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03-05-2023 : 769 Pharmacists work as Medical Representative, of which 39 work as Senior Medical Representative * 02-06-2020 : 216 non Pharmacists work as Medical Representative, and 54 work as Senior Medical Representative * 05-06-2023 : In Lebanon, 88 generic medicinal products are more expensive than their Originators * 31-12-2019 : A medicinal product refused in Europe is marketed in Lebanon * 05-06-2023 : At least 332 medicinal products are available on the Lebanese market and are not available in the country of origin * 05-06-2023 : The price of the most expensive medicine available in Lebanon is 30434557 LL * 05-06-2023 : At least 1309 medicinal products are more expensive in Lebanon than in the countries of origin * 01-01-2019 : Daktavira, a generic of Daklinza, is registered in Lebanon but has no public price * 31-12-2019 : 352 medicinal products have been declared as non-marketed or withdrawn * 09-11-2021 : 64.72% of lebanese pharmacists are female * 31-12-2019 : 486 medicines were submitted to the Ministry of Health for a marketing authorization, and 514 medicines were registered to date * 15-06-2018 : The Minister of Public Health, has decided to suspend the commercialization of AB Slim (Ab Care Medical Herbs), which contains sibutramine, sildenafil and phenolphthalein * 01-06-2020 : Some Non-Marketed medicines are still imported * 01-06-2020 : Ixempra, a medicinal product withdrawn in Europe is imported to lebanon * 01-06-2020 : A vaccine made in India, removed from WHO list of prequalified vaccines, is submitted for registration in Lebanon * 01-06-2020 : Lebanon has 14 CROs, and is ranked as one of the largest countries in the world in clinical studies. According to the WHO, 817 clinical studies are currently conducted in Lebanon. * 05-01-2021 : * 01-10-2023 : Adakveo is now withdrawn from use in the European Union due to lack of therapeutic efficacy *

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