XE02 L01XE02 Gefitinib
L01XE03 L01XE03 Erlotinib
L01XE04 L01XE04 Sunitinib
L01XE05 L01XE05 Sorafenib
L01XE06 L01XE06 Dasatinib
L01XE07 L01XE07 Lapatinib
L01XE08 L01XE08 Nilotinib
L01XE09 L01XE09 Temsirolimus
L01XE10 L01XE10 Everolimus
L01XE11 L01XE11 Pazopanib
L01XE12 L01XE12 Vandetanib
L01XE13 L01XE13 Afatinib
L01XE14 L01XE14 Bosutinib
L01XE15 L01XE15 Vemurafenib
L01XE16 L01XE16 Crizotinib
L01XE17 L01XE17 Axitinib
L01XE18 L01XE18 Ruxolitinib
L01XE19 L01XE19 Ridaforolimus
L01XE21 L01XE21 Regorafenib
L01XE22 L01XE22 Masitinib
L01XE23 L01XE23 Dabrafenib
L01XE24 L01XE24 Ponatinib
L01XE25 L01XE25 Trametinib
L01XE26 L01XE26 Cabozantinib
L01XE27 L01XE27 Ibrutinib
L01XE28 L01XE28 Ceritinib
L01XE29 L01XE29 Lenvatinib
L01XE31 L01XE31 Nintedanib
L01XE32 L01XE32 Cediranib
L01XE33 L01XE33 Palbociclib
L01XE34 L01XE34 Tivozanib
L01XE35 L01XE35 Osimertinib
L01XE36 L01XE36 Alectinib
L01XE37 L01XE37 Rociletinib
L01XE38 L01XE38 Cobimetinib
L01XE39 L01XE39 Midostaurin
L01XE40 L01XE40 Olmutinib
L01XE41 L01XE41 Binimetinib
L01XE42 L01XE42 Ribociclib
L01XE43 L01XE43 Brigatinib
L01XE44 L01XE44 lorlatinib
L01XE45 L01XE45 Neratinib
L01XE46 L01XE46 Encorafenib
L01XE47 L01XE47 dacomitinib
L01XE48 L01XE48 icotinib
L01XE50 L01XE50 Abemaciclib
L01XE51 L01XE51 Acalabrutinib
L01XE52 L01XE52 Quizartinib
L01XE53 L01XE53 Larotrectinib
L01XE54 L01XE54 Gilteritinib
L01XE56 L01XE56 Entrectinib
L01XE57 L01XE57 Fedratinib
L01XX L01XX Other antineoplastic agents
L01XX01 L01XX01 Amsacrine
L01XX02 L01XX02 Asparaginase
L01XX03 L01XX03 Altretamine
L01XX05 L01XX05 Hydroxycarbamide
L01XX07 L01XX07 lonidamine
L01XX08 L01XX08 Pentostatin
L01XX09 L01XX09 Miltefosine
L01XX10 L01XX10 Masoprocol
L01XX11 L01XX11 Estramustine
L01XX14 L01XX14 Tretinoin
L01XX16 L01XX16 Mitoguazone
L01XX17 L01XX17 Topotecan
L01XX18 L01XX18 Tiazofurine
L01XX19 L01XX19 Irinotecan
L01XX22 L01XX22 Alitretinoin
L01XX23 L01XX23 Mitotane
L01XX24 L01XX24 Pegaspargase
L01XX25 L01XX25 Bexarotene
L01XX27 L01XX27 Arsenic Trioxide
L01XX29 L01XX29 Denileukin Diftitox
L01XX32 L01XX32 Bortezomib
L01XX33 L01XX33 Celecoxib
L01XX35 L01XX35 Anagrelide
L01XX36 L01XX36 Oblimersen
L01XX37 L01XX37 Sitimagene Ceradenovec
L01XX38 L01XX38 Vorinostat
L01XX39 L01XX39 Romidepsin
L01XX40 L01XX40 Omacetaxine Mepesuccinate
L01XX41 L01XX41 Eribulin
L01XX42 L01XX42 Panobinostat
L01XX43 L01XX43 Vismodegib
L01XX44 L01XX44 Aflibercept
L01XX45 L01XX45 Carfilzomib
L01XX46 L01XX46 Olaparib
L01XX47 L01XX47 Idelalisib
L01XX48 L01XX48 Sonidegib
L01XX49 L01XX49 Belinostat
L01XX50 L01XX50 Ixazomib
L01XX51 L01XX51 Talimogene Laherparepvec
L01XX52 L01XX52 Venetoclax
L01XX53 L01XX53 Vosaroxin
L01XX54 L01XX54 Niraparib
L01XX55 L01XX55 Rucaparib
L01XX56 L01XX56 Etirinotecan Pegol
L01XX57 L01XX57 Plitidepsin
L01XX58 L01XX58 Epacadostat
L01XX59 L01XX59 Enasidenib
L01XX60 L01XX60 Talazoparib
L01XX61 L01XX61 Copanlisib
L01XX62 L01XX62 Ivosidenib
L01XX63 L01XX63 Glasdegib
L01XX64 L01XX64 Entinostat
L01XX65 L01XX65 Alpelisib
L01XX66 L01XX66 Selinexor
L01XX67 L01XX67 Tagraxofusp
L01XX68 L01XX68 Belotecan
L01XY L01XY Combinations of antineoplastic agents
L01XY01 L01XY01 cytarabine and daunorubicin
L02 L02 Endocrine Therapy
L02A L02A Hormones and Related Agents
L02AA L02AA Estrogens
L02AA01 L02AA01 Diethylstilbestrol
L02AA02 L02AA02 Polyestradiol phosphate
L02AA03 L02AA03 Ethinylestradiol
L02AA04 L02AA04 Fosfestrol
L02AB L02AB Progestogens
L02AB01 L02AB01 Megestrol
L02AB02 L02AB02 Medroxyprogesterone
L02AB03 L02AB03 Gestonorone
L02AE L02AE Gonadotropin releasing hormone analogues
L02AE01 L02AE01 Buserelin
L02AE02 L02AE02 Leuprorelin
L02AE03 L02AE03 Goserelin
L02AE04 L02AE04 Triptorelin
L02AE05 L02AE05 Histrelin
L02AE51 L02AE51 Leuprorelin and bicalutamide
L02AX L02AX Other hormones
L02B L02B Hormone Antagonists and Related Agents
L02BA L02BA Anti-estrogens
L02BA01 L02BA01 Tamoxifen
L02BA02 L02BA02 Toremifene
L02BA03 L02BA03 Fulvestrant
L02BB L02BB Anti-androgens
L02BB01 L02BB01 Flutamide
L02BB02 L02BB02 nilutamide
L02BB03 L02BB03 Bicalutamide
L02BB04 L02BB04 Enzalutamide
L02BB05 L02BB05 Apalutamide
L02BB06 L02BB06 Darolutamide
L02BG L02BG Aromatase inhibitors
L02BG01 L02BG01 Aminoglutethimide
L02BG02 L02BG02 Formestane
L02BG03 L02BG03 Anastrozole
L02BG04 L02BG04 Letrozole
L02BG05 L02BG05 Vorozole
L02BG06 L02BG06 Exemestane
L02BX L02BX Other hormone antagonists and related agents
L02BX01 L02BX01 Abarelix
L02BX02 L02BX02 Degarelix
L02BX03 L02BX03 Abiraterone
L03 L03 Immunostimulants
L03A L03A Immunostimulants
L03AA L03AA Colony stimulating factors
L03AA02 L03AA02 Filgrastim
L03AA03 L03AA03 Molgramostim
L03AA09 L03AA09 Sargramostim
L03AA10 L03AA10 Lenograstim
L03AA12 L03AA12 Ancestim
L03AA13 L03AA13 Pegfilgrastim
L03AA14 L03AA14 Lipegfilgrastim
L03AA15 L03AA15 Balugrastim
L03AA16 L03AA16 Empegfilgrastim
L03AA17 L03AA17 Pegteograstim
L03AB L03AB Interferons
L03AB01 L03AB01 Interferon alfa natural
L03AB02 L03AB02 Interferon beta natural
L03AB03 L03AB03 Interferon gamma
L03AB04 L03AB04 Interferon alfa-2a
L03AB05 L03AB05 Interferon alfa-2b
L03AB06 L03AB06 Interferons alfa-n1
L03AB07 L03AB07 Interferon beta-1a
L03AB08 L03AB08 Interferon Beta-1b
L03AB09 L03AB09 Interferon alfacon-1
L03AB10 L03AB10 Peginterferon alfa-2b
L03AB11 L03AB11 Peginterferon alfa-2a
L03AB12 L03AB12 Albinterferon alfa-2b
L03AB13 L03AB13 Peginterferon beta-1a
L03AB14 L03AB14 Cepeginterferon alfa-2b
L03AB15 L03AB15 Ropeginterferon Alfa-2B
L03AB60 L03AB60 Peginterferon alfa-2b, combinations
L03AB61 L03AB61 Peginterferon alfa-2a, combinations
L03AC L03AC Interleukins
L03AC01 L03AC01 Aldesleukin
L03AC02 L03AC02 Oprelvekin
L03AX L03AX Other Immunostimulants
L03AX01 L03AX01 Lentinan
L03AX02 L03AX02 Roquinimex
L03AX03 L03AX03 BCG vaccine
L03AX04 L03AX04 Pegademase
L03AX05 L03AX05 Pidotimod
L03AX07 L03AX07 Poly I:C
L03AX08 L03AX08 Poly ICLC
L03AX09 L03AX09 Thymopentin
L03AX10 L03AX10 Immunocyanin
L03AX11 L03AX11 Tasonermin
L03AX12 L03AX12 Melanoma Vaccine
L03AX13 L03AX13 Glatiramer acetate
L03AX14 L03AX14 Histamine Dihydrochloride
L03AX15 L03AX15 Mifamurtide
L03AX16 L03AX16 Plerixafor
L03AX17 L03AX17 Sipuleucel-T
L03AX18 L03AX18 Cridanimod
L03AX19 L03AX19 Dasiprotimut-T
L03AX21 L03AX21 Elapegademase
L04 L04 Immunosuppressants drugs
L04A L04A Immunosuppressants
L04AA L04AA Selective immunosuppressants
L04AA02 L04AA02 Muromonab-CD3
L04AA03 L04AA03 Antilymphocyte Immunoglobulin (Horse)
L04AA04 L04AA04 antithymocyte immunoglobulin (rabbit)
L04AA06 L04AA06 Mycophenolic acid
L04AA10 L04AA10 Sirolimus
L04AA13 L04AA13 Leflunomide
L04AA15 L04AA15 Alefacept
L04AA18 L04AA18 Everolimus
L04AA19 L04AA19 Gusperimus
L04AA21 L04AA21 Efalizumab
L04AA22 L04AA22 abetimus
L04AA23 L04AA23 Natalizumab
L04AA24 L04AA24 Abatacept
L04AA25 L04AA25 Eculizumab
L04AA26 L04AA26 Belimumab
L04AA27 L04AA27 Fingolimod
L04AA28 L04AA28 Belatacept
L04AA29 L04AA29 Tofacitinib
L04AA31 L04AA31 Teriflunomide
L04AA32 L04AA32 Apremilast
L04AA33 L04AA33 Vedolizumab
L04AA34 L04AA34 Alemtuzumab
L04AA35 L04AA35 Begelomab
L04AA36 L04AA36 Ocrelizumab
L04AA37 L04AA37 Baricitinib
L04AA38 L04AA38 ozanimod
L04AA39 L04AA39 emapalumab
L04AA40 L04AA40 cladribine
L04AA41 L04AA41 Imlifidase
L04AA42 L04AA42 Siponimod
L04AA43 L04AA43 Ravulizumab
L04AA44 L04AA44 Upadacitinib
L04AB L04AB Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) inhibitors
L04AB01 L04AB01 Etanercept
L04AB02 L04AB02 Infliximab
L04AB03 L04AB03 Afelimomab
L04AB04 L04AB04 Adalimumab
L04AB05 L04AB05 Certolizumab pegol
L04AB06 L04AB06 Golimumab
L04AB07 L04AB07 Opinercept
L04AC L04AC Interleukin inhibitors
L04AC01 L04AC01 Daclizumab
L04AC02 L04AC02 Basiliximab
L04AC03 L04AC03 Anakinra
L04AC04 L04AC04 Rilonacept
L04AC05 L04AC05 Ustekinumab
L04AC07 L04AC07 Tocilizumab
L04AC08 L04AC08 Canakinumab
L04AC09 L04AC09 Briakinumab
L04AC10 L04AC10 Secukinumab
L04AC11 L04AC11 Siltuximab
L04AC12 L04AC12 Brodalumab
L04AC13 L04AC13 Ixekizumab
L04AC14 L04AC14 Sarilumab
L04AC15 L04AC15 Sirukumab
L04AC16 L04AC16 Guselkumab
L04AC17 L04AC17 tildrakizumab
L04AC18 L04AC18 Risankizumab
L04AD L04AD Calcineurin inhibitors
L04AD01 L04AD01 Ciclosporin
L04AD02 L04AD02 Tacrolimus
L04AD03 L04AD03 Voclosporin
L04AX L04AX Other immunosuppressants
L04AX01 L04AX01 Azathioprine
L04AX02 L04AX02 Thalidomide
L04AX03 L04AX03 Methotrexate
L04AX04 L04AX04 Lenalidomide
L04AX05 L04AX05 Pirfenidone
L04AX06 L04AX06 Pomalidomide
L04AX07 L04AX07 Dimethyl fumarate
L04AX08 L04AX08 Darvadstrocel
M M Musculo-skeletal system
M01 M01 Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic products
M01A M01A Anti-inflammatory and antirheumatic products, non-steroids
M01AA M01AA Butylpyrazolidines
M01AA01 M01AA01 Phenylbutazone
M01AA02 M01AA02 Mofebutazone
M01AA03 M01AA03 Oxyphenbutazone
M01AA05 M01AA05 Clofezone
M01AA06 M01AA06 Kebuzone
M01AB M01AB Acetic acid derivatives and related substances
M01AB01 M01AB01 Indometacin
M01AB02 M01AB02 Sulindac
M01AB03 M01AB03 Tolmetin
M01AB04 M01AB04 Zomepirac
M01AB05 M01AB05 Diclofenac
M01AB06 M01AB06 Alclofenac
M01AB07 M01AB07 Bumadizone
M01AB08 M01AB08 Etodolac
M01AB09 M01AB09 Lonazolac
M01AB10 M01AB10 Fentiazac
M01AB11 M01AB11 Acemetacin
M01AB12 M01AB12 Difenpiramide
M01AB13 M01AB13 oxametacin
M01AB14 M01AB14 proglumetacin
M01AB15 M01AB15 ketorolac
M01AB16 M01AB16 aceclofenac
M01AB17 M01AB17 bufexamac
M01AB51 M01AB51 indometacin, combinations
M01AB55 M01AB55 diclofenac, combinations
M01AC M01AC Oxicams
M01AC01 M01AC01 Piroxicam
M01AC02 M01AC02 Tenoxicam
M01AC04 M01AC04 Droxicam
M01AC05 M01AC05 lornoxicam
M01AC06 M01AC06 meloxicam
M01AC56 M01AC56 meloxicam, combinations
M01AE M01AE Propionic acid derivatives
M01AE01 M01AE01 ibuprofen
M01AE02 M01AE02 naproxen
M01AE03 M01AE03 Ketoprofen
M01AE04 M01AE04 fenoprofen
M01AE05 M01AE05 fenbufen
M01AE06 M01AE06 benoxaprofen
M01AE07 M01AE07 suprofen
M01AE08 M01AE08 pirprofen
M01AE09 M01AE09 flurbiprofen
M01AE10 M01AE10 indoprofen
M01AE11 M01AE11 Tiaprofenic acid
M01AE12 M01AE12 oxaprozin
M01AE13 M01AE13 Ibuproxam
M01AE14 M01AE14 dexibuprofen
M01AE15 M01AE15 flunoxaprofen
M01AE16 M01AE16 alminoprofen
M01AE17 M01AE17 dexketoprofen
M01AE18 M01AE18 Naproxcinod
M01AE51 M01AE51 ibuprofen, combinations
M01AE52 M01AE52 naproxen and esomeprazole
M01AE53 M01AE53 ketoprofen, combinations
M01AE56 M01AE56 naproxen and misoprostol
M01AG M01AG Fenamates
M01AG01 M01AG01 mefenamic acid
M01AG02 M01AG02 tolfenamic acid
M01AG03 M01AG03 flufenamic acid
M01AG04 M01AG04 meclofenamic acid
M01AH M01AH Coxibs
M01AH01 M01AH01 Celecoxib
M01AH02 M01AH02 Rofecoxib
M01AH03 M01AH03 Valdecoxib
M01AH04 M01AH04 Parecoxib
M01AH05 M01AH05 Etoricoxib
M01AH06 M01AH06 Lumiracoxib
M01AH07 M01AH07 Polmacoxib
M01AX M01AX Other antiinflammatory and antirheumatic agents, non-steroids
M01AX01 M01AX01 Nabumetone
M01AX02 M01AX02 niflumic acid
M01AX04 M01AX04 azapropazone
M01AX05 M01AX05 glucosamine
M01AX07 M01AX07 benzydamine
M01AX12 M01AX12 glucosaminoglycan polysulfate
M01AX13 M01AX13 proquazone
M01AX14 M01AX14 orgotein
M01AX17 M01AX17 nimesulide
M01AX18 M01AX18 feprazone
M01AX21 M01AX21 diacerein
M01AX22 M01AX22 morniflumate
M01AX23 M01AX23 Tenidap
M01AX24 M01AX24 Oxaceprol
M01AX25 M01AX25 chondroitin sulfate
M01AX26 M01AX26 avocado and soyabean oil, unsaponifiables
M01AX68 M01AX68 feprazone, combinations
M01B M01B Anti-inflammatory/antirheumatic agents in combination
M01BA M01BA Anti-inflammatory/antirheumatic agents in combination with corticosteroids
M01BA01 M01BA01 phenylbutazone and corticosteroids
M01BA02 M01BA02 dipyrocetyl and corticosteroids
M01BA03 M01BA03 acetylsalicylic acid and corticosteroids
M01BX M01BX Other Antiinflammatory/Antirheumatic Agents In Combination With Other Drugs
M01C M01C Specific antirheumatic agents
M01CA M01CA Quinolines
M01CA03 M01CA03 oxycinchophen
M01CB M01CB Gold Preparations
M01CB01 M01CB01 sodium aurothiomalate
M01CB02 M01CB02 sodium aurotiosulfate
M01CB03 M01CB03 Auranofin
M01CB04 M01CB04 aurothioglucose
M01CB05 M01CB05 aurotioprol
M01CC M01CC Penicillamine and similar agents
M01CC01 M01CC01 penicillamine
M01CC02 M01CC02 bucillamine
M01CX M01CX Other Specific Antirheumatic Agents
M01CX M01CX Other specific antirheumatic agents
M02 M02 Topical products for joint and muscular pain
M02A M02A Topical products for joint and muscular pain
M02AA M02AA NSAI preparations for topical use
M02AA01 M02AA01 phenylbutazone
M02AA02 M02AA02 mofebutazone
M02AA03 M02AA03 clofezone
M02AA04 M02AA04 oxyphenbutazone
M02AA05 M02AA05 benzydamine
M02AA06 M02AA06 etofenamate
M02AA07 M02AA07 piroxicam
M02AA08 M02AA08 Felbinac
M02AA08 M02AA09 bufexamac
M02AA09 M02AA09 Bufexamac
M02AA10 M02AA10 ketoprofen
M02AA11 M02AA11 bendazac
M02AA12 M02AA12 naproxen
M02AA13 M02AA13 ibuprofen
M02AA14 M02AA14 fentiazac
M02AA15 M02AA15 diclofenac
M02AA16 M02AA16 feprazone
M02AA17 M02AA17 niflumic acid
M02AA18 M02AA18 meclofenamic acid
M02AA19 M02AA19 flurbiprofen
M02AA21 M02AA21 tolmetin
M02AA22 M02AA22 suxibuzone
M02AA23 M02AA23 indometacin
M02AA24 M02AA24 nifenazone
M02AA25 M02AA25 aceclofenac
M02AA26 M02AA26 nimesulide
M02AA27 M02AA27 dexketoprofen
M02AA28 M02AA28 piketoprofen
M02AB M02AB Capsicum preparations and similar agents
M02AB01 M02AB01 Capsaicin
M02AB02 M02AB02 Zucapsaicin
M02AC M02AC Preparations with salicylic acid derivatives
M02AX M02AX Other topical products for joint and muscular pain
M02AX02 M02AX02 Tolazoline
M02AX03 M02AX03 Dimethyl sulfoxide
M02AX05 M02AX05 Idrocilamide
M02AX06 M02AX06 Tolperisone
M02AX10 M02AX10 Various
M03 M03 Muscle relaxants
M03A M03A Muscle relaxants, peripherally acting agents
M03AA M03AA Curare Alkaloids
M03AA01 M03AA01 Alcuronium
M03AA02 M03AA02 Tubocurarine
M03AA04 M03AA04 Dimethyltubocurarine
M03AB M03AB Choline derivatives
M03AB01 M03AB01 suxamethonium
M03AC M03AC Other quaternary ammonium compounds
M03AC01 M03AC01 pancuronium
M03AC02 M03AC02 gallamine
M03AC03 M03AC03 vecuronium
M03AC04 M03AC04 Atracurium
M03AC05 M03AC05 hexafluronium
M03AC06 M03AC06 pipecuronium bromide
M03AC07 M03AC07 doxacurium chloride
M03AC08 M03AC08 fazadinium bromide
M03AC09 M03AC09 rocuronium bromide
M03AC10 M03AC10 mivacurium chloride
M03AC11 M03AC11 Cisatracurium
M03AX M03AX Other muscle relaxants, peripherally acting agents
M03AX01 M03AX01 botulinum toxin
M03B M03B Muscle relaxants, centrally acting agents
M03BA M03BA Carbamic acid esters
M03BA01 M03BA01 phenprobamate
M03BA02 M03BA02 carisoprodol
M03BA03 M03BA03 methocarbamol
M03BA04 M03BA04 styramate
M03BA05 M03BA05 febarbamate
M03BA51 M03BA51 phenprobamate, combinations excl. psycholeptics
M03BA52 M03BA52 carisoprodol, combinations excl. psycholeptics
M03BA53 M03BA53 methocarbamol, combinations excl. psycholeptics
M03BA71 M03BA71 phenprobamate, combinations with psycholeptics
M03BA72 M03BA72 carisoprodol, combinations with psycholeptics
M03BA73 M03BA73 methocarbamol, combinations with psycholeptics
M03BB M03BB Oxazol, thiazine, and triazine derivatives
M03BB02 M03BB02 chlormezanone
M03BB03 M03BB03 chlorzoxazone
M03BB52 M03BB52 chlormezanone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
M03BB53 M03BB53 chlorzoxazone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
M03BB72 M03BB72 chlormezanone, combinations with psycholeptics
M03BB73 M03BB73 chlorzoxazone, combinations with psycholeptics
M03BC M03BC Ethers, chemically close to antihistamines
M03BC01 M03BC01 orphenadrine (citrate)
M03BC51 M03BC51 orphenadrine, combinations
M03BX M03BX Other centrally acting agents
M03BX01 M03BX01 baclofen
M03BX02 M03BX02 tizanidine
M03BX03 M03BX03 pridinol
M03BX04 M03BX04 tolperisone
M03BX05 M03BX05 thiocolchicoside
M03BX06 M03BX06 mephenesin
M03BX07 M03BX07 tetrazepam
M03BX08 M03BX08 cyclobenzaprine
M03BX09 M03BX09 eperisone
M03BX30 M03BX30 fenyramidol
M03BX55 M03BX55 thiocolchicoside, combinations
M03C M03C Muscle relaxants, directly acting agents
M03CA M03CA Dantrolene And Derivatives
M03CA01 M03CA01 Dantrolene
M04 M04 Antigout preparations
M04A M04A Antigout preparations
M04AA M04AA Preparations inhibiting uric acid production
M04AA01 M04AA01 Allopurinol
M04AA02 M04AA02 tisopurine
M04AA03 M04AA03 febuxostat
M04AA51 M04AA51 allopurinol, combinations
M04AB M04AB Preparations increasing uric acid excretion
M04AB01 M04AB01 probenecid
M04AB02 M04AB02 sulfinpyrazone
M04AB03 M04AB03 benzbromarone
M04AB04 M04AB04 isobromindione
M04AB05 M04AB05 lesinurad
M04AC M04AC Preparations with no effect on uric acid metabolism
M04AC01 M04AC01 colchicine
M04AC02 M04AC02 cinchophen
M04AX M04AX Other antigout preparations
M04AX01 M04AX01 urate oxidase
M04AX02 M04AX02 pegloticase
M05 M05 Drugs for treatment of bone diseases
M05B M05B Drugs affecting bone structure and mineralization
M05BA M05BA Bisphosphonates
M05BA01 M05BA01 etidronic acid
M05BA02 M05BA02 clodronic acid
M05BA03 M05BA03 Pamidronic acid
M05BA04 M05BA04 Alendronic acid
M05BA05 M05BA05 Tiludronic acid
M05BA06 M05BA06 Ibandronic acid
M05BA07 M05BA07 Risedronic acid
M05BA08 M05BA08 Zoledronic acid
M05BB M05BB Bisphosphonates, combinations
M05BB01 M05BB01 etidronic acid and calcium, sequential
M05BB02 M05BB02 risedronic acid and calcium, sequential
M05BB03 M05BB03 alendronic acid and colecalciferol
M05BB04 M05BB04 risedronic acid, calcium and colecalciferol, sequential
M05BB05 M05BB05 alendronic acid, calcium and colecalciferol, sequential
M05BB06 M05BB06 alendronic acid and alfacalcidol, sequential
M05BB07 M05BB07 risedronic acid and colecalciferol
M05BB08 M05BB08 zoledronic acid, calcium and colecalciferol, sequential
M05BB09 M05BB09 ibandronic acid and colecalciferol
M05BC M05BC Bone morphogenetic proteins
M05BC01 M05BC01 dibotermin alfa
M05BC02 M05BC02 eptotermin alfa
M05BX M05BX Other drugs affecting bone structure and mineralization
M05BX01 M05BX01 ipriflavone
M05BX02 M05BX02 aluminium chlorohydrate
M05BX03 M05BX03 strontium ranelate
M05BX04 M05BX04 denosumab
M05BX05 M05BX05 burosumab
M05BX06 M05BX06 Romosozumab
M05BX53 M05BX53 strontium ranelate and colecalciferol
M09 M09 Other drugs for disorders of the musculo-skeletal system
M09A M09A Other drugs for disorders of the musculo-skeletal system
M09AA M09AA Quinine and derivatives
M09AA01 M09AA01 hydroquinine
M09AA72 M09AA72 quinine, combinations with psycholeptics
M09AB M09AB Enzymes
M09AB01 M09AB01 chymopapain
M09AB02 M09AB02 collagenase clostridium histolyticum
M09AB03 M09AB03 bromelains
M09AB52 M09AB52 trypsin, combinations
M09AX M09AX Other drugs for disorders of the musculo-skeletal system
M09AX01 M09AX01 hyaluronic acid
M09AX02 M09AX02 chondrocytes, autologous
M09AX03 M09AX03 Ataluren
M09AX04 M09AX04 drisapersen
M09AX05 M09AX05 aceneuramic acid
M09AX06 M09AX06 Eteplirsen
M09AX07 M09AX07 Nusinersen
N N Nervous System
N01 N01 Anesthetics
N01A N01A General anesthetics
N01AA N01AA Ethers
N01AA01 N01AA01 diethyl ether
N01AA02 N01AA02 vinyl ether
N01AB N01AB Halogenated hydrocarbons
N01AB01 N01AB01 halothane
N01AB02 N01AB02 chloroform
N01AB04 N01AB04 enflurane
N01AB05 N01AB05 trichloroethylene
N01AB06 N01AB06 isoflurane
P N01AB07 Desflurane
N01AB08 N01AB08 sevoflurane
N01AF N01AF Barbiturates, plain
N01AF01 N01AF01 methohexital
N01AF02 N01AF02 hexobarbital
N01AF03 N01AF03 thiopental
N01AG N01AG Barbiturates In Combination With Other Drugs
N01AG01 N01AG01 narcobarbital
N01AH N01AH Opioid anesthetics
N01AH01 N01AH01 fentanyl
N01AH02 N01AH02 alfentanil
N01AH03 N01AH03 sufentanil
N01AH04 N01AH04 phenoperidine
N01AH05 N01AH05 anileridine
N01AH06 N01AH06 Remifentanil
N01AH51 N01AH51 fentanyl, combinations
N01AX N01AX Other general anesthetics
N01AX03 N01AX03 ketamine
N01AX04 N01AX04 propanidid
N01AX05 N01AX05 alfaxalone
N01AX07 N01AX07 Etomidate
N01AX10 N01AX10 Propofol
N01AX11 N01AX11 sodium oxybate
N01AX13 N01AX13 nitrous oxide
N01AX14 N01AX14 esketamine
N01AX15 N01AX15 xenon
N01AX63 N01AX63 nitrous oxide, combinations
N01B N01B Local anesthetics
N01BA N01BA Esters of Aminobenzoic Acid
N01BA01 N01BA01 metabutethamine
N01BA02 N01BA02 procaine
N01BA03 N01BA03 tetracaine
N01BA04 N01BA04 chloroprocaine
N01BA05 N01BA05 benzocaine
N01BA52 N01BA52 procaine, combinations
N01BA53 N01BA53 Tetracaine, Combinations
N01BB N01BB Amides
N01BB01 N01BB01 bupivacaine
N01BB02 N01BB02 lidocaine
N01BB03 N01BB03 mepivacaine
N01BB04 N01BB04 prilocaine
N01BB05 N01BB05 butanilicaine
N01BB06 N01BB06 cinchocaine
N01BB07 N01BB07 etidocaine
N01BB08 N01BB08 articaine
N01BB09 N01BB09 ropivacaine
N01BB10 N01BB10 levobupivacaine
N01BB20 N01BB20 combinations
N01BB51 N01BB51 bupivacaine, combinations
N01BB52 N01BB52 lidocaine, combinations
N01BB53 N01BB53 mepivacaine, combinations
N01BB54 N01BB54 prilocaine, combinations
N01BB57 N01BB57 etidocaine, combinations
N01BB58 N01BB58 articaine, combinations
N01BC N01BC Esters of benzoic acid
N01BC01 N01BC01 cocaine
N01BX N01BX Other local anesthetics
N01BX01 N01BX01 ethyl chloride
N01BX02 N01BX02 dyclonine
N01BX03 N01BX03 phenol
N01BX04 N01BX04 capsaicin
N02 N02 Analgesics
N02A N02A Opioids
N02AA N02AA Natural opium alkaloids
N02AA01 N02AA01 morphine
N02AA02 N02AA02 opium
N02AA03 N02AA03 hydromorphone
N02AA04 N02AA04 nicomorphine
N02AA05 N02AA05 oxycodone
N02AA08 N02AA08 dihydrocodeine
N02AA10 N02AA10 papaveretum
N02AA51 N02AA51 morphine, combinations
N02AA53 N02AA53 Hydromorphone And Naloxone
N02AA55 N02AA55 oxycodone and naloxone
N02AA56 N02AA56 Oxycodone And Naltrexone
N02AA58 N02AA58 Dihydrocodeine, combinations
N02AA59 N02AA59 Codeine, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02AA79 N02AA79 Codeine, combinations with psycholeptics
N02AB N02AB Phenylpiperidine derivatives
N02AB01 N02AB01 Ketobemidone
N02AB02 N02AB02 Pethidine
N02AB03 N02AB03 Fentanyl
N02AB52 N02AB52 Pethidine, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02AB72 N02AB72 Pethidine, combinations with psycholeptics
N02AC N02AC Diphenylpropylamine derivatives
N02AC01 N02AC01 Dextromoramide
N02AC03 N02AC03 Piritramide
N02AC04 N02AC04 Dextropropoxyphene
N02AC05 N02AC05 Bezitramide
N02AC52 N02AC52 Methadone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02AC54 N02AC54 Dextropropoxyphene, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02AC74 N02AC74 Dextropropoxyphene, combinations with psycholeptics
N02AD N02AD Benzomorphan Derivatives
N02AD01 N02AD01 Pentazocine
N02AD02 N02AD02 Phenazocine
N02AE N02AE Oripavine Derivatives
N02AE01 N02AE01 Buprenorphine
N02AF N02AF Morphinan derivatives
N02AF01 N02AF01 Butorphanol
N02AF02 N02AF02 Nalbuphine
N02AG N02AG Opioids In Combination With Antispasmodics
N02AG01 N02AG01 Morphine and antispasmodics
N02AG02 N02AG02 Ketobemidone and antispasmodics
N02AG03 N02AG03 Pethidine and antispasmodics
N02AG04 N02AG04 hydromorphone and antispasmodics
N02AJ N02AJ Opioids in combination with non-opioid analgesics
N02AJ01 N02AJ01 dihydrocodeine and paracetamol
N02AJ02 N02AJ02 dihydrocodeine and acetylsalicylic acid
N02AJ03 N02AJ03 dihydrocodeine and other non-opioid analgesics
N02AJ06 N02AJ06 codeine and paracetamol
N02AJ07 N02AJ07 codeine and acetylsalicylic acid
N02AJ08 N02AJ08 codeine and ibuprofen
N02AJ09 N02AJ09 codeine and other non-opioid analgesics
N02AJ13 N02AJ13 tramadol and paracetamol
N02AJ14 N02AJ14 tramadol and dexketoprofen
N02AJ15 N02AJ15 tramadol and other non-opioid analgesics
N02AJ17 N02AJ17 oxycodone and paracetamol
N02AJ18 N02AJ18 oxycodone and acetylsalicylic acid
N02AJ19 N02AJ19 oxycodone and ibuprofen
N02AX N02AX Other opioids
N02AX01 N02AX01 tilidine
N02AX02 N02AX02 tramadol
N02AX03 N02AX03 dezocine
N02AX05 N02AX05 meptazinol
N02AX06 N02AX06 tapentadol
N02B N02B Other analgesics and antipyretics
N02BA N02BA Salicylic acid and derivatives
N02BA01 N02BA01 acetylsalicylic acid
N02BA02 N02BA02 aloxiprin
N02BA03 N02BA03 choline salicylate
N02BA04 N02BA04 sodium salicylate
N02BA05 N02BA05 salicylamide
N02BA06 N02BA06 salsalate
N02BA07 N02BA07 ethenzamide
N02BA08 N02BA08 morpholine salicylate
N02BA09 N02BA09 dipyrocetyl
N02BA10 N02BA10 benorilate
N02BA11 N02BA11 diflunisal
N02BA12 N02BA12 potassium salicylate
N02BA14 N02BA14 guacetisal
N02BA15 N02BA15 carbasalate calcium
N02BA16 N02BA16 imidazole salicylate
N02BA51 N02BA51 acetylsalicylic acid, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BA55 N02BA55 salicylamide, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BA57 N02BA57 ethenzamide, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BA59 N02BA59 dipyrocetyl, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BA65 N02BA65 carbasalate calcium combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BA71 N02BA71 acetylsalicylic acid, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BA75 N02BA75 salicylamide, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BA77 N02BA77 ethenzamide, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BA79 N02BA79 dipyrocetyl, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BB N02BB Pyrazolones
N02BB01 N02BB01 phenazone
N02BB02 N02BB02 metamizole sodium
N02BB03 N02BB03 aminophenazone
N02BB04 N02BB04 propyphenazone
N02BB05 N02BB05 nifenazone
N02BB51 N02BB51 phenazone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BB52 N02BB52 metamizole sodium, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BB53 N02BB53 aminophenazone, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BB54 N02BB54 Propyphenazone, combinations excl. Psycholeptics
N02BB71 N02BB71 phenazone, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BB72 N02BB72 metamizole sodium, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BB73 N02BB73 aminophenazone, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BB74 N02BB74 propyphenazone, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BE N02BE Anilides
N02BE01 N02BE01 paracetamol
N02BE03 N02BE03 phenacetin
N02BE04 N02BE04 bucetin
N02BE05 N02BE05 propacetamol
N02BE51 N02BE51 paracetamol, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BE53 N02BE53 phenacetin, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BE54 N02BE54 bucetin, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02BE71 N02BE71 paracetamol, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BE73 N02BE73 phenacetin, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BE74 N02BE74 bucetin, combinations with psycholeptics
N02BG N02BG Other analgesics and antipyretics
N02BG02 N02BG02 rimazolium
N02BG03 N02BG03 glafenine
N02BG04 N02BG04 floctafenine
N02BG05 N02BG05 viminol
N02BG06 N02BG06 nefopam
N02BG07 N02BG07 flupirtine
N02BG08 N02BG08 ziconotide
N02BG09 N02BG09 methoxyflurane
N02BG10 N02BG10 cannabinoids
N02C N02C Antimigraine preparations
N02CA N02CA Ergot alkaloids
N02CA01 N02CA01 dihydroergotamine
N02CA02 N02CA02 ergotamine
N02CA04 N02CA04 methysergide
N02CA07 N02CA07 lisuride
N02CA51 N02CA51 dihydroergotamine, combinations
N02CA52 N02CA52 ergotamine, combinations excl. psycholeptics
N02CA72 N02CA72 ergotamine, combinations with psycholeptics
N02CB N02CB Corticosteroid Derivatives
N02CB01 N02CB01 Flumedroxone
N02CC N02CC Selective serotonin (5-HT1) agonists
N02CC01 N02CC01 sumatriptan
N02CC02 N02CC02 naratriptan
N02CC03 N02CC03 zolmitriptan
N02CC04 N02CC04 rizatriptan
N02CC05 N02CC05 almotriptan
N02CC06 N02CC06 Eletriptan
N02CC07 N02CC07 frovatriptan
N02CD N02CD Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (CGRP) Antagonists
N02CD01 N02CD01 Erenumab
N02CD02 N02CD02 Galcanezumab
N02CD03 N02CD03 Fremanezumab
N02CX N02CX Other antimigraine preparations
N02CX01 N02CX01 pizotifen
N02CX02 N02CX02 clonidine
N02CX03 N02CX03 iprazochrome
N02CX05 N02CX05 dimetotiazine
N02CX06 N02CX06 oxetorone
N02CX07 N02CX07 Erenumab
N03 N03 Antiepileptics
N03A N03A Antiepileptics
N03AA N03AA Barbiturates and derivatives
N03AA01 N03AA01 methylphenobarbital
N03AA02 N03AA02 phenobarbital
N03AA03 N03AA03 primidone
N03AA04 N03AA04 barbexaclone
N03AA30 N03AA30 metharbital
N03AB N03AB Hydantoin derivatives
N03AB01 N03AB01 ethotoin
N03AB02 N03AB02 phenytoin
N03AB03 N03AB03 amino(diphenylhydantoin) valeric acid
N03AB04 N03AB04 mephenytoin
N03AB05 N03AB05 Fosphenytoin
N03AB52 N03AB52 phenytoin, combinations
N03AB54 N03AB54 mephenytoin, combinations
N03AC N03AC Oxazolidine derivatives
N03AC01 N03AC01 paramethadione
N03AC02 N03AC02 trimethadione
N03AC03 N03AC03 ethadione
N03AD N03AD Succinimide derivatives
N03AD01 N03AD01 ethosuximide
N03AD02 N03AD02 phensuximide
N03AD03 N03AD03 mesuximide
N03AD51 N03AD51 ethosuximide, combinations
N03AE N03AE Benzodiazepine derivatives
N03AE01 N03AE01 clonazepam
N03AF N03AF Carboxamide derivatives
N03AF01 N03AF01 carbamazepine
N03AF02 N03AF02 oxcarbazepine
N03AF03 N03AF03 Rufinamide
N03AF04 N03AF04 eslicarbazepine
N03AG N03AG Fatty acid derivatives
N03AG01 N03AG01 valproic acid
N03AG02 N03AG02 valpromide
N03AG03 N03AG03 aminobutyric acid
N03AG04 N03AG04 Vigabatrin
N03AG05 N03AG05 Progabide
N03AG06 N03AG06 Tiagabine
N03AX N03AX Other antiepileptics
N03AX03 N03AX03 Sultiame
N03AX07 N03AX07 Phenacemide
N03AX09 N03AX09 Lamotrigine
N03AX10 N03AX10 Felbamate
N03AX11 N03AX11 Topiramate
N03AX12 N03AX12 Gabapentin
N03AX13 N03AX13 Pheneturide
N03AX14 N03AX14 Levetiracetam
N03AX15 N03AX15 Zonisamide
N03AX16 N03AX16 Pregabalin
N03AX17 N03AX17 Stiripentol
N03AX18 N03AX18 Lacosamide
N03AX19 N03AX19 Carisbamate
N03AX21 N03AX21 Retigabine
N03AX22 N03AX22 Perampanel
N03AX23 N03AX23 Brivaracetam
N03AX24 N03AX24 Cannabidiol
N03AX30 N03AX30 Beclamide
N04 N04 Anti-parkinson drugs
N04A N04A Anticholinergic agents
N04AA N04AA Tertiary amines
N04AA01 N04AA01 Trihexyphenidyl
N04AA02 N04AA02 Biperiden
N04AA03 N04AA03 Metixene
N04AA04 N04AA04 Procyclidine
N04AA05 N04AA05 Profenamine
N04AA08 N04AA08 Dexetimide
N04AA09 N04AA09 Phenglutarimide
N04AA10 N04AA10 Mazaticol
N04AA11 N04AA11 Bornaprine
N04AA12 N04AA12 Tropatepine
N04AB N04AB Ethers Chemically Close To Antihistamines
N04AB01 N04AB01 Etanautine
N04AB02 N04AB02 orphenadrine (chloride)
N04AC N04AC Ethers of tropine or tropine derivatives
N04AC01 N04AC01 benzatropine
N04AC30 N04AC30 etybenzatropine
N04B N04B Dopaminergic agents
N04BA N04BA Dopa and dopa derivatives
N04BA01 N04BA01 levodopa
N04BA02 N04BA02 levodopa and decarboxylase inhibitor
N04BA03 N04BA03 levodopa, decarboxylase inhibitor and COMT inhibitor
N04BA04 N04BA04 melevodopa
N04BA05 N04BA05 melevodopa and decarboxylase inhibitor
N04BA06 N04BA06 etilevodopa and decarboxylase inhibitor
N04BB N04BB Adamantane derivatives
N04BB01 N04BB01 amantadine
N04BC N04BC Dopamine agonists
N04BC01 N04BC01 bromocriptine
N04BC02 N04BC02 pergolide
N04BC03 N04BC03 dihydroergocryptine mesylate
N04BC04 N04BC04 ropinirole
N04BC05 N04BC05 pramipexole
N04BC06 N04BC06 cabergoline
N04BC07 N04BC07 apomorphine
N04BC08 N04BC08 piribedil
N04BC09 N04BC09 rotigotine
N04BD N04BD Monoamine Oxidase B Inhibitors
N04BD01 N04BD01 selegiline
N04BD02 N04BD02 rasagiline
N04BD03 N04BD03 safinamide
N04BX N04BX Other dopaminergic agents
N04BX01 N04BX01 tolcapone
N04BX02 N04BX02 entacapone
N04BX03 N04BX03 budipine
N04BX04 N04BX04 Opicapone
N05 N05 Pycholeptiques
N05A N05A Antipsychotics
N05AA N05AA Phenothiazines with aliphatic side-chain
N05AA01 N05AA01 chlorpromazine
N05AA02 N05AA02 levomepromazine
N05AA03 N05AA03 promazine
N05AA04 N05AA04 acepromazine
N05AA05 N05AA05 triflupromazine
N05AA06 N05AA06 cyamemazine
N05AA07 N05AA07 chlorproethazine
N05AB N05AB Phenothiazines with piperazine structure
N05AB01 N05AB01 dixyrazine
N05AB02 N05AB02 fluphenazine
N05AB03 N05AB03 perphenazine
N05AB04 N05AB04 prochlorperazine
N05AB05 N05AB05 thiopropazate
N05AB06 N05AB06 trifluoperazine
N05AB07 N05AB07 Acetophenazine
N05AB08 N05AB08 thioproperazine
N05AB09 N05AB09 butaperazine
N05AB10 N05AB10 perazine
N05AC N05AC Phenothiazines with piperidine structure
N05AC01 N05AC01 periciazine
N05AC02 N05AC02 thioridazine
N05AC03 N05AC03 mesoridazine
N05AC04 N05AC04 pipotiazine
N05AD N05AD Butyrophenone derivatives
N05AD01 N05AD01 haloperidol
N05AD02 N05AD02 trifluperidol
N05AD03 N05AD03 melperone
N05AD04 N05AD04 moperone
N05AD05 N05AD05 pipamperone
N05AD06 N05AD06 bromperidol
N05AD07 N05AD07 benperidol
N05AD08 N05AD08 Droperidol
N05AD09 N05AD09 fluanisone
N05AE N05AE Indole derivatives
N05AE01 N05AE01 oxypertine
N05AE02 N05AE02 molindone
N05AE03 N05AE03 sertindole
N05AE04 N05AE04 Ziprasidon
N05AE05 N05AE05 lurasidone
N05AF N05AF Thioxanthene derivatives
N05AF01 N05AF01 flupentixol
N05AF02 N05AF02 clopenthixol
N05AF03 N05AF03 chlorprothixene
N05AF04 N05AF04 tiotixene
N05AF05 N05AF05 Zuclopenthixol
N05AG N05AG Diphenylbutylpiperidine derivatives
N05AG01 N05AG01 Fluspirilene
N05AG02 N05AG02 Pimozide
N05AG03 N05AG03 Penfluridol
N05AH N05AH Diazepines, oxazepines, thiazepines and oxepines
N05AH01 N05AH01 Loxapine
N05AH02 N05AH02 Clozapine
N05AH03 N05AH03 Olanzapine
N05AH04 N05AH04 Quetiapine
N05AH05 N05AH05 Asenapine
N05AH06 N05AH06 Clotiapine
N05AL N05AL Benzamides
N05AL01 N05AL01 Sulpiride
N05AL02 N05AL02 Sultopride
N05AL03 N05AL03 Tiapride
N05AL04 N05AL04 Remoxipride
N05AL05 N05AL05 Amisulpride
N05AL06 N05AL06 Veralipride
N05AL07 N05AL07 Levosulpiride
N05AN N05AN Lithium
N05AN01 N05AN01 Lithium
N05AX N05AX Other antipsychotics
N05AX07 N05AX07 Prothipendyl
N05AX08 N05AX08 Risperidone
N05AX10 N05AX10 Mosapramine
N05AX11 N05AX11 Zotepine
N05AX12 N05AX12 Aripiprazole
N05AX13 N05AX13 Paliperidone
N05AX14 N05AX14 Iloperidone
N05AX15 N05AX15 Cariprazine
N05AX16 N05AX16 Brexpiprazole
N05AX17 N05AX17 Pimavanserin
N05B N05B Anxiolytics
N05BA N05BA Benzodiazepine derivatives
N05BA01 N05BA01 Diazepam
N05BA02 N05BA02 Chlordiazepoxide
N05BA03 N05BA03 Medazepam
N05BA04 N05BA04 Oxazepam
N05BA05 N05BA05 Potassium clorazepate
N05BA06 N05BA06 Lorazepam
N05BA07 N05BA07 Adinazolam
N05BA08 N05BA08 Bromazepam
N05BA09 N05BA09 Clobazam
N05BA10 N05BA10 Ketazolam
N05BA11 N05BA11 Prazepam
N05BA12 N05BA12 Alprazolam
N05BA13 N05BA13 Halazepam
N05BA14 N05BA14 Pinazepam
N05BA15 N05BA15 Camazepam
N05BA16 N05BA16 Nordazepam
N05BA17 N05BA17 Fludiazepam
N05BA18 N05BA18 Ethyl loflazepate
N05BA19 N05BA19 Etizolam
N05BA21 N05BA21 Clotiazepam
N05BA22 N05BA22 Cloxazolam
N05BA23 N05BA23 Tofisopam
N05BA24 N05BA24 Bentazepam
N05BA56 N05BA56 Lorazepam, combinations
N05BB N05BB Diphenylmethane derivatives
N05BB01 N05BB01 hydroxyzine
N05BB02 N05BB02 captodiame
N05BB51 N05BB51 hydroxyzine, combinations
N05BC N05BC Carbamates
N05BC01 N05BC01 meprobamate
N05BC03 N05BC03 emylcamate
N05BC04 N05BC04 mebutamate
N05BC51 N05BC51 meprobamate, combinations
N05BD N05BD Dibenzo-bicyclo-octadiene derivatives
N05BD01 N05BD01 benzoctamine
N05BE N05BE Azaspirodecanedione derivatives
N05BE01 N05BE01 buspirone
N05BX N05BX Other anxiolytics
N05BX01 N05BX01 mephenoxalone
N05BX02 N05BX02 gedocarnil
N05BX03 N05BX03 etifoxine
N05BX04 N05BX04 fabomotizole
N05BX05 N05BX05 Lavandulae Aetheroleum
N05C N05C Hypnotics and sedatives
N05CA N05CA Barbiturates, plain
N05CA01 N05CA01 pentobarbital
N05CA02 N05CA02 amobarbital
N05CA03 N05CA03 butobarbital
N05CA04 N05CA04 barbital
N05CA05 N05CA05 aprobarbital
N05CA06 N05CA06 secobarbital
N05CA07 N05CA07 talbutal
N05CA08 N05CA08 vinylbital
N05CA09 N05CA09 vinbarbital
N05CA10 N05CA10 cyclobarbital
N05CA11 N05CA11 heptabarbital
N05CA12 N05CA12 reposal
N05CA15 N05CA15 methohexital
N05CA16 N05CA16 hexobarbital
N05CA19 N05CA19 thiopental
N05CA20 N05CA20 etallobarbital
N05CA21 N05CA21 allobarbital
N05CA22 N05CA22 proxibarbal
N05CB N05CB Barbiturates, combinations
N05CB01 N05CB01 combinations of barbiturates
N05CB02 N05CB02 barbiturates in combination with other drugs
N05CC N05CC Aldehydes and derivatives
N05CC01 N05CC01 chloral hydrate
N05CC02 N05CC02 chloralodol
N05CC03 N05CC03 acetylglycinamide chloral hydrate
N05CC04 N05CC04 dichloralphenazone
N05CC05 N05CC05 paraldehyde
N05CD N05CD Benzodiazepine derivatives
N05CD01 N05CD01 Flurazepam
N05CD02 N05CD02 nitrazepam
N05CD03 N05CD03 flunitrazepam
N05CD04 N05CD04 estazolam
N05CD05 N05CD05 triazolam
N05CD06 N05CD06 lormetazepam
N05CD07 N05CD07 Temazepam
N05CD08 N05CD08 midazolam
N05CD09 N05CD09 brotizolam
N05CD10 N05CD10 quazepam
N05CD11 N05CD11 Loprazolam
N05CD12 N05CD12 doxefazepam
N05CD13 N05CD13 cinolazepam
N05CD14 N05CD14 Remimazolam
N05CE N05CE Piperidinedione derivatives
N05CE01 N05CE01 glutethimide
N05CE02 N05CE02 methyprylon
N05CE03 N05CE03 pyrithyldione
N05CF N05CF Benzodiazepine related drugs
N05CF01 N05CF01 zopiclone
N05CF02 N05CF02 zolpidem
N05CF03 N05CF03 Zaleplon
N05CF04 N05CF04 eszopiclone
N05CH N05CH Melatonin receptor agonists
N05CH01 N05CH01 melatonin
N05CH02 N05CH02 ramelteon
N05CH03 N05CH03 tasimelteon
N05CM N05CM Other hypnotics and sedatives
N05CM01 N05CM01 methaqualone
N05CM02 N05CM02 clomethiazole
N05CM03 N05CM03 bromisoval
N05CM04 N05CM04 carbromal
N05CM05 N05CM05 Scopolamine
N05CM06 N05CM06 propiomazine
N05CM07 N05CM07 triclofos
N05CM08 N05CM08 ethchlorvynol
N05CM09 N05CM09 Valerianae radix
N05CM10 N05CM10 hexapropymate
N05CM11 N05CM11 bromides
N05CM12 N05CM12 Apronal
N05CM13 N05CM13 Valnoctamide
N05CM15 N05CM15 Methylpentynol
N05CM16 N05CM16 Niaprazine
N05CM18 N05CM18 Dexmedetomidine
N05CM19 N05CM19 Suvorexant
N05CX N05CX Hypnotics and sedatives in combination, excluding barbiturates
N05CX01 N05CX01 Meprobamate, combinations
N05CX02 N05CX02 Methaqualone, combinations
N05CX03 N05CX03 Methylpentynol, combinations
N05CX04 N05CX04 Clomethiazole, combinations
N05CX05 N05CX05 Emepronium, combinations
N05CX06 N05CX06 dipiperonylaminoethanol, combinations
N06 N06 Psychoanaleptics
N06A N06A Antidepressants
N06AA N06AA Non-selective monoamine reuptake inhibitors
N06AA01 N06AA01 Desipramine
N06AA02 N06AA02 Imipramine
N06AA03 N06AA03 Imipramine oxide
N06AA04 N06AA04 Clomipramine
N06AA05 N06AA05 Opipramol
N06AA06 N06AA06 Trimipramine
N06AA07 N06AA07 Lofepramine
N06AA08 N06AA08 Dibenzepin
N06AA09 N06AA09 Amitriptyline
N06AA10 N06AA10 Nortriptyline
N06AA11 N06AA11 Protriptyline
N06AA12 N06AA12 Doxepin
N06AA13 N06AA13 Iprindole
N06AA14 N06AA14 Melitracen
N06AA15 N06AA15 Butriptyline
N06AA16 N06AA16 Dosulepin
N06AA17 N06AA17 Amoxapine
N06AA18 N06AA18 Dimetacrine
N06AA19 N06AA19 Amineptine
N06AA21 N06AA21 Maprotiline
N06AA23 N06AA23 Quinupramine
N06AB N06AB Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors
N06AB02 N06AB02 Zimeldine
N06AB03 N06AB03 Fluoxetine
N06AB04 N06AB04 Citalopram
N06AB05 N06AB05 Paroxétine
N06AB06 N06AB06 Sertraline
N06AB07 N06AB07 Alaproclate
N06AB08 N06AB08 Fluvoxamine
N06AB09 N06AB09 Etoperidone
N06AB10 N06AB10 Escitalopram
N06AF N06AF Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors, Non-Selective
N06AF01 N06AF01 Isocarboxazid
N06AF02 N06AF02 Nialamide
N06AF03 N06AF03 Phenelzine
N06AF04 N06AF04 Tranylcypromine
N06AF05 N06AF05 Iproniazide
N06AF06 N06AF06 Iproclozide
N06AG N06AG Monoamine oxidase A inhibitors
N06AG02 N06AG02 Moclobemide
N06AG03 N06AG03 Toloxatone
N06AX N06AX Other antidepressants
N06AX01 N06AX01 Oxitriptan
N06AX02 N06AX02 Tryptophan
N06AX03 N06AX03 Mianserin
N06AX04 N06AX04 Nomifensine
N06AX05 N06AX05 Trazodone
N06AX06 N06AX06 Nefazodone
N06AX07 N06AX07 Minaprine
N06AX08 N06AX08 bifemelane
N06AX09 N06AX09 Viloxazine
N06AX10 N06AX10 oxaflozane
N06AX11 N06AX11 mirtazapine
N06AX12 N06AX12 bupropion
N06AX13 N06AX13 medifoxamine
N06AX14 N06AX14 tianeptine
N06AX15 N06AX15 pivagabine
N06AX16 N06AX16 Venlafaxine
N06AX17 N06AX17 milnacipran
N06AX18 N06AX18 reboxetine
N06AX19 N06AX19 gepirone
N06AX21 N06AX21 Duloxetine
N06AX22 N06AX22 agomelatine
N06AX23 N06AX23 desvenlafaxine
N06AX24 N06AX24 vilazodone
N06AX25 N06AX25 Hyperici herba
N06AX26 N06AX26 vortioxetine
N06AX27 N06AX27 Esketamine
N06B N06B Psychostimulants, agents used for ADHD and nootropics
N06BA N06BA Centrally acting sympathomimetics
N06BA01 N06BA01 amfetamine
N06BA02 N06BA02 dexamfetamine
N06BA03 N06BA03 metamfetamine
N06BA04 N06BA04 Methylphenidate
N06BA05 N06BA05 Pemoline
N06BA06 N06BA06 Fencamfamin
N06BA07 N06BA07 Modafinil
N06BA08 N06BA08 Fenozolone
N06BA09 N06BA09 Atomoxetine
N06BA10 N06BA10 Fenetylline
N06BA11 N06BA11 Dexmethylphenidate
N06BA12 N06BA12 Lisdexamfetamine
N06BA13 N06BA13 Armodafinil
N06BA14 N06BA14 Solriamfetol
N06BC N06BC Xanthine Derivatives
N06BC01 N06BC01 Caffeine
N06BC02 N06BC02 Propentofylline
N06BX N06BX Other psychostimulants and nootropics
N06BX01 N06BX01 Meclofenoxate
N06BX02 N06BX02 Pyritinol
N06BX03 N06BX03 Piracetam
N06BX04 N06BX04 Deanol
N06BX05 N06BX05 Fipexide
N06BX06 N06BX06 citicoline
N06BX07 N06BX07 oxiracetam
N06BX08 N06BX08 pirisudanol
N06BX09 N06BX09 linopirdine
N06BX10 N06BX10 nizofenone
N06BX11 N06BX11 aniracetam
N06BX12 N06BX12 acetylcarnitine
N06BX13 N06BX13 idebenone
N06BX14 N06BX14 prolintane
N06BX15 N06BX15 pipradrol
N06BX16 N06BX16 pramiracetam
N06BX17 N06BX17 adrafinil
N06BX18 N06BX18 vinpocetine
N06BX21 N06BX21 mebicar
N06BX22 N06BX22 phenibut
N06C N06C Psycholeptics and psychoanaleptics in combination
N06CA N06CA Antidepressants in combination with psycholeptics
N06CA01 N06CA01 amitriptyline and psycholeptics
N06CA02 N06CA02 melitracen and psycholeptics
N06CA03 N06CA03 fluoxetine and psycholeptics
N06CB N06CB Psychostimulants In Combination With Psycholeptics
N06D N06D Anti-dementia drugs
N06DA N06DA Anticholinesterases
N06DA01 N06DA01 tacrine
N06DA02 N06DA02 Donepezil
N06DA03 N06DA03 Rivastigmine
N06DA04 N06DA04 Galantamine
N06DA05 N06DA05 Ipidacrine
N06DA52 N06DA52 Donepezil et memantine
N06DA53 N06DA53 Donepezil, memantine et Ginkgo folium
N06DX N06DX Other anti-dementia drugs
N06DX01 N06DX01 Memantine
N06DX02 N06DX02 Ginkgo folium
N06DX30 N06DX30 Combinations
N07 N07 Other nervous system drugs
N07A N07A Parasympathomimetics
N07AA N07AA Anticholinesterases
N07AA01 N07AA01 Neostigmine
N07AA02 N07AA02 Pyridostigmine
N07AA03 N07AA03 distigmine
N07AA30 N07AA30 ambenonium
N07AA51 N07AA51 neostigmine, combinations
N07AB N07AB Choline Esters
N07AB01 N07AB01 carbachol
N07AB02 N07AB02 Bethanechol
N07AX N07AX Other Parasympathomimetics
N07AX01 N07AX01 pilocarpine
N07AX02 N07AX02 choline alfoscerate
N07AX03 N07AX03 cevimeline
N07B N07B Drugs used in addictive disorders
N07BA N07BA أدوية منع التدخين
N07BA01 N07BA01 nicotine
N07BA03 N07BA03 varenicline
N07BA04 N07BA04 Cytisine
N07BB N07BB Drugs used in alcohol dependence
N07BB01 N07BB01 disulfiram
N07BB02 N07BB02 calcium carbimide
N07BB03 N07BB03 Acamprosate
N07BB04 N07BB04 naltrexone
N07BB05 N07BB05 nalmefene
N07BC N07BC Drugs used in opioid dependence
N07BC01 N07BC01 buprenorphine
N07BC02 N07BC02 methadone
N07BC03 N07BC03 levacetylmethadol
N07BC04 N07BC04 lofexidine
N07BC05 N07BC05 levomethadone
N07BC06 N07BC06 diamorphine
N07BC51 N07BC51 buprenorphine, combinations
N07C N07C Antivertigo preparations
N07CA N07CA Antivertigo preparations
N07CA01 N07CA01 betahistine
N07CA02 N07CA02 cinnarizine
N07CA03 N07CA03 flunarizine
N07CA04 N07CA04 acetylleucine
N07CA52 N07CA52 cinnarizine, combinations
N07X N07X Other nervous system drugs
N07XA N07XA Gangliosides And Ganglioside Derivatives
N07XX N07XX Other nervous system drugs
N07XX01 N07XX01 tirilazad
N07XX02 N07XX02 Riluzole
N07XX03 N07XX03 Xaliproden
N07XX04 N07XX04 Sodium oxybate
N07XX05 N07XX05 Amifampridine
N07XX06 N07XX06 Tetrabenazine
N07XX07 N07XX07 Fampridine
N07XX08 N07XX08 Tafamidis
N07XX10 N07XX10 Laquinimod
N07XX11 N07XX11 Pitolisant
N07XX12 N07XX12 patisiran
N07XX13 N07XX13 valbenazine
N07XX14 N07XX14 Edaravone
N07XX15 N07XX15 Inotersen
N07XX59 N07XX59 Dextromethorphan, combinations
P P Antiparasitic products, insecticides and repellents
P01 P01 Antiprotozoals
P01A P01A Agents against amoebiasis and other protozoal diseases
P01AA P01AA Hydroxyquinoline derivatives
P01AA01 P01AA01 Broxyquinoline
P01AA02 P01AA02 Clioquinol
P01AA04 P01AA04 Chlorquinaldol
P01AA05 P01AA05 Tilbroquinol
P01AA52 P01AA52 Clioquinol, combinations
P01AB P01AB Nitroimidazole derivatives
P01AB01 P01AB01 Metronidazole
P01AB02 P01AB02 Tinidazole
P01AB03 P01AB03 Ornidazole
P01AB04 P01AB04 Azanidazole
P01AB05 P01AB05 Propenidazole
P01AB06 P01AB06 Nimorazole
P01AB07 P01AB07 Secnidazole
P01AB51 P01AB51 Métronidazole, combinations
P01AC P01AC Dichloroacetamide derivatives
P01AC01 P01AC01 Diloxanide
P01AC02 P01AC02 Clefamide
P01AC03 P01AC03 Etofamide
P01AC04 P01AC04 Teclozan
P01AR P01AR Arsenic Compounds
P01AR01 P01AR01 arsthinol
P01AR02 P01AR02 difetarsone
P01AR03 P01AR03 glycobiarsol
P01AR53 P01AR53 glycobiarsol, combinations
P01AX P01AX Other agents against amoebiasis and other protozoal diseases
P01AX01 P01AX01 chiniofon
P01AX02 P01AX02 emetine
P01AX04 P01AX04 phanquinone
P01AX05 P01AX05 mepacrine
P01AX06 P01AX06 Atovaquone
P01AX07 P01AX07 trimetrexate
P01AX08 P01AX08 tenonitrozole
P01AX09 P01AX09 dehydroemetine
P01AX10 P01AX10 fumagillin
P01AX11 P01AX11 nitazoxanide
P01AX52 P01AX52 emetine, combinations
P01B P01B Antimalarials
P01BA P01BA Aminoquinolines
P01BA01 P01BA01 Chloroquine
P01BA02 P01BA02 Hydroxychloroquine
P01BA03 P01BA03 primaquine
P01BA06 P01BA06 amodiaquine
P01BA07 P01BA07 Tafenoquine
P01BB P01BB Biguanides
P01BB01 P01BB01 proguanil
P01BB02 P01BB02 cycloguanil embonate
P01BB51 P01BB51 Proguanil, Combinations
P01BC P01BC Methanolquinolines
P01BC01 P01BC01 Quinine
P01BC02 P01BC02 Mefloquine
P01BD P01BD Diaminopyrimidines
P01BD01 P01BD01 Pyrimethamine
P01BD51 P01BD51 Pyrimethamine, combinations
P01BE P01BE Artemisinin and derivatives, plain
P01BE01 P01BE01 artemisinin
P01BE02 P01BE02 artemether
P01BE03 P01BE03 artesunate
P01BE04 P01BE04 artemotil
P01BE05 P01BE05 artenimol
P01BF P01BF Artemisinin and derivatives, combinations
P01BF01 P01BF01 artemether and lumefantrine
P01BF02 P01BF02 artesunate and mefloquine
P01BF03 P01BF03 artesunate and amodiaquine
P01BF04 P01BF04 artesunate, sulphamethopyrazine and Pyrimethamine
P01BF05 P01BF05 artenimol and piperaquine
P01BF06 P01BF06 artesunate and pyronaridine
P01BX P01BX Other antimalarials
P01BX01 P01BX01 halofantrine
P01BX02 P01BX02 arterolane and piperaquine
P01CA P01CA Nitroimidazole derivatives
P01CA02 P01CA02 benznidazole
P01CA03 P01CA03 Fexinidazole
P01CB P01CB Antimony compounds
P01CB01 P01CB01 meglumine antimonate
P01CB02 P01CB02 sodium stibogluconate
P01CC P01CC Nitrofuran derivatives
P01CC01 P01CC01 nifurtimox
P01CC02 P01CC02 nitrofural
P01CD P01CD Arsenic compounds
P01CD01 P01CD01 melarsoprol
P01CD02 P01CD02 acetarsol
P01CX P01CX Other agents against leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis
P01CX01 P01CX01 pentamidine isethionate
P01CX02 P01CX02 Suramin sodium
P01CX03 P01CX03 eflornithine
P01CX04 P01CX04 Miltefosine
P02 P02 Anthelmintics
P02BA P02BA Quinoline derivatives and related substances
P02BA01 P02BA01 praziquantel
P02BA02 P02BA02 oxamniquine
P02BB P02BB Organophosphorous compounds
P02BB01 P02BB01 metrifonate
P02BX P02BX Other antitrematodal agents
P02BX01 P02BX01 bithionol
P02BX02 P02BX02 niridazole
P02BX03 P02BX03 stibophen
P02BX04 P02BX04 triclabendazole
P02C P02C Antinematodal agents
P02CA P02CA Benzimidazole derivatives
P02CA01 P02CA01 Mebendazole
P02CA02 P02CA02 tiabendazole
P02CA03 P02CA03 Albendazole
P02CA04 P02CA04 ciclobendazole
P02CA05 P02CA05 flubendazole
P02CA06 P02CA06 fenbendazole
P02CA51 P02CA51 mebendazole, combinations
P02CB P02CB Piperazine and derivatives
P02CB01 P02CB01 Piperazine
P02CB02 P02CB02 diethylcarbamazine
P02CC P02CC Tetrahydropyrimidine derivatives
P02CC01 P02CC01 Pyrantel
P02CC02 P02CC02 oxantel
P02CE P02CE Imidazothiazole derivatives
P02CE01 P02CE01 Levamisole
P02CF P02CF Avermectines
P02CF01 P02CF01 ivermectin
P02CX P02CX Other antinematodals
P02CX01 P02CX01 pyrvinium
P02CX02 P02CX02 bephenium
P02D P02D Anticestodals
P02DA P02DA Salicylic acid derivatives
P02DA01 P02DA01 niclosamide
P02DX P02DX Other anticestodals
P02DX01 P02DX01 desaspidin
P02DX02 P02DX02 dichlorophen
P03 P03 Ectoparasiticides, including scabicides, insecticides and repellents
P03A P03A Ectoparasiticides, including scabicides
P03AA P03AA Sulfur containing products
P03AA01 P03AA01 dixanthogen
P03AA02 P03AA02 potassium polysulfide
P03AA03 P03AA03 mesulfen
P03AA04 P03AA04 disulfiram
P03AA05 P03AA05 thiram
P03AA54 P03AA54 disulfiram, combinations
P03AB P03AB Chlorine containing products
P03AB01 P03AB01 clofenotane
P03AB02 P03AB02 lindane
P03AB51 P03AB51 clofenotane, combinations
P03AC P03AC Pyrethrines, incl. synthetic compounds
P03AC01 P03AC01 pyrethrum
P03AC02 P03AC02 bioallethrin
P03AC03 P03AC03 phenothrin
P03AC04 P03AC04 Permethrin
P03AC51 P03AC51 pyrethrum, combinations
P03AC52 P03AC52 bioallethrin, combinations
P03AC53 P03AC53 phenothrin, combinations
P03AC54 P03AC54 permethrin, combinations
P03AX P03AX Other ectoparasiticides, incl. Scabicides
P03AX01 P03AX01 Benzyl benzoate
P03AX02 P03AX02 copper oleinate
P03AX03 P03AX03 Malathion
P03AX04 P03AX04 quassia
P03AX05 P03AX05 dimeticone
P03AX06 P03AX06 benzyl alcohol
P03BA P03BA Pyrethrines
P03BA01 P03BA01 cyfluthrin
P03BA02 P03BA02 cypermethrin
P03BA03 P03BA03 decamethrin
P03BA04 P03BA04 tetramethrin
P03BX P03BX Other insecticides and repellents
P03BX01 P03BX01 diethyltoluamide
P03BX02 P03BX02 dimethylphthalate
P03BX03 P03BX03 dibutylphthalate
P03BX04 P03BX04 dibutylsuccinate
P03BX05 P03BX05 dimethylcarbate
P03BX06 P03BX06 etohexadiol
Q Q Veterinary Products
Q01 Q01 Alimentary Tract And Metabolism
Q01AB Q01AB Spasmolytics
Q01BA Q01BA Calcium Preparations
Q01BB Q01BB Magnesium Preparations
Q01BC Q01BC Phosphorus Preparations
Q01BD Q01BD Mineral Supplements
Q01BE Q01BE Other Mineral Preparations
Q01CX Q01CX Laxatives
Q01EA Q01EA Vitamin A And Combinations
Q01EB Q01EB Vitamin B And Combinations
Q01EC Q01EC Vitamin C And Combinations
Q01ED Q01ED Vitamin D And Combinations
Q01EE Q01EE Vitamin E And Combinations
Q01EF Q01EF Other Vitamin Preparations
Q01EM Q01EM Vitamin And Mineral Supplements
Q01HA Q01HA Intestinal Adsorbents
Q01HX Q01HX Other Antidiarrheals
Q01JA Q01JA Stomachics, Ruminatorics
Q01KA Q01KA Parasympathomimetics
Q01XB Q01XB Choleretics
Q01XD Q01XD Hepatic Protectors
Q01XE Q01XE Antitympanics
Q02 Q02 Blood And Blood Forming Organs
Q02BA Q02BA Antianemics Praemixta
Q02BC Q02BC Antianemics, For Parenteral Use
Q02CE Q02CE Rehydrants
Q02CX Q02CX Other Infusion Solutions
Q03 Q03 Cardiovascular System
Q03BA Q03BA Cardiac Therapy
Q03CX Q03CX Other Cardiovascular System Preparations
Q04 Q04 Dermatologicals
Q04AX Q04AX Topical Antibiotics
Q04BA Q04BA Antiseptics
Q04CA Q04CA Disinfectants
Q04CD Q04CD Udder Disinfectants
Q04DA Q04DA Antifungals For Systemic Use
Q04DB Q04DB Antifungals For Topical Use
Q04HB Q04HB Ointments With Vitamins
Q04IA Q04IA Antiphlogistics
Q04XA Q04XA Coal Tar Preparations
Q04XB Q04XB Local Hemostatics
Q05 Q05 Reproduction Hormones
Q05A Q05A Sex hormones and modulators of the genital system
Q05AA Q05AA Gonadotropines
Q05AA01 Q05AA01 Chorionic gonadotrophin
Q05CA Q05CA Hypothalamic Hormones
Q05DA Q05DA Progesterones
Q05DB Q05DB Oestrogens
Q05GA Q05GA Prostaglandins
Q05IA Q05IA Antihormones
Q06 Q06 Corticosteroids And Systemic Antihistamines
Q06AB Q06AB Glucocorticoids
Q06CA Q06CA Systemic Antihistamines
Q07 Q07 Antiinfectives For Systemic Use
Q07A Q07A Antibiotics
Q07AA Q07AA Chloramphenicol
Q07AB Q07AB Macrolides
Q07AC Q07AC Penicillins
Q07AD Q07AD Cephalosporins
Q07AE Q07AE Polypeptid Antibiotics
Q07AH Q07AH Tetracyclines
Q07AK Q07AK Lincosamides
Q07AL Q07AL Aminoglycosides
Q07AX Q07AX Other Systemic Antibiotics
Q07BA Q07BA Sulfonamides
Q07BB Q07BB Sulfonamides With Trimethoprim
Q07BF Q07BF Imidazole Derivatives
Q07BG Q07BG Quinolones
Q07BX Q07BX Other Systemic Antiinfectives
Q08 Q08 Nervous System
Q08AA Q08AA Analeptics
Q08EX Q08EX Psychotropic Preparations
Q08FB Q08FB Anestetics And Hypnotics
Q08GA Q08GA Local Anestetics
Q09 Q09 Antiparasitics
Q09AA Q09AA Anthelmintics
Q09AB Q09AB Anti-Tapeworm Preparations
Q09AX Q09AX Preparations Against Fasciolosis
Q09BA Q09BA Anticoccidics
Q09BB Q09BB Other Antiprotozoals
Q09CC Q09CC Ectoparasitics
Q09CX Q09CX Various Endo- And Ecto- Parasitics
Q10 Q10 Respiratory System
Q10BC Q10BC Expectorants, Secretolytics
Q10CX Q10CX Other Respiratory System Preparations
Q11 Q11 Sensory Organs
Q11AA Q11AA Ophthalmologicals
Q11AB Q11AB Otologicals
Q12 Q12 Gynaecologicals
Q12AA Q12AA Intravaginal Antiinfectives
Q12BA Q12BA Intrauterinal Antiinfectives
Q12CA Q12CA Uterotonics
Q12DA Q12DA Tokolytics
Q12GC Q12GC Other Gynaecologicals
Q12HA Q12HA Antibiotics For Intra-Mammary Use
Q12IA Q12IA Other Antiinfectives For Intra-Mammary Use
Q12JA Q12JA Other Antimastitis Preparations
Q13 Q13 Tonics And Stimulators
Q13A Q13A Growth Stimulants
Q13AA Q13AA Stimulants-Antibiotic
Q13AB Q13AB Other Stimulants
Q14 Q14 Microbiotics, Probiotics
Q14AA Q14AA Microbiotics
Q14AB Q14AB Probiotics
Q15 Q15 Immunopreparations
Q15AA Q15AA Vaccines
Q15BA Q15BA Serums
Q15CA Q15CA Globulins
Q15DA Q15DA Allergens
Q15GX Q15GX Other Immunopreparations
Q16 Q16 Preparations For Particular Species Of Animals
Q16AA Q16AA Preparations For Fishes
Q16BA Q16BA Preparations For Bees
Q20 Q20 Various
Q20AA Q20AA Other Therapeutics
Q20AB Q20AB Homeopatics
Q20AX Q20AX Various
QA05AX90 QA05AX90 Menbutone
QA05BA90 QA05BA90 Methionine
R R Respiratory system
R01 R01 Nasal preparations
R01A R01A Decongestants and other nasal preparations for topical use
R01AA R01AA Sympathomimetics, plain
R01ASA02 R01AA02 cyclopentamine
R01AA03 R01AA03 ephedrine
R01AA04 R01AA04 phenylephrine
R01AA05 R01AA05 oxymetazoline
R01AA06 R01AA06 tetryzoline
R01AA07 R01AA07 xylometazoline
R01AA08 R01AA08 naphazoline
R01AA09 R01AA09 tramazoline
R01AA10 R01AA10 metizoline
R01AA11 R01AA11 tuaminoheptane
R01AA12 R01AA12 fenoxazoline
R01AA13 R01AA13 tymazoline
R01AA14 R01AA14 epinephrine
R01AA15 R01AA15 indanazoline
R01AB R01AB Sympathomimetics, combinations excluding corticosteroids
R01AB01 R01AB01 phenylephrine
R01AB02 R01AB02 naphazoline
R01AB03 R01AB03 tetryzoline
R01AB05 R01AB05 ephedrine